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Excessive Emotions: Indian Muslims must exercise restraint, shun needless passion

B'desh, Malaysia, Indonesia are Muslim nations near Burma
Two recent incidents that include protest over 'discovering' the Akbarabadi Mosque in Delhi, and then the agitation at Azad Maidan in Mumbai which turned violent, must serve as wake up call for all Indian Muslims.

I'll come back to them but just a recall: In the late 70s and even up to early 80s, Urdu newspapers like Nida-e-Millat and Nasheman, in India would spend tonnes of ink on the plight of Palestinians, perennially.

This was not just an interest but an obsession. With the decline of Urdu press for a phase in eighties, there was a marked decline in Indian Muslims' interest towards the faraway territory.

It was the era when Muslim here faced the heat due to Ayodhya movement. Thereon, either it was Babri Masjid demolition or major communal riots, we never heard any foreign Muslim country or people in other lands, shedding tears for Indian Muslims or issuing any statement for them. Was there any strong voice over Gujarat from a foreign power?

There was no need either for any outsider to speak for us. We are a democratic country. Like most nations and societies, we will have our issues, and then we will sort them out ourselves. There is no need for  intervention. Mostly our Hindu brethren are fighting the cases for justice with minorities.

Still, whenever there is an issue in a faraway country, Indian Muslims are the first to hit streets. Of course, not when Muslims kill Muslims in an African country, or when Ahmadiyyas or [even Shias] are blown to pieces in supposedly 'Muslim nations' on a regular basis.

Some of us unfortunately might look at Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries as model states, despite the fact that they are monarchies. Despite, their rigid and regressive attitudes when it comes to treating women, minorities and even Muslim settlers from other countries, who are not given equal treatment or citizenship and kept below par with even American and other white races.

The Akbarabadi mosque in Delhi
Yes, Arab countries have their laws, we have our laws. Have you ever seen Arab Sheikhs protesting killing of Muslims in Myanmar or their citizens.

Do the Arab people have the right to protest. And if they don't have it or even if they have it, do they intend to do it.

From Egypt to Lebanon, Iran to Turkey and Kazakhstan to Bosnia, which Muslim country saw such huge numbers pouring out on streets to protest the killings?

Frankly, we have the right to protest and we are perhaps misusing it. We don't join other communities to protest for injustice on others, but our blood boils when we hear or see images of attacks on Muslims.

Don't we realise that the world looks at it, as a case of Muslims just thinking about themselves and none else. Wouldn't it be better if we submitted memorandums, met MPs, wrote to President and Prime Minister, to apprise authorities in Myanmar about our sentiments, rather than creating road blockades and fiery speeches. Already online campaigns were on.

Our heart must bleed for everyone who is facing injustice, not just for Muslims. For a moment, it can be accepted that till a few years ago, other communities didn't have much presence in countries outside India and failed to understand this excessive show of solidarity by Muslims for events outside.

Now with growing diaspora, Indian Hindus and Sikhs also begin to feel for attack on co-religionists outside. However, the catch lies in the fact that there are no Hindu and Sikh nations apart from India. While we can surely be unhappy with what is happening in Myanmar, we must understand the realities.

What Bangladesh, a predominantly Muslim country is doing? This country amended its secular constitution and became a supposedly Islamic country, and it closes border on Rohingyas, it forcibly sends them back and doesn't hold serious talks with Myanmar regime over this issue.

They did the same with fellow Urdu speaking Biharis for decades. These lakhs of Biharis remained in camps and both Pakistan and Bangladesh avoid taking the responsibility. Only recently did Bangladesh accepted them and gave them citizenship.

Don't expect permission for protests easily now
Forget Gulf countries, what about Malaysia, another Muslim majority country, close to Myanmar.

It is also an economic force and just a bit far away is Indonesia. What these governments are doing? If Indian Muslims want to the feel pain of Rohingyas, it's okay.

But holding demonstrations of such size, that can go out of control, what message we want to send. We are further harming our own image in this country.

Rather than taking proper routes or legal ways, we always go for rhetoric and streets, which turns counter-productive and hurts our image even more. It is not that you shouldn't be concerned, but head must prevail our heart.

On the issue of ethnic cleansing in Burma, for the last month, we have seen demonstrations not just in capitals, but districts, even towns and at smaller places. Why? In cities, where twenty people aren't seen ready to join a delegation over a matter of genuine concern or the issue of delay in recognition to a school in minority dominated area, 2,000 easily come for such a gathering or protest. Isn't that amazing?

