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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Sakshi Mahraj should start his cow protection campaign with India's biggest meat exporting companies

Sakshi Maharaj, the Saffron-robed leader of Bharatiya  Janata Party (BJP), has said that he is prepared to go to any extent to protect cows.

It is admirable that the BJP leader, who is also a member of parliament (MP), has such a strong conviction, and love for cow.

Even if, his statement, that he is ready to 'kill or get killed' is not proper as per constitution, [we oppose any act of violence or inciting violence], we must be able to go beyond this and admire his passion.

I am sure, he will follow it up with actions in near future.

I hope that he would remain sincere to the cause and the top meat exporters who supply beef, would now figure on his radar. Sakshi Maharaj must be aware that India is among the leading countries as far beef export is concerned.

And, he must be aware of the names of all the top beef exporting companies in India.

The leading firm is Al Kabeer, which is owned by Sabarwals--Atul and Satish. He muts also be aware of the other leading exporters, the companies owned by the Kapoors, the Madans, the Bindras, and many others.

If not action, at least, he would speak against them--this is the least we expect from him. One hopes that an 'ascetic' would not fear the moneyed and would at least speak truth and stay true to the cause, at least, when we are talking about an issue as important as cow protection.

1. Sakshi Maharaj says, 'ready to kill, get killed'. See link
2. India tops the world in exporting beef. See link
3. Al Kabeer, India's leading beef exporter, is owned by Hindus. See link & link
4. Four biggest companies that top the list of meat, beef exporters. See link

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Facade of liberalism, tolerance falls off: Isn't Indian society intolerant, violent and more discriminatory than other countries?

It is very common to say, that India is the nation of non-violence. Indians take pride in the fact that 'we taught non-violence' to the world.

So often it is said that we are 'sahishnu samaj' i.e. a tolerant society, that people begin to believe it from their childhood without realising that the truth could be just the opposite.

How much we know about tolerance, peace and liberalism? In fact, if you pick up newspaper of any day you will realise that we are a 'hinsak samaj'--a violent society.

Just today, the first story in paper was that of a man who was disabled permanently due to tortured by cops just because his vehicle had hit a cop's vehicle. A youth (Hindu), committed suicide because of harassment by cops.

Yet another case, a schoolboy brutally beaten by his teacher for touching 'thaali' of other students in Rajasthan. Just a couple of days back, a 90-year-old Hindu man was burnt to death in Uttar Pradesh for stepping into a temple.

These are mostly cases of injustice against Hindus. Not just police, anyone in power is engaged in violence against the 'weak', the 'poor, and the 'other. Law is applied in accordance with the victim's and the accused's social-financial status.

Further, recent incidents show that the facade of 'tolerance', 'liberalism', has fallen off completely. Claims about 'sahishnuta, sambhav' are not true. Many of us are beginning to see the reality.

Some of you may not immediately agree to this as the moneyed middle class is generally not the victim of prejudices, state's oppression. The problem is that the moment you feel you are morally superior, your culture is best, your 'sanskar' are ideal, there is no possibility of reform.

For improvement, you have to accept that there are issues with your society, very serious issues. At least, I feel, that we are members of a 'hinsak samaj' that has a 'mob mentality'.


1. It is common to term other countries as barbaric, but in which country do you hear leaders deliver hate-filled, racist, threatening and poisonous speeches day in and day out. This happens in world's biggest democracy.

2. The sadhvis, saints, threaten minorities on regular basis, demonising them, warning them to kick them out of the country, at the drop of hat, and the politicians 'justifying' hate, killings.

Where does it happen?

Does it happen in countries we contemptuously talk about, and whom we term as 'banana' republics. Are such political statements against minorities, atrocities, mob violence ever heard there?

3. In which country, there is such social sanction to violence, mob killings and discrimination. In which country, there are always 'action-reaction' theories floated.

4. Where would Ministers goes to site of tragedy and declares, "it was an accident". Takes meeting in the temple from where the false, provocative rumour was spread about an air force personnels' father carrying bovine meat in his house.

The minister categorically says, "it was not pre-planned incident". Then, he says, 'justice will be done, to arrested youths too'. This happens in India. Prime Minister doesn't speak up to allay fears or to rein in the fanatic groups. Ministers speak like louts.

5. In this violent society, lives of Dalits, Tribal, Poor, Minorities, so many others don't matter. There is so much hate prevailing in the society among different sections of people on the basis of colour, creed, caste, faith, class and region.

6. The laws are promulgated and applied to discriminate, subjugate your own people, cow slaughter laws made stricter and people are framed, bizarre punishments given.

The law-enforcing agencies put blame on victims. After an innocent man's murder, meat kept in his refrigerator is sent for lab test.

