Saturday, May 20, 2017

Six lynched in Jharkhand: Photo that should haunt us, Indians, inhabitants of the land of 'non-violence'

Will this photograph haunt us, Indians, for long?

A man--Mohammad Naeem, begging for his life, yet, the mob killed him in cold blood.

The man was not alone. Apart from him, Md Sajjad alias Sajju, Siraj and Md Alim. were also killed.

The incident occurred at Shobhapur near Rajnagar, which is 45 km from Jamshedpur. All the victims were cattle-traders.

Apparently, there was a rumour that children were being abducted from the area though police said that there no such complaint, and no incident of child theft was reported.

"Villagers got information that some people are taking kid in car. They came out armed and surrounded Shobhapur. It was alleged that one Muslim man, Murtaza Ansari, was protecting them. Mob accused him of saving them and Murtaza asked the mob to check the vehicle. But the mob didn't buge", reports Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar.

The mob went on rampage, rummaging houses and setting afire property. Victims were baten to death. Naeem succumbed to injuries on way to hospital. The houses of Shamsul Haq and Azizul Haq were burnt. Police officers's vehicles including Tata Sumo and Indigo were also burnt.


Apart from the incident, three more persons were lynched in Jharkhand. Gangesh Gupta, Vikas Verma and Gautam Verma were killed in cold blood. This incident occurred in Nagadih.

The elderly grandmother of one of the victims, Ramsakhi, was also brutally beaten. Her condition is reported to be critical. BJP is in power in Jharkhand, and there is no statement from the top party leaders, condemning the killings.

UPDATE: Reports suggest that the figure of deaths is SEVEN (7). LINK

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Another day, Another attack: Muslim man lynched, Hindu farmers brutally beaten by cow vigilantes

Lynchings, mob attacks, vigilantism--that seems to have become the order of the day in India.

A Muslim man was beaten to death in his house in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, just because he was supportive of an inter-religious marriage.

The Hindu Yuva Vahini members barged into his house, abducted middle-aged Ghulam Muhammad, took him away and thrashed him until he died.

The Hindu Yuva Vahini is an extremist Hindu group, which was formed by Yogi Adityanath, who is now UP's chief minister.

Locals said that members of the Vahini were behind the attack and murder. There are barely a couple of Muslim families in this village in Bulandshahar. Now, after the incident, they plan to move out.

From Pahlu Khan to Akhlaq, from Mazloom Ansari to Najeeb Ahmad, the stories of Muslim men disappearing--either killed, lynched or taken away, never to return, it is becoming a regular affair now.

As private armies or right-wing Hindu militias keep growing in size, the incidents are increasing. Along with Muslims, a few Hindus here and there too bear the brunt of these attacks. In North India, the situation is worst.

The other incident took place close to national capital Delhi. It happened in Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh. Two Hindu farmers were brutally beaten.

Their fault--they were carrying cows along with them. Bhoop Singh and Jabar Singh were intercepted by self-styled 'Gau Rakshaks'--a term that means protectors of cows.

"We kept telling them that we are Hindus, farmers but they kept accusing us of being cow smugglers and started thrashing us", said the victims, who later lodged an FIR.

"They abused us verbally and kicked us on the stomach and even the face. We collapsed on the ground but they continued beating us". While this was happening, no one intervened. [TOI report]

Hindu Sena leader crushes Muslim youth to death in Bhopal

In yet another incident of extremist groups' violence, Hindu Sena district chief killed a Muslim youth, Salman, by crushing him to death under a SUV. This incident occurred in MP Nagar in Bhopal.

Salman was beaten brutally and later his head was struck against a tanker. The Hindu Sena leader Shivaji Patil later crushed Salman to death on the spot, with his car, and escaped. He was later arrested.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Cow Terror: Two more Muslims killed in India, mob lynches them in Assam

Two more Muslims have died--victims of Cow Terror.

Abu Hanifa and Riyazuddin were lynched by a mob in Assam.

Clearly, terror in the name of cow continues in India.

This is the worst form of Terrorism in the world, where people kill in the name of cow. They feel that they can kill anyone and have moral right to decide whether someone is guilty or not.

Akhlaq was killed because it was imagined that the meat in his fridge was not of goat but cow. Similarly, the mob decided that Abu Hanifa and Riyazuddin were cow thieves.

So they got the 'authority' to kill them in cold blood. Both of them were beaten to death. The incident occurred in Nagaon district. The Kachamari Pathar village is just 130 km from State capital.

Soon after the incident, in which two people were murdered, the cops had started claiming that 'it was not a case of cow vigilantism'. How? Why such hurry to give a clean-chit, instead of focusing on crime of such magnitude.

Even before probe, it was termed that they were 'cow thieves'. So where is the need for police or law-enforcing agencies?The self-styled 'Gau Rakshaks' are on a spree of attacks, violence and killings across India.

The prime target are Muslims, and in some cases Dalits too. Occasionally, non-Muslims have also been beaten or tortured. Like in Una in Gujarat, where Dalits who skin dead animal, were tortured by right-wing extremists.