It tells a great deal about the emotions which the Indian Muslims seem to have in excess. Its better to use and channelize this energy elsewhere. Either it's the issue of Akbarabadi mosque in Delhi,  for which passions were whipped up by an MLA or the Burma issue, our priorities are misplaced.

Isn't it a better idea to have funds collected for victims of violence in Assam, both the Bodo victims as well as Muslims, rather than giving advertisements in papers and then heading for rallies! In Akbarabadi mosque case, the issue was handled in such a way that now it could cause severe embarrassment to community.

Just a few decades back, a senseless emotional movement over a frail old woman, had turned Muslims into villains in this country. The Shah Bano case had strengthened right-wing forces, led to rise of BJP, destruction of Babri Masjid, and the entry of the word 'appeasement' in Indian political dictionary.

Despite going through so much, the Muslim leaders seem to have learnt nothing. Either it's Akbarabadi Masjid issue in Delhi, for which later FIRs were registered, or the Azad Maidan protest, where Muslim youths ultimately died, one sees misplaced priorities and 'josh' prevailing over 'hosh' that only harm us.

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  1. Turky, UAE, Saudi are donating crores for Rohingyas .. what have we indian muslims done ? peaceful riots ? :\

  2. Very good article. This article needs to be translated and published in Urdu media for wider audience. Unfortunately, saner voices like you are drowned in the sea of Muslim chauvinism. Even english sites like milli gazzette, twocircles, etc. spit venom against India, the less said of demagogue scum like Owaisi, the better.

  3. Muzzammil,

    If IMs have too much money, than I beg you to think about millions of hungry _Indians_ first. Hope isn't too much to expect.

  4. Was this article written by a Hindu ? Or is this a Hindu owned blog ?

  5. ur forefathers used to demolish temples in India, now this generation is breaking Amar Jawan Jyoti.

    Its proved now that muslims have no respect for this country, no respect for other religions.
    And false propaganda spreaded by this blog to cover up would not work.

  6. Sumit. You are full of hate. Completely captured by negative feelings. Besides, despite being educated person you talk irrationally. It is needless to argue with guys like you.

    Still, if you get time, just reflect on deeds of Kar Sewaks, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Ram Sene, Abhinav Bharat, VHP and all their ilk, and their actions and also acts of MNS, Shiv Sena.

    Do you know this Amar Jawan Jyoti is n memory of a Muslim Syed Husain and a Hindu Mangal Cadia, who were martyrs of 1857.

    But for you guys sacrifices for nation don't matter. Countless Hindus and Muslims gave their lives for freedom, and today by dividing the nation and spreading venom, you want to do exactly the opposite.

    Just remember who had torn constitution in Assembly? This happened in Maharashtra and they were Hindus.

    And the ones who burnt constitution in Delhi, they were also not Muslims.

    And today the man, Ramdev, who issued a statement, that he could have stopped PM from unfurling the flag at Red Fort on 15th August, is also not a Muslim.

    Such a statement, that is anti-national, doesn't hurt you. Because you guys are filled by hate and aim at destroying the secular fibre by turning Hindus and against Muslims.

    1. Very well said whipping up emotions and indulging in violence,we muslims hav actually made the situation worse for ourselves. Instead of inviting the attention of people on the atrocities against muslims. We have given a fodder to communal forces to harp that indian muslims are terrorists in mindset and have no national honour. We seems do not the power peaceful protests. The peaceful protest generate the required media clout and invite the attention to right cause for which we are protesting. Violence in protest dilutes the message of the protestors and turns the table against us only. When the leaders of our community realise this??

  7. This is the link of Shiv Sena trampling on Indian constitution a few years ago. The news link is also here.

    BUT WRONGS don't make right, one wrong can't justify other. Please stop this blame game and putting entire groups and communities in dock.