7. Where in the world, 'food fascim' has reached such bizarre levels. The country tops in beef export but people are attacked, killed just on suspicion of carrying beef.

There are housing societies that don't let 'non-vegetarians' live. In schools, children are asked not to bring 'non-vegetarian food', even omelette in the lunch box. In angan-wadis 'anda' is not given to kids, as it 'offends sensibilities'.

So you are taught from childhood that 'meat eaters are bad', that they are evil. This thought process can't be altered easily. All these your 'sanskaar'. The poor malnourished tribal kids are deprived out even egg in angan-wadi. This shameless violence is taking place in a country when 70% Indians are non-vegetarians!

7. Rationalists are killed. People are threatened for speaking in their minds. Governments refuse to act against extremist campaigns and vigilante groups' divisive acts and thuggery, as in Mangalore. Organisations that ought to be banned, are termed 'nationalist'.

8. With due respect to the courts, we all know who gets death sentences, who get hanged in this country. Most of them are Poor, Dalits, Tribal and Muslims. And further, the society has the cheek to claim that they are 'liberal', 'non-violent, 'good to weaker sections'. The list is endless.

9. People don't want to accept their own bigotry. If you talk about 'khaps', immediately the issue will be diverted and you will face the question, 'Why X things happen at Y place, reply first, Why you don't speak about it". So the problem is failure to 'confront bitter truths'.

10. I haven't talked yet about rapes, the gang rapes, the amount of sexual violence, which exists in the country, majority of which goes unreported. I don't even want to venture into this territory, as this piece can't end.

I haven't talked about communal riots, at all. The list is endless. But still we consider ourselves 'sahishnu'. Even on social media, people threaten others just because their opinions don't match with someone.

Hold the mirror and see your face. When I look, I see it as one the most violent, barbaric societies in the world. The reform, the change, can't begin unless we accept that there is a problem. 

'White terrorist' kills 10 students in Oregon in America: US media calls him 'gunman', 'shooter', NOT terrorist

Once again, a man went on a firing spree on a campus in United States. He killed 10 students in cold blood in Umpqua college in Oregon.

The man turned out to be 'White', his name is Chris Harper-Mercer. Once again, the reports in media were on expected lines.

Initially, when the reports came, many people on social media began blaming 'Muslims'.

Later, when the first photograph surfaced, some assumed that he could be from 'mixed race' or from African-American background'. 

There were hate-filled, xenophobic comments about the 'other races' including Mongoloids.

But, soon it became clear that Chris Harper-Mercer was a perfect 'White'. By now, media groups were terming the incident as 'gunman', 'shooter', 'lone wolf'. The words like 'Terrorist' or 'Extremist' were not used, at all.

1. It is so strange, that despite series of such fatal shootings in America, the 'mainstream' refuse to believe that the shooter can belong to 'them', 'their race'. For them, it is always, someone from 'others'.

This is similar to right-wing racist behaviour in India, where it is common to say, 'Hindu, aatankwadi kaise ho sakta hai?". [How can someone from the majority community be terrorist?]. This is majoritarian syndrome.

2. In the past, many such shooters have committed massacres in America. But the moment, their race and identity is known, the words used to describe them are 'soft'. There is talk about their being 'lonely, 'disturbed childhood', 'recluse' and similar terms, as if that could justify the killings.

3. Harper was born in England but as a child brought to US. He belonged to 'upper middle class', says reports. In some of the photographs, he was seen supporting the extremist outfit, 'Irish Republican Army' [IRA].

In the Oregon school, he asked students' religion [most of them said Christianity], before they were shot dead. Clearly, Harper came from a privileged background. He was White. He was Christian. 'Faith, religious belief' did play a role in this shooting spree, but still no one talks of his ideology.

The reasons for the behaviour may come out during the course of investigation but once again the hypocrisy of the media, was exposed. The White lone wolves have killed hundreds in America lately, see the photographs on the rights.

Chris was finally shot dead by a policeman. More than a dozen weapons were recovered from his place.


4. Every time such an incident occurred, the first suspicion in public forums, social media is on the 'other'. 'Others feel the heat, pray that the killer would not be of their community. Media has created a situation where people belonging to majority, dominant culture, can't be shown as 'Terrorists' or 'Killers'.

5. Here lies the rot. With each incident, there is talk of gun culture in US, but no 'War on gun culture' is announced. Nothing changes. The 'mass killings' continue, one after the other, these 'lone wolves' kill innocents, but the stigma is always for the 'other'.

As the 'stigma' won't go, he will remain the suspect. However, the majority has no need to worry, as an individual belonging to the majority will always have 'softer terms' used for their horrendous crimes. 

