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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Muslims against Terrorism: Branding community & communalisation of society

It's going to be a long post. First, two instances:

*When hundreds of Muslims gathered at Nagpara in Mumbai to give 'bad-duaa' [curse] to terrorists, it was not reported anywhere.

It was an extraordinary event and such programmes aren't held otherwise.

Soon after Delhi serial blasts, the Mumbai Muslims gave this 'curse'. Muslims prayed to Allah to punish those responsible for the bombings. There were Ulema and even politicians apart from ordinary Muslims. They did it on their own. Why there was no report?

*The photo on the left shows Muslims protesting against terror, condemning terrorists and signing with their blood to take every step to wipe out terror. This happened in Delhi. But how many papers published it?

Poor Chhamman Miyan doesn't know that you need to hold candle-light vigils, wear a better dress and inform cameramen in advance that you plan to hold a demo. People will keep saying Muslims don't condemn. This is the scene of Delhi. At Jantar Mantar, your protest doesnt' catch eyes, how protests in Bharuch or Birbhum will ever get reported.

Now let's get to the subject:

"Then, what's that which is driving these educated youths who have a career ahead of them...towards terrorism", asked the NDTV anchor. [To their credit, NDTV and CNN-IBN are the most balanced channels compared to Hindi news channels]

She appeared genuinely perturbed. The panelists included Javed Akhtar and Mushirul Hasan. That's the question many are raising today. Interestingly, it is Akhtar who is the most obvious choice on such panels not the ordinary Muslim professional, trader or entrepreneur.

But shouldn't she be knowing this? Everybody must ponder. After all, these are the same Muslims on which Indian leaders were so proud of until recently. At all international fora they proclaimed that not a single person from India is involved with global terrorism.

Don't brand a community

So, if a few Muslims guys--2, 5 or may be 10, have been arrested, suddenly the entire community is under scanner. How does that happen? I also want answer for that. And mind you, these are suspects, not convicts.

If they are terrorists just because police have said it, please, for God sake, abolish courts as there is no use for a judicial system then. Police can do anything it wants. As a citizen of this secular and democratic nation, we must strive for ensuring that constitution is followed and the rule of the law is upheld. I don't want to go back in the past and recount lot of things but just let me write a few things to put it in perspective.

There can be grievances

I start by again saying that even if there is grievance, nothing justifies mindless destruction and bombings. But when these so-called Mujahideen didn't exist, there was still POTA. Why we needed it then? We all know it was used against Muslims.

So many people still languish in jail. When there was nothing like 'Islamic terrorism' in India, why there was such anger against Muslims that Babri Masjid was demolished? The then Prime Minister made a false promise to the nation of re-building the mosque which he didn't keep.

Those who demolished the mosque are yet to get sentence or the famous 1-day sentence for Kalyan Singh but those who put posters to condemn the demolition, were even booked under TADA and POTA. In case of Mumbai riots, the same happened. Rioters rarely get any sentence.

Let's leave all that. Even forget the state-administered genocide in Gujarat. Let's talk about the man, Babu Bajrangi, who openly said that he tore apart a pregnant woman's stomach and wrenched the foetus out. Now I just want to know why this man is not called a terrorist. I don't want his religion to be affixed to it. But he is a terrorist.

<>Babu Bajrangi was not booked for any crime. Why? This is the height of injustice. Hasn't the middle-class become insensitive on such things.

Need for Liberal Hindu to speak

It has become 'accepted' that Muslims are fundamentalists and Hindus are liberal. It is a fashion to say that though there are liberals and fanatics in all communities. Though Muslims have been living in India for over 13 centuries, sections of our so-called intelligentsia look at America and import concepts like 'madarsas breed terrorism' from the West.

There is no sensitivity else there was no mention of the word 'Islamic terrorism'. When every Muslim, every Aalam, leading Ulema keep saying that this is not jihad. Can't you call it self-styled Jihadi, if you have to use this term at all cost.

Do Indian Muslims protest when 'bhumi pujan' is held at every official function? In fact, I won't mind if this nation becomes a Hindu nation. But right now our constitution calls it a secular country. In any case, there should be law-and-order and not two different set of rules.

I criticise Imam Bukhari on this blog, though he is much mild compared to his father. But the moment he visited Azamgarh and gave a speech, he was booked. A case of sedition was registered against him on the complaint of a lawyer in Rajasthan. He may have defended a terror suspect, but let's not be swayed by hysteria. He is still a suspect. There should not be double standards.