    MUMBAI, 2 DEC: The Maharashtra legislative assembly today suspended five Shiv Sena MLAs for one year ~ until the next winter session ~ for rowdy behaviour. The legislators rushed to the Well of the House, trampled upon the copy of the Constitution kept on the Speaker's table and one of them even attempted to run away with the mace.
    For the second day today the Bharatiya Janata Party-Shiv Sena sought a discussion on the farmers’ plight owing to unseasonal and excess rain which washed away thousands of hectares of their cultivation. They demanded the state government or chief minister Mr Prithviraj Chavan immediately declare Rs 50,000/hectare as compensation to the affected farmers.
    The government said it was ready to discuss the farmers' woes and make compensation package available. But the Opposition insisted that the discussion be taken up first keeping aside the agreed agenda for the day.
    Sena's Mr Sanjay Rathod was the first to be admonished by the Speaker, Mr Dilip Valse-Patil, as he not only touched the mace but lifted it and attempted to run away with it. He was overpowered by the marshals. Four more MLAs ~ Mr Sharad Patil, MrAbhijit Adsul, Mr Ravindra Vaykar and Mr Ashish Jaiswal ~ joined the melee and ransacked the Speaker's table. They trampled on the copy of the Constitution which the Speaker ruled as “insulting its framer BR Ambedkar.” Legislative affairs minister Mr Harshvardhan Patil moved a resolution seeking the suspension of the five MLAs. It was carried by a voice vote. The Shiv Sena said it would continue to stand firm on its demand even “if all 44 legislators are suspended for raising their voice in support of the farmers.” Deputy chief minister Mr Ajit Pawar was heard saying that the government would ensure that a special help package of Rs 250 crore for rain-affected farmers is distributed before 31 March 2011. Most of the farmers who lost their agriculture produce are from the Vidarbha and Konkan region. sns

  8. A very nicely written piece. Rather than fanning passions, one needs to sit down and think rationally. Your point that are other Muslim nations reacting this way, is something everyone should realise. Great job Shams.

  9. As per the news link they were protesting in support of foreign nationals or illegal immigrants of any particular community

  10. A very sane and sedate artcle on misplaced emotions of Muslim minority in India!Now,as never before, each muslim has to find out where he stands in society!In what direction he has to move, how and when?

  11. @ Thanks Abhijit bhai, Anon

    @ Sumit: If you can justify disrespecting constitution, then its clear what you stand for. But think what would this nation gain with this hate. It can be anything, not patriotism.

  12. The reason why urdu newspaper were wasting ink for the cause of palestine was because theres nothing sacred about any of the monarchy of middle east , everything there is a power struggle and each monarchy trying to save its own interests by playing any card whenever it suits them.
    saudi king saud brother of faisal loses 6 million dollars in a night in monte carlo,fahad builds 11 palaces while own population was dying of poverty , ibn saud lion of arabia and most devout muslim has 22 wives and 45 children (ever heard about sword of flesh,well he boasted he had a sword of flesh lmaoanyways) and list is endless.
    there was nothing like palestine ever on earth and infact nothing like saudi arabia before 1902
    but the major question is why arabic propoganda works when they are people of no lineage or heritage and became rich just by a fluke.I will quickly make my remarks why indian or pakistani or muslims of poor country are worried about muslim ummah when their own house is burning. knowledge of history and no need to learn anything other than quran or doing masters in urdu at max,quran is not a book of sawaab alone which it has actually become its a book of inner revolution and quest of knowledge but noone cares.
    2.saudi arabia knew they have established a kingdom but they are under threat from hashemites clans in iraq jordan ,and more so by iran ,syria ,lebanon and vice versa .Now to establish their clout and influence they needed an army of slaves ( do u remember where was muslim ummah when egypt jordan syria was fighting with israel and saudi arabia was sleeping , what was muslim ummah doing in iraq iran war , iraq usa war) so what these people did they did a funding of over $2 billion in 1980's all over world to spread arab influence and build an army of slaves which included madarsa talibs , wahabis , mujahiddins etc.
    now what you are witnessing in bombay or faisalabad are the fruits of seeds sown in 1980's.
    3.ironically every muslim has hatred towards USA and israel and everyone loves everything about saudi arabia but saudi arabia is biggest US ally for 80 years but the sultans living in palatial building,travelling in gold cars ,and offcourse preaching a puritan muslim life has got an army in non arab world which is busy doing propoganda all over world for free disregarding even its own people and land.
    4.arabic language is most sacred to indian and pakistani muslims because they cant read or understand it ,but they are people who never cared for history ,because if that would have been the case they would have known that whole muslim world combined arabic or non arabic (barring indian subcontinent) hasn't produced even a single poet like mirza ghalib,faiz ahmad faiz,nazir akbarabadi or dramatist like kalidas or vishakadutta or prose writer like tagore ,and one should not confuse arabs with turks or persians.Arabs are what they always were plunderers and conquerors and not like persians or the ottomon empire of the turks.
    anyways it was a small effort on my part to analyze the situation from factual basis and citing actual historical evidences and i hope more indians should read history and then get emotional for cause of muslims from river jordon to danube.