The 'majority' guy can never be terrorist. That 'tag' is reserved for the 'other'. It's exactly the same script which we have been watching, playing out on our TV screens and newspapers. So, how can things change? 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wake up to stop India's march towards Hindu Rashtra: Man killed over rumour of eating beef in Greater Noida's Dadri


Mohammad Ikhlaq, the father of an Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel, was dragged out of his house, beaten up and murdered in cold blood.

The mob that attacked his house in Dadri in Greater Noida, near Delhi, also seriously injured one of his sons.

Akhlaq died on the spot. The mob had gone berserk after announcement from a temple that there was beef kept in the house.

It was false, say prima facie reports. The rumour led to a maniac mob resorting to the middle-aged man's lynching.

Doesn't the incident near India's national capital, clearly shows how India is marching towards 'Hindu Rashtra'?

Just a day ago, a man in Kanpur was lynched on the false suspicion that he was a 'Pakistani terrorist'. He was thrashed, and he kept saying 'Allah, Allah', and was murdered. See

Another Muslim man was killed in Delhi by policemen, recently. And yet another, by a mob in Delhi, before that. But still, no one seems to notice how the hatred against Muslims has been going up. Systematically, the

1. Day in and day out, Sadhvis and 'Saints' issue ultimatums and threaten to send any Aslam, Abid and Athar to Pakistan.

2. Hate speech has become the norm and there are hardly any FIRs and absolutely no convictions.

A BJP MLA says Muslims should sacrifice their own sons rather than goats on Baqrid.

MP Sakshi Maharaj wants Muslims' voting right to be taken away, Sadhvi Prachi and Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti talk of Muslims 'giving birth to puppies' and 'ramzada Vs haraam-zada'

There are many more from Giriraj Kishore to Sadhvi Deva Thakur, Yogi Adityanath to Shiv Sena's leaders who keep targeting Muslims. In the last 1-1/2 years, this tendency to abuse Muslims openly, has gone up.

Not just in Gujarat, but in Samajwadi Party ruled UP and Congress-ruled Karnataka things are the same. 

3. More than 139 communal incidents have been reported from a single district, Mangalore, in Karnataka, lately. But no action has been taken to rein in the Saffron vigilantes.

4. Institutions are being taken over, laws are being misused, government remains mute spectator and administration acts only after an incident.

5. In one UP village, you won't allow people to even sacrifice goats. In another place in Karnataka, a Hindu girl and Muslim talking, would lead to Muslim man being stripped and beaten up publicly. 

6. Then, rationalists are being killed all over India. Govind Pansare, Narendra Dabholkar, MM Kalburgi, have been shot dead. Many other secularists have been getting death threats.

7. Action is being taken in BJP ruled states to hurt Muslims engaged in meat business.

8. Laws have been amended and made stricter to such an extent that if a person gets caught on suspicion of carrying 'beef', it is up to him to prove his innocence.

9. The law-enforcing authorities are unable to control rioters and extremist groups within the country but, ironically, our government is more interesting in the internal situation in Nepal, and wants it to remain a Hindu Rashtra.

10. The situation within the country is such that law-and-order is collapsing. Vigilante groups and extremist organisations are calling the shots, but Prime Minister and Home Minister remain silent.

Still, it is not about Muslims alone. Of course, Muslims are the main thorn in the flesh of the 'Hindutva' leaders. But the idea of India is under attack. One after the other, It is time to wake up before it is too late.

Aditi Vatsa reported the story from Dadri ifrom  Indian Express. See link and read

Poetry against Extremism, Fastcism: Verse in memory of Mohammad Akhlaq, 'Ye khooni lashkar'

Monday, September 28, 2015

No courage to tackle right-wing: Does Congress have the guts to fight RSS, BJP?

Does the Congress have the guts, courage to fight RSS, BJP?  The answer is a clear, no.

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) was in power for ten  years, it could never crackdown on BJP.

The recent CBI raid on Himachal Pradesh's serving chief minister Virbhadra Singh's residence, is just an example.

It is well-known that without official 'go-ahead' from the Centre, such raids on a serving CM can't take place at all, in India. The agencies work under centre.

The raid shows how BJP manages to get agencies work for it. On the other hand, Congress was in power for 10 yrs, yet it could never get even a single tough action against Narendra Modi-led BJP government in Gujarat, then.

Even CBI officers who were probing Godhra case were known to be soft on Modi. When you run government, you have the power but you need to exercise it. 

Congress had neither the will, nor the courage to do it. 
BJP and RSS leaders were scared when right-wing terror modules were caught. 

