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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Confusion over couplets: Six Urdu ash'aar

This is one of the most quoted line 'is ghar ko aag lag gayee ghar ke chiragh se'.

Few people have an idea about the first line. The couplet reads as:
dil ke phaphole jal uThe siine ke daaGh se
is ghar ko aag lag gaii ghar ke chiraaGh se

In most of the collections and articles, this sher is not attributed to any poet. I have learnt that the poet was Pandit Mehtab Rai Tabaan. Does anybody think otherwise?

The problem is that with every passing year we are losing Urdu litterateurs who could settle such debates. The generation of poets, writers and literature-loving readers, who had thousands of 'ashaar' on the tip of their tongue, is nearly extinct now.

2. There is another line: lamhoN ne Khataa kii hai, sadiyoN ne sazaa paaee hai

I have been told the shaaer was Muzaffar Razmi and the full couplet is:

yeh jabr bhi dekha hai tariiKh ki aaNkhoN ne
lamhoN ne Khataa kii thii sadiyoN ne sazaa paaii

3. Regarding...zamiin khaa gaii aasmaan kaise kaise

It is Amir Minai's sher:

hue naamvar be-nishaan kaise kaise
zamiiN kha gaii aasmaaN kaise kaise

And I have seen people getting confused when referring this couplet as they often recall Aatish's sher and end up mixing them both to churn out a third version. Aatish's sher is here:
zamiin-e-chaman gul khilaati hai kya kya
badalta hai rang aasmaaN kaise kaise

5. A person quotes a couplet and writes the name of poet as 'Shaad'. One person who uses the book feels it is Naresh Kumar Shaad and the other feels it is Shaad Azeemabadi. That's how mistakes crop up. I was going through KC Kanda's book. He has done great translation but the mistakes are aplenty. The couplet:

waqt kii sa'ii musalsal kaargar hotii gaii
zindagii lahza-ba-lahza mukhtasar hotii gaii

It is Asrar-ul-Haq Majaz' couplet and in the book it is attributed to someone else.

6. Like the following couplet:

nairangii-e-siaasat-e-dauraaN to dekhiye
manzil unheN milii jo shariik-e-safar na the

It is commonly known that the above mentioned sher belongs to Pakistan's famous poet Mohsin Bhopali. Anyway. That's all for those who are obsessed with Sher-o-Shairi. I have earlier written posts on Well-known Couplets, Little-known poets and plan to continue this series after a long gap. The earlier posts are here, here and here.


How do we know said...

some of these ashar have been my favorites for a long time. Pleasure to see them here again, especially, lamhon ne khata ki...

i m not so careful about noting the name of the shayar or the poet in any language,but really like the attention that you are paying to these names here.

The Pakistani Spectator said...

nice sher

Abdullah said...

think first sher
dil ke phaphole jal uThe siine ke daaGh se
is ghar ko aag lag gaii ghar ke chiraaGh se

is by Momin Khan Momin

Anonymous said...

Zameen kha gayi aasman kaise kaise ...

this sher is by Hzrt Aziz Ul Hasan Khaja Majzoob RA who was khalifa of hzrt Molana Ashraf Ali Thanwi RA

Saqib Mohsin Bhopali said...

nairangii-e-siaasat-e-dauraaN to dekhiye
manzil unheN milii jo shariik-e-safar na the

This is well known sher couplet from Well known poet Mohsin Bhopali.

Talqeen-e-Aitmaad wo farma rahay hain Aaj
Rahay wafa main khud jo kabhi mo'taber na thay
nairangii-e-siaasat-e-dauraaN to dekhiye
manzil unheN milii jo shariik-e-safar na the

This is by Mohsin Bhopali awhich he wrote at very young age, while it was heard and read by Sardar Abdur Rab Nishter, who recited it in a Political Jalsa, so some people thought that it is his couplet.
Abdur Rab Nishter denied it and said he read it somewhere. Now poit to note is that Sardar Abdur Rab Nishter was also writing some poetry and tahts why some confused and thougth to lable it with his name.

Now other poets of that time witnessed it, they can verify that.

Himayat Ali Shair who was in with Mohsin Bhopali in Hyderabad Sindh can confirm, Jameel Uddin Aali who has grip on Urdu history also admits openly and also said in Arts Council of Pakistan that "Mohsin had said what every poet dreams to be able to write, and sometime I also feel 'jealous' because of his fame on some couplets that he wrote"
Such as:

Zeest hammsa'ay say manga huwa zaiwer tau nahi
Aik dharka sa laga reh jata hay kho janay ka

jahil ko ager jehl ka inaam diya jaay
iss hadsa'ay waqt ko kiya naam diya ja'ay
maikhanay ki tauheen hay rindoan ki hatak hay
kum zarf kay hathoan main ager jaam diya jaay

yunhi tau shakh say pattay (leaves) nahi gira kertay
bicher kay loag ziyada jiya nahi lertay

kiss qader nadim huwa hoon bura keh ker main usay
kiya khaber thi woh jatay jatay dua day ja'ay ga

I have many more to quote which most contemporary poets admit that are great couplets and are dream of poets to own similar for pride like medals.

Faiz in writing on Mohsin's book, wrote " Manzil unhain mili jo shareekay safer na thay! kay khaliq ko koan nahi janta ..."

Also, can be checked in India, Waseem Brelvi who had lots of Mushairas with Mohsin Bhopali and also said six yeaars ago that he had a mushairah tarha on Moshin Bhopali's misra. He, Nida Fazli, Dr Popular Merithi, and any great Indian poet can verify that ...

I can provide contacts of poets to get it confirmed if needed.

Thanks for reading.

In Last Mohsin Bhopali's sher for his work ...

Ho mubarak tumhain takhleeq pay tamghay ki sanad
Meray hissay kay abhi zakhm-e-huner baqi hain


Nyayman said...

As regards the couplet "dil ke phapole............
...chiraagh se!", I remember to have read long ao that one young man read it in a mushaira and an elderly person made a comment on it.