  13. grievance of SUMIT is because of misinformation or influenced under propoganda of hindu forums ,but the thing is you need to respect others to gain respect.One cant blame everything squarely on muslims for everything india suffered ,no doubt the early invaders did whatever they could but invaders are invaders how is that related to muslim forefathers,moreover muslim invaders or hun invaders or sung invaders or any invader has invaded maximum upto malwa plateau and never went beyond that because the india you know was never there uptil then and british were the first people to draw a map of india,and when our forefathers in awadh had no grievances fighting own countrymen in bengal then why are we crying for that.

    i know muslim population is still stuck in an identity crisis half due to political vote bank issues and half because of lack or will of modern education but educated people like you and me have to move bit extra and develop a sense of communal harmony because this is not medieval age where the maps of empire could change in a matter of days ,now with almost all our neighbours being nuclear states ,maps are drawn for eternity or till our lifetime.So both communities have to live together whether you like it or not so lets try to atleast have a cordial relationship if no brotherhood and there is no point fighting now.hope you will think on my suggestion.

  14. on rohan sharma comment.

    1. Muslim community is good both in india and outside India. Indian muslims do not need to look for help from outside because they live in democratic country like the way hindus live in USA, europe or malasia.
    2. Muslims do understand the - ONLY HOLY BOOK- Quran. not getting confused with many parts of bhagwat gita or other mythological books like Ramayana. they have a way of life ISLAM and it gives good rights to parents, children, man, woman and community.
    3. What happens with monarchy of middle-east is not our concern. why should I be bothered about what the King of Saudi arabia builds or spends.
    4. Muslims are not backward, but the elements in higher authority do not let muslims come forward. Muslims are good citizens, they serve their country but provided they are given equal right. Just go and stand in one of the queues of civil office and you will feel the discrimination.
    5. Violence in the community happens when there is inequality, wheter inequivality of wealth / religion / gender. This leads to frustration and violence. It is the job of the government to maintain calm and prevent violance. When the government or the civil servants are corrupt, then who will protect the common citizen.
    6. Todays muslims had hindu ancestors, but after the invasion of india by external forces, they accepted Islam, and I think they have done the right decision because this religion gives them right direction - honesty, respect, rights to everyone, looking after elderly and children and avoidance of crime, prostitution, harm etc.

  15. 1.If muslims do not look for help outside then you have not read the history of soviet war in afghanistan and the aftermath of afghan war,i would advise you to read some facts about the afghan war ,why because that is where it all started.
    2.there is no need to degrade bhagwat gita or bible as i have clearly mentioned quran is not a book of sawaab alone but a book of inner thinking and looking for quest of knowledge.By this i mean to say science is revealation of allah's world as nothing in this world was created from outer space and if you need a proof why quran has become only a book of sawaab then not even a ball point pen was ever invented in muslim world leave aside facebook,twitter or google which is used like anything to popularise facts for ignorant and uneducated masses.i have worked in iisc bangalore for 4 years so kindly avoid explaining big bang theory or theory of evolution to me.
    3.i already have explaned one should care for his house not for saudi arabia but its not happening and explained why its not happening.
    4.i fully disagree with this point as incompetency and inability to compete in a country of 1.2 billion is no excuse , if there are 8 lakh candidates appearing for a engine driver post then you need to be extra ordinary so stop blaming the examination authorities as i have given more competitions than your age probably and seen half of the world and i am not representing any rss or arya samaj backed organisation. you think only muslims are poor in this country ,please go through the latest report of planning commission then come back on this point.
    6.i dont mind whether their ancestors were hindu or came from persia or turan , i fully abide by constitution of india that no indian citizen should be discriminated on basis of religion.

    i would also like to add that if any indian whether hindu ,muslim,sikh ,christian,zoroastrian ,buddhist,jain or anyone tries to infringe the unity ,dignity,fraternity of the country should be shot in public no questions asked.