One person is termed anti-nation for a speech reported in the paper. The same Hindi papers of North India, who had become partners of Sangh Parivar and always referred to masjid as 'dhaancha'. The other person commits most gruesome crimes but it seems there is no law, state and machinery that can act against him.

Why the channels don't run a campaign for the arrest of Babu Bajrangi? When Muslims in India shunned Islamic leadership to elect Hindu leaders, it is also the responsibility of Hindus as elder brothers to take care of Muslims and protect them.

Just when Muslims are expected to come to the streets and condemn blasts, many expect liberal Hindus and civil society to also speak up and get people like Bajrangi sent behind bars. This will prove the resilience of our democratic set up.

Let's be critical of ourselves.
Let's try to find reasons.
Let's not generalise.
Let's not brand the whole community and fight communalisation of all sorts.
Let's introspect, try to build bridges with other communities rather than calling them names, as it will only lead to further disengagement and distance between communities which is unhealthy.
Hindus must fight Hindu lumpens and Muslims must fight Muslim communalism.
[This post was in continuation to the earlier post: Terrorism and Bomb Blasts: Hindus, Muslims, Communalism and other issues]


Pinku said...

Bhai, completely agree with you. The deeds of one or even a few should not be the criteria to judge a whole and that too a whole which runs into crores.

Its sad that India which calls itself secular actually has these sly rules and laws which are anti-muslim.

I am ashamed. But what is the way out? Does the law give us any rights to amend the situation?
Or even question it? I mean in a forum which is larger and more significant than our blogs? I am asking you because I am not too aware of the procedures and would love to know.IS there anything I as an individual can do to bring about a change?

Anonymous said...

"But shouldn't she be knowing this"

To assume she knows answer to this question, then you should know what is it that prevents an average hindu from speaking up.


thumper9997 said...

I agree with you brother. I am a great fan of ur blog bcos u speak the truth as it exists. You are not alone, I am with you dear. There are a lot more fellow indians who are with us. Your endeavour, your voice is not going unheard, it is making an impact. You are doing a great service to this nation. Plz continue and dont lose your steam. My best wishes are with u brother. GOD BLESS

indscribe said...

Pinku bhai.
You are already doing that by your blog that focuses on harmony and humanism. But we will surely keep discussion and find out ways to take our voice to more people.

Raj Sahab, that also requires a long post. Will probably write it some day.

Thumper9997, Thanks for your kind words and encouagement.

Dilip said...


You are fighting generalizations but you need to step up and look at it from the popular perspective. Everyone from the government downwards has been propagating that absence of socio-economic development breeds anger and resentment (read the latest Moily commission report at arc.gov.in and you will see the same prescription). Since, according to the Sachar commission report, Muslims have been discriminated against and are seriously lagging behind other communities (almost on par with SC/STs), special measures to accelerate development and provide equity will contribute to the peaceful well-being of society.

Someone should explain how you square this view with the fact that this gold-medallist from Jamia Millia wants to become a terrorist. Babu Bajrangi is a well known thug who thrives by feeding on the misery of others but if people studying for an MBA start to enroll in terrorist organizations, it begs the question why. More importantly, do education and development increase the odds of a guy taking up something like that? If so, what does it mean for society. I would like to think this is an exception but the rest of the IM gang also seem to be fairly well educated.

I am not tarnishing the entire community or anything. But we must be clear: terrorism cannot be prevented if there are folks determined to take up these acts. At best, the casualties may be minimized by precautionary measures but the initiative will always lie with them. So to prevent terror, is development the answer? Or is there something else that needs to be done from a communitarian perspective?

Anonymous said...

That's quite cool, ha! I really liked your rhetoric, buddy. Everything that you said on how Hindus should behave like big brothers! (Yup, big brothers)But I still have a doubt. If you think of the Hindus as the big brothers, why do you guys link everything up to the Shariat and Islam? Why do you spit venom when a simple suggestion to amend the laws (esp. divorce) are made? Why is it that for all Muslim leaders (particularly the samajwadis) it's Islam which is their first identity and not being the Indian that they are?

Having said that, I still agree Hindus should behave like big brothers but do you know what the problem is? the younger bro has gone out of hands and has been pampered to the hilt.

P.S. One last suggestion since you have such great views on the politics of religions, why don't you pay a visit to Malaysia or the UAE, believe me the minorities would love to hear you speak for them with this kinda compassion. N BTW, I am a young cosmo HINDU girl n I would understand if u don't put this comment live.

indscribe said...


