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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Five immortals couplets of a forgotten Urdu poet

These are amongst the most oft-quoted Urdu couplets:

muddaii laakh buraa chaahe to kyaa hotaa hai
vahii hotaa hai jo manzuur-e-Khudaa hotaa hai

surkhruu hotaa hai insaaN ThokareN khaane ke baad
rang laatii hai hinaa patthar pe pis jaane ke baad

voh phuul sar chaRhaa jo chaman se nikal gayaa
izzat use milii jo vatan se nikal gayaa

haqiiqat chhup nahiiN saktii banaavaT ke usuuloN se
ki Khushbuu aa nahiiN saktii kabhii kaaGhaz ke phuuloN se

miTaa de apnii hastii ko gar kuchh martabaa chaahe
ki daana Khaak meN mil kar gul-o-gulzaar hotaa hai

These are all couplets of Mast Kalkattvi. This poet from Calcutta (Kolkata) was a contemporary of Josh Malihabadi and Firaq Gorakhpuri. His popularity knew no bounds in those days. True to his pen name Mast Kalkattavi, lived a bohemian life.

He was born Syed Ghulam Mohammad and had adopted the takhallus 'Mast'. He was born in 1896 and passed away in 1942. Considering that he was such a popular poet, it is surprising that hardly any serious work done on his literary legacy. I couldn't find a single result in Google for his name.

Read all these couplets in Urdu, Hindi [devanagri] and Roman English scripts at Best Ghazals.


Anonymous said...

Great. Can you please translate the last?

Anonymous said...

the last couplet says:
put an end to yourself, if you want any immortality
for a seed who joins in the soil grows to a garden

Anyway, that is the meaning of the couplet, not word by word.


mitade apni hasti ko agar tu martaba chahe

destroy your false imagery if you aspire status en real

ke dana qaak mein milke gul-e-gulzar hota hai

for seed, after falling into dust, becomes flower o flower en real

Anonymous said...

girte hein shehsawar he medan-e-jung me.
wo tifl kea gere jo ghutno ke bal chale
shair ka name?
kab paida hue?
kab death hue?
kahan paida hue?
koi unke books?
in question ka jawab dene wale ko prize. jawab is par bhejen

rohan sharma said...

girte hain shehsawar is by aziz dehalvi i reckon