  16. مر صاحب کو یہ بھی بتانا چاہتا ہوں کی آدھی زندگی لکھنؤ میں رہا ہوں تو اللہ کے واسطے مجھے قرآن کی تعلیم نہ دیں بھی ،مسلمانو کے حقوق کے لئے ١٠ سال سے لڑھ رہا ہوں لیکن جو گلتی ہیں اسکا تبصرہ کرنے سے پیچھے بی ن ہٹونگا .


  18. If the Salil Mir is what passes for educated Muslims, than no wonder IMs are in a shit heap. He, like many other hypocrite educated Muslims, says:

    1. IMs should not care about intra-Muslim butchery happening in the so-called "Muslim World". Than, why should, the "slaughter", "pogrom" and "massacre" of Muslims be in kuffar countries, be such a hot topic amongst Muslims ?

    2. He degrades non-Muslim scripture, classic symptom of an Islam-spremacist.

    3. He whines that IMs are very educated but it the evil Hindus, classic fake victimhood.

  19. I like the overall idea of the article. But please don't disfigure the facts. You have mentioned that India is a Hindu/ Sikh nation which is not true. India is a secular country. I understand what you meant though. But it is important not to misquote because once you publish on to the Internet, the article is public across the globe and others may fail to understand your sentiments.

  20. Shams bhai,

    Could read the full article now. Very Well written. It is an intriguing phenomenon of not only Muslims but probably humans in general.

    As I mentioned on the other forum, Muslims will not oppose much if it happens to be a Muslim doing this. I see that happening in Syria with Bashar Asad killing many thousands. Or Gaddafi earlier in Libya killing many thousands. I heard a protest in UP supporting Gaddafi last year!

    But it is not only limited to Muslims. I see the same reaction in other communities. If Shiv Sena would have organized this type of protest and broken the busses and public properties (as they have done earlier many times) then there would have been no reaction. Then it would not be the 'Hindus' who have done it but 'Shiv Sena' would have done it. Here the blame is not that 'Raza Academy' or any other such organization did it but it is 'Muslims' who did it.

  21. hey Adnan, was delighted to read your article in THE HINDU, thanks for a fresh perspective...which actually talks of some sanity and not just crazy religious and ethnic passion which is engulfing this country....most unfortunate part of all this that many a times i find nice, good and actually patriotic muslims cornered in the debate and at many places they have to apologetic for no fault of theirs ...i hope we as a nation can get over this unfortunate situation of hostility, indifference and doubts..god bless you....and Eid Mubarak.

  22. Nicely written article. This not only holds for Muslims but to all. Think rationally, act rationally.

  23. indscribe - the article does advise Indian muslims not to be driven y excessive passion and to refrain from such acts but I notice one thing - the language of condemnation is so feeble that it appears as a plea to a gang of mobsters. You could have used a stronger langauge than this to condemn the mindless violence perpetuated in the name of solidarity with Rohingyas which those involved in violence would not even have heard of. The article looks almost like an religious apoligists article. Why not condemn the concept of religion as a whole. It is surprising that even in 21st century our passions are driven by the concepts that were fit for ancient and medival societies. I have gone through couple of your articles and found that you place so much imphasis on religious identiy (be it article on hindu muslim unity or an the article giving glorified account of an horrific medival practice of sanlekhna. I have just this to say - this is th)e new dawn of civilization. Religion is pretty old concept to hold water in this age of critical inquiry. All these problems are solved if we reject the idea of religion itself. And such mindless violence perpetuated on name of religion should be condemned in strongest possible language and should not be let go as easily as you have done.

  24. the burmese periodically kick out people of south asian origin but have no problem with lakhs of chinese taking over their northern districts

  25. hats of bhai, hats off. I bow down and hats off to you for this article. May our Muslim friends learn something from this....

  26. Dear Editor,
    I wish this mail finds you in peace and prosperos. This refers to the article published in the Open Page(19/8/2012) "Our heart must bleed..........". I strongly feel that this is not the correct time to publish the article. In Assam nearly 4 lakhs of muslims are in refugee camp and also the whole india is blaming muslims for spreading hoax sms which created an Exodus of north East people from all over india. eventhough we are the victims in all riots(Assam,Mumbai,Gujarat,Coimbatore....etc) we are blamed for all. I pledge our (Muslim) heart is bleeding for everyone who is facing injustice. We are joining our hands with all human rigts organisations,Dalit and Minorities movements and fighting against all injustice. In Tamilnadu we have a long history that we are struggling for our Dalit brothers who are suppressed in the name of caste.whenever a caste riot bursts We are the gaurdians for southern Tamilnadu Dalits . Is it logically correct to say that no musim countries are raising their voices for others then why should Indian muslims?. This tendency of Indian muslims clearly shows that they are not following any muslim countries as their roll models. The commissioner of mumbai police itself admitted that the miscreants of mumbai incident where from outside and not the participants.
    everyone who reads the article can easily realise the bias. I believe that The Hindu will restraint in publising these biased articles in future.
    Ibnu Monamed,

