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Monday, August 07, 2006

Well-known couplets, little known poets

1. tamannaa thii to bas yeh thii tamannaa aaKhiri apnii
ki voh saahil pe hote aur kashtii duubtii apnii
[She'ri Bhopali]

تمنا تھی تو بس یہ تھی تمنا آخری اپنی
کہ وہ ساحل پہ ہوتے اور کشتی ڈووبتی اپنی
(شعری بھوپالی)

तमन्ना थी तो बस यह थी तमन्ना आख़िरी अपनी
कि वो साहिल पे होते और कश्ती डूबती अपनी
(शे'अरी भोपली)

2. chal saathi, ki hasrat dil-e-mahruum se nikle
aashiq ka janaaza hai zara dhuum se nikle

Whose couplet is this? It's Mirza Mohammad Ali Fidvi who is mentioned as early as in 1838 when Gulshan-e-beKhaar was published.

3. vaabasta merii yaad se kuchh talKhiyaaN bhi thiiN
achchha kiyaa jo tumne faraamosh kar diya

It is often considered as Sahir Ludhianvi's couplet [because Sahir's diivan was named TalkhiyaaN] but this is Hasan Latifi's couplet.

4. 'tandarusti hazaar ne'mat hai'
Haven't we heard this line numerous times. This is a line from Mirza Qurban Ali Salik's ghazal and the couplet is:

tang-dasti agar na ho ghaalib
tandarusti hazaar ne'mat hai

Now don't confuse 'ghalib' with Mirza Ghalib as it is not 'maqta' where the 'taKhallus' is used. Here ghalib is a mere word that means dominance.

Saalik was the maternal grandfather of Maulana Maudoodi.


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misbah said...

hello,pls tell me whose poetry is this,
tang dasti agar na hoo galib
tandrusti hazar neemat hay
pls help me to fin poet and whole ghazal.i need it badly thanks

manzar said...

its not ghalib...its nasik

Anonymous said...

Its Saalik who was pupil of Ghalib