Yet, it was Congress that seemed fearful to take action against Sangh leaders and NIA took years to even investigate and file charge-sheets. Convictions couldn't take place and BJP government took seat in Delhi. 

Now the case are being weakened. The Congress has always shown this kind of approach while dealing with the right-wing, and now it is facing existential crisis. Today, the result is that party is reduced to 40 seats.

If you have to fight RSS, show some courage. Will they learn now? No, it doesn't seem so. Congress doesn't have the courage and conviction to do it.

In Karnataka, it cowers in front of Ram Sene and other Hindutva groups.

In fact, either it is the communal situation in Mangalore in Karnataka or the ban on Sanatan Sanstha, it (Congress) has always been exposed. 

It can't take on right-wing forces and the right-wing elements that are active within the party. It is time for Rahul Gandhi and Congress to realise that there is no scope for such a party that functions in such a manner. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Media disinterest, silence on Jhabua blast: Why it was not considered a major news, extremists' links not probed?

It may seem a bit late to comment on the deadly blast in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh that resulted in death of 104 persons.

But, it is still pertinent to ask why an explosion that led to such a large number of deaths apart from injuries to hundreds, was not considered a breaking, national news?

The fact as we all know is that the explosion took place at the restaurant of Rajendra Kaswa in Petlawad town in Jhabua (MP) on September 12.

Here are certain points about the incident that comes to one's mind and the questions about role of investigative agencies and media.

Reflections on Petlawad explosion in Jhabua

1. Such was the severity of the explosion that the bodies were blown to pieces and victims' couldn't be identified. The body parts were found strewn into the area. Yet most of the TV channels ignored it, and it was not carried as first lead despite the number of deaths.

2. Jhabua is located in Western part of MP, on the border of Gujarat. Western MP and Malwa region (around Indore) are known for habouring extremists of both the religious communities--Hindu and Muslim.

3. Not just right-wing radicals involved in Samjhauta Express strike, Mecca Masjid Hyderabad blast, Malegaon blast and Ajmer Dargah terror strike, belonged to this region of MP, the region produced radical Muslims too.

4. Strangely, the 'terror' angle was not discussed at all. Our security experts and top journalists on 'national security beat', who rush to 'conclusions' minutes after a minor blast, didn't pay any attention to this incident, and none bothered to visit MP.

5. Such was the neglect that even after 24 hrs, certain top media groups kept running the story [report] as 'deaths due to cylinder blast'. It was assumed initially that it was LPG cylinder blast [despite the enormity of the mishap]. Can cylinder blast leave such destruction and devastation across a vast area?

6. Even though it became clear that this was because of huge quantity of explosives stored that included gelatin rods and detonators, there was no attempt to correct it.

Actually, the so-called national media was mostly not following it up, at all. There was no attempt to even look into the possibility that such a huge cache of explosives was kept for any disruptive purpose? Everyone seemed to already made up their mind, that it was for 'illegal mining'.

7. Jhabua was not TRP though another town in faraway West Bengal where none had died in a blast had got TRP a few months back. The 'all-knowing sleuths' in law-enforcement agencies that tip journalists were also missing in action.

8. Neither NIA or ATS teams seemed to be interested in even looking at the case despite that it was the worst explosion in terms of deaths in central India ever, and also among the worst in India. In a case like Burdwan (WB), top security experts were ready to rush there.

9. In the past, when there was no blast, and no death, still, just recovery of explosives from 'Muslims' led to immediate conclusion that it was 'terror plot' that was unravelled. But here, even after 104 deaths, there was no interest in investigating.

10. Even UAPA was not invoked on the absconder, when the FIR was registered in this case. Was it because the person owning the restaurant doesn't have a Muslim name? If this is true, then that's a very sad situation for this nation, the media and the society.

Role of 'national media' in covering the tragedy at Jhabua

How long will Muslims suffer and face suspicion just because of their religion, while others get away for the same reason. Rajendra Kaswa is the main accused and remains absconding even though ten days have passed after the huge explosion that ruined lives of more than 100 families in Madhya Pradesh.

No wonder, people question media credibility, and ask how media can be so biased, one-sided and show such double standards?

Media has responsibility towards people, as it helps in forming opinions.

The local newspapers, specially, Hindi press in Madhya Pradesh, comparatively focused much more on the incident, as it was a local issue.

But for national media it was not even the lead news for a day.

But the local media too didn't at all consider it as 'terror angle', and for them it was just a 'mishap' that was a result of irregularities--availability of explosives for mining, and storing them, in violation of norms.

When there are clearly different sets of reporting standards in newspapers and TV channels, people do have the right to question its fairness. Will Indian journalists look inward, do introspection and take corrective measures? Any chance!
[Photos: Courtesy Patrika newspaper website]