1. In Bihar, a man honked at a cow and he was attacked, resulting in damage to his eyesight. LINK
2. In Delhi, a woman tried to shoo away a cow and she later nearly escaped the violent mob. LINK
Ganesh Mandal or Sharmila's case are exceptions.
3. Jabar Singh and Bhoop Singh brutally beaten by cow vigilantes in Noida. LINK
4. Tribal accused of cow slaughter, dies in police custody.
5. Appu Malviya was brutally beaten by vigilantes in Ujjain. He was thrashed, kicked, beaten with belts publicly. LINK & LINK

Elderly Kodar Gamar was arrested under the newly enacted cow protection law for allegedly slaughtering bovines, reported HT. Gamar, in his 60s, was arrested and was in the custody of Sabarkantha police. He died. A judicial probe has been ordered.

Muslims are the main target. In national capital, Delhi, just over a week ago, Muslim cattle transporters--Rizwan, Ashu and Kamil, were brutally beaten. This happened in Kalkaji. LINK and LINK.

They hailed from Pataudi, Haryana. They were stopped, pulled out of vehicle, beaten up. The police had to save them. The attackers claimed to be 'animal rights activists' and representing People for Animals (PFA).

Over the last three years, there have been numerous cases of attacks and killings. The most recent case was that of Pahlu Khan, who was killed in Rajasthan. However, the State government, did not take the crime seriously and even one of its ministers tried to play it down, ending up blaming victim.

READ: From minor boy Imatiaz's murder in Jharkhand to Pehlu Khan's killing in Rajasthan

Muslim men lynched in Assam, reports Aj Jazeera. READ
So far, just a case has been registered and two persons detained, says this PTI report. LINK 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Make use of summer holidays, teach children Urdu or another language

This post is for parents and elders, reminding them that summer holidays are the best time in the year to teach kids, a language.

Especially, the mother tongue. You can teach an extra language and I am writing for Urdu, because in many Indian states, children don't have the option to learn Urdu in schools.

The third language in schools is generally not Urdu. Hence, they are unable to learn it properly. It is time to sit with kids and teach them Urdu.

In Muslim households, Urdu words are known, grammar is known and it is spoken. What is needed is just to read the script and write. So for that, just a small effort is needed.

Barely 20-30 min a day, it doesn't take more. As most kids are familiar with the script too because they learn the Holy Quran [Arabic], it is even more easy. But it needs a bit of discipline and patience. 

You have to do it each and every day. Within a couple of months, the kid would definitely pick up enough. I had written a similar post on this blog five years ago. Check the link below

READ: Teach kids an additional language or their mother tongue in vacations

Subscribe to children's magazines. Kids like them, make them read. You can start with a Urdu primer also. There are many Urdu magazines in India. NCPUL's Bacchon Ki Dunia, Hilal, Noor, Umang and Payam-e-Talim have good circulation.


1. Bachchon ki Dunia, Delhi
2. Umang, Delhi
3. Noor, Rampur
4. Hilal
5. Naya Khilauna, Kolkata
6. Ghubbara
7. Butul [focuses on girls, more]
8. Payam-e-Talim
9. Gul Bootay
10. Sada-e-Atfal
11. Achha Saathi
12. Fankar
13. Guldasta-e-Talim

Thursday, April 27, 2017

How communal propaganda for years laid foundation for India's march towards Fascism: Reasons for right-wing's success, hysteria that has gripped citizens

Companies are firing employees, no job creation, businessmen are worried, forget the poor.

You are getting hurt by the bleeding economy or lack of development, but you aren't perturbed.

No promise is fulfilled--either on developmental front or ten heads for each Indian soldier's head, yet, vote will go to them only. No surprise.

This is the stage of fascism, it leads to hysteria. If leader(s) says that there is too much population and solution is to commit suicide, they will say, 'Yes', he is right, some may even accept it.

The niddle-class that has money, house, shops, so can survive, face inflation longer. How can they accept that they were wrong, after all, they have believed in him with so much intensity that it will shatter them.

Media will not let this hysteria level go down. After all, the propagandists made efforts for half-a-century to get their men enter, influence and own media, while others had no inkling. As far as Congress is concerned, it is responsible chiefly for this crisis.

For decades, so much lies were spread in this country that a divide between Hindus and Muslims was created. So many half-truths were spoken, propaganda of others was allowed that for most Hindus, Kashmiri or Muslim became an enemy.

They kept talking of article 370 but would never tell that anyone could go to Kashmir but there are states like Nagaland where any Indian requires a permit to even step into the state. And it is not just Kashmir.

READ: How misinformation, falsehoods and propaganda about Kashmir have hurt India

It is on each and every issue. Common Civil Code, Haj Subsidy, Talaq, just think and there are innumerable issues. Congress was the major party and was expected to tackle but it was never interested, in fact, complicit.

...long long story...sins of decades....

And, where is the space in obsessed brain to even think--every cell in your brain is occupied. From Aurangzeb to worries over Zaheer Khan's marriage, the sound of Azaan to Cow, everyday there is so much to think of.

They can form illegal armies that will kill people for no crime, in the name of cow vigilantism or anything else. Yet, they will remain paranoid, scared, worried about growing population of the Muslims.

For right-wing Indians, there is nothing left, except worrying about Islam and Muslims. So all this is not going to end soon, it will take time. Let's wait and hope that some day this fever will come down.