If a few crackpots speak, they are more heard and as you know insane guys get more coverage, it doesn't mean that Muslims are behind them.

These are all myths spread about Muslims. There is a loony fringe in every society.

Why should I pay a visit to Malaysia or UAE? They are not my countries and why should I emulate them.

When they treat their people badly, I criticse them. In Malaysia there may be discrimination but I don't think there are carnages like Gujarat in that nation.

Gulf coutries are no democracies. Aren't there Muslim countries like Turkey, Albania and others which yo can name.

I don't like the treatment of women in certain societies. And I have written about that in the past.

Also, Gulf has some positive aspects also. Nealy 50 lakh (5 million) Indians work in these countries, much more than in US and much before software revolution, it was this opening that brought wealth in India, especially Southern states where almost every second third household has a person in Gulf.

These are more Hindus than Muslims. And we can also praise them at times. Can't we?

Sandeep Monga said...

Adnan,U mentioned that y should u visit Malaysia or UAE as they r not ur countries,tell the same to Yameen when he says that Hindus in India also support Malaysian hindus so what is wrong if muslims support Palestines.I give a damn to Malaysians hindus or muslims as it is their internal matter similarly let it remain between Palestinians & Israeles.Everyone should get their peace of mind I pray that their problem gets solved at the earliest through negotiations. One more thing it is only media & cinema that brands a community.The society at large is not communal,regarding the muslims not getting house on rent let me tell u that my relatives have given their house to muslim on rent for the last 5 yrs & till about 8 yrs back 2 Kashmiri muslim families were staying in my neighbourhood on rent till the landlords,in both cases decided to sell their properties.Vist Lajpat Nagar or Malviya Nagar in Delhi & u will find many Kashmiri muslim families staying there & it is no ghetto,I know because my daughter's close friend ,a Kashmiri,is staying there.So no generalisations & tell himm not to use the f word so often & so loosely ,he can be abused right back & in much worse manner by someone.

Ye manzilen !! said...

Well said A,

The problem is "irrational-ism" is in the air in this World. Folks, here, known for their rational approach to life are getting blind sided when it comes to killing Muslims.

Remember them - these times wont last!

Anonymous said...

Few more +ve aspects of the gulf.

1. Tariq Aziz, Foreing Minister of Iraq during Saddam Hussein's regime was a christian. He was one of the closest aid of saddam Huessein.

2. Both Iraq & Iran has christian & jew population. Churches & jews worship place are there at these countries. Moreover Jews representative are being appointed to the parliament directly.

3. Lebanon's president is a christian & PM is a muslim, as per there constitution.

Sanjay said...

Instead of whining muslims must introspect what is it about their mentality and way of life and ideology that is bringing them at odds with and alienating them with every other religious community?

If everyone has a problem with you then who is more likely to have a shortcoming - each of this everyone or quitely simply you? Common sense and logic!

Okay the problem with a muslim mind is that it has a homogenously - cutting across nationalities, cultures, social status - a victim mentality - always complaining.

It is as if only muslims are poor innocent victims and entire rest of the beings are cruel and diabolical perpetrators.

Isnt this ridiculous! Muslims need to mature in their minds not behave like children complaining of being bullied! Ha ha ha!!!

The muslim propensity for intolerance of those other than their own religion is astronomical!
It is an indisputable all pervasive fact.

Before the muslims expect rest of the humanity to respect them they should first consider what has been their contribution to the humanity as a whole? Almost zero in the modern times.

An objective look will clearly make it evident that there is a problem with islam, the hadith and the quran itself that carries so much hate.

You have promptly mentioned gujarat carnage in one of your responses? But have you been decent and objective enouigh to mention the Godhra train burning incident that preceded it?

Muslims love to play the victim. That is a convenient avoidance of responsibility.

The day muslims show maturity to take responsibility for their degenerating situation and start responding constructively i repeat CONSTRUCTIVELY, that will be the beginning of the end of their problems. This is the fisrt step though, there are some concrete further steps they need to take like doing more than mere lip service condemning of terrorist incidents.... only if you are interested i can share them.

one more thing People are reluctant to rent out their premises to a muslim family largely because of risks associated and the nuisance factor..

Risk factor: terrorist or a terrorism sympathiser because of the 'ummah' ( this is another disease with the muslims) feeling.

nuisance factor: large number of children and associated disorder and raucous noise , squalor and ugly maintenance, less hygiene and health, gory slaughter of animals right in the premises all in the name of god ..... this is a common denominator irrespective of the family's financial or social or literacy status.

I can say a lot more but for the time being this is enough.

San . Hyderabad

Gabbar said...

Dear Blogger

You have made some very strong and valid arguments in your post and there is no doubt that most of the official retribution is directed toward those who are innocent and just got caught up in the circumstances. That doent lessen their agony in any manner though.

But at the same time let me at try and bring out what goes on in a typical Hindu mind through the use of the following snippets -

1. Muslims are seen as ruthless aggressors/invaders historically but at the same time itz a matter of past which can be forgotten but not without an effort.

2. In a Hindu majority country, since the time we have known about them - the biggest of the organized crime syndicates have been run and governed by Muslim Mafia-men. The same can be extrapolated for other cities where Muslims have a sizeable presence. Essentially, many of us sub-consciously picture them as more violence prone and having criminal inclinations.

3. If you had done profound ground level research about the status of non-arab workers in the middle-east, then you would have spoken of the injustices and ill-treatment these people have to face. Yes, Arabs, seemingly, are the most racist people on this planet and they in fact on a given day they would treat Americans better than a Pakistani Muslim. What kind of Ummah is that ? Also,in Saudi Arabia one's salary is affected by what religion one follows - unbelievable ! Arab kids can come as they please and throw you out of the playground - you call that justice ?

4. You spoke of Gujarat massacre - yes it is a shameful blot on our culture's history and God will never forgive the perpetrators. But can you imagine Hindus killing Muslims first in a country like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Malaysia ? No you wouldn't hear of such incidents because minorities in overwhelmingly Islamic countries are made to understand their role and place in no uncertain terms.

5. My house-maid is Bangaladeshi Muslim who while working in my Hindu house-hold openly decries the Delhi Police and calls them -"Harami". Can you imagine a Hindu having the same kind of audacity ?

6. In the movie "Khuda Kay Liye" the main protagonist brags that Muslims ruled Hindus for more than 800 years - and then you expect us to forget that ? I know it is trivial but can be quite impactful nonetheless in sensitive times.

In our sane minds and in peaceful times - each one of us would be more likely free of any kind of prejudice and bigotry - but one should also understand that brothers have responsibilites irrespective of who is elder or younger. It will be outrageous to brand Muslims as terrorists but at the same time we would expect our younger brothers to feed us with active tangible reassurances - because we need that in these times.

meltyourfat said...

dear blogger,
Even i didn't know of this protest by muslims. However, i don't condemn muslims for the acts of terrorists. You need to understand that mature people do not buy into politicians or biased reports.

Be assured that there are many snaer minds in India who see things in the right perspective.
No citizen of India need to prove their patriotism.

Anonymous said...

sir, your take on this?

clash said...

Before the muslims expect rest of the humanity to respect them they should first consider what has been their contribution to the humanity as a whole? Almost zero in the modern times.

Idiots like Sanjay fed by the Sangh and their literature doesnt have ansy sense or knowledge. If you dint know Mr.Sanjay, Spain was ruled for almost 800 years by the muslims and Cordoba a city in spain had hospitals,schools, public baths, running water, rest houses and what not. When london was a dungeon of prached huts, while in India men were still on trees,plucking fruits and hopping branches. You just dont seem to be having any sense of history and is fed by the usual crap the sangh people dole out.

Now, i do toe along the lines of the author, muslims are victimised here in India. The one way out of this is social upliftment and a slight introspection in muslim community will tell us that, there has been no such concerted efforts. Now, look at Kerala, it is a place where there has been peaceful existence of all communities happened, muslims in Kerala are way ahead in terms of education and other social indices, yet there are extrimist elements who are trying to foment trouble - NDF (Though they have portrayed themselves as a forward lookin org, the case is otherwise). And if you want to know the rise of such extreme orgs are because the mainstream leaders among muslims are corrupt and lap with all shady elements in the society. This pushes a normal muslim towards a puritanical trend, which essentially is very fundamentalist and that caused the birth of extreme organisations like NDF.

Still there is a poise in Kerala. I would call it a lull before a storm, and a counter balance provided by CPIM. But if a bomb blast happens in Kerala, it doesnt matter who planted it, the whole sentiments will turn around against muslims. The hindutva brigade might be planning something like that and CPIM will be no more in Kerala. The economic prosperity muslims have attained through the exodus to middle east have kindled a lot of jealousy amongst Hindus, In my city all the prime land is owned by muslims because of their uncanny ability of doing business, they are doing well. All these are