  27. Dear Editor,
    I wish this mail finds you in peace and prosperos. This refers to the article published in the Open Page(19/8/2012) "Our heart must bleed..........". I strongly feel that this is not the correct time to publish the article. In Assam nearly 4 lakhs of muslims are in refugee camp and also the whole india is blaming muslims for spreading hoax sms which created an Exodus of north East people from all over india. eventhough we are the victims in all riots(Assam,Mumbai,Gujarat,Coimbatore....etc) we are blamed for all. I pledge our (Muslim) heart is bleeding for everyone who is facing injustice. We are joining our hands with all human rigts organisations,Dalit and Minorities movements and fighting against all injustice. In Tamilnadu we have a long history that we are struggling for our Dalit brothers who are suppressed in the name of caste.whenever a caste riot bursts We are the gaurdians for southern Tamilnadu Dalits . Is it logically correct to say that no musim countries are raising their voices for others then why should Indian muslims?. This tendency of Indian muslims clearly shows that they are not following any muslim countries as their roll models. The commissioner of mumbai police itself admitted that the miscreants of mumbai incident where from outside and not the participants.
    everyone who reads the article can easily realise the bias. I believe that The Hindu will restraint in publising these biased articles in future.
    Ibnu Monamed,

  28. I read this blog in "the hindu" and thought i should come here to congratulate the blogger for his sincere efforts towards forming a truely secular india. Muslim or not you are doing a faaaaaaaaaaar better job than the clowns who are spreading hatred on a communal basis(hindus and muslims).wish we had more like you. I can strongly relate to what you have written. I live in a muslim majority neighbourhood and they are very nice and helping but at times like these they tend to forget everything and get emotional. Just want them to focus more on grwoth of their community in india before they can help muslims elsewhere.
    But great job sir great job. Hats off !! dont ever lose hope because if u can just make one person sane with ur blogs believe me you have done a great job for this country...
    Vande matram

  29. इसे प्रभात खबर ने हिंदी में अनुवाद कर प्रकाशित किया है.
    लिंक है -

    बढ़िया आलेख. परंतु भारतीय मुसलमानों को उनके पोंगापंथी मौलवी अज्ञानता का चश्मा पहनाए रखते हैं जिस वजह से वे इस आलेख में दी गई बातों की तरह से सोच ही नहीं पाते. और यही असल समस्या है!

  30. Whoever this so called Indian Muslim claimant is, seems he is more interested in pleasing that part of India which keeps shut when people like Ehsaan Jaffery are burnt and Bilqis Bano raped . I am proud of the muslims who marched onto Azad Maidan to protest. Do you even know what Turkey did in Burma? Guess ,you dont know. You call youself a secular Indian? Wake up, blogger. Be a muslim first, you will be a better person that wayl .

  31. The problem with muslim community is not extent of hatred or overzealous religious sentiments. The problem with 99% muslims is that they are gullible to religious setup.

    In all other religions, the priest or ArchBishop is not given as much importance as an Imam is given in islam. That makes Imams as much powerful as local politicians in a locality. Many Imams, being fierce followers of Quran, take every word in literal sense in the age-old context without applying new age context. Bad combination. In other religions, ArchBishop or priest will have similar clinging to age-old beliefs but lacking the reach and thereby losing the steam.

    As long as some Imam in some corner of the country gives blaring speeches on loudspeakers about some faraway issue, this problem is very likely to continue. So, should muslims ditch Imams? No. The Imams must understand that local issues take higher priority than some faraway ones. They must take up RTE cause in their community, promote the cause of better healthcare, etc.

    May peace be upon you

  32. It is strange when the U.S. declares a war on terror while there is homegrown terrorism there allowed hiding places under the banner of "Heritage". In the U.S. there are Christian religious extremist that rarely make the news while the U.S. focuses on other religions and cultures with their own being at least 100 years old. See video for images and please share this message as far as the internet can take it.

    السلام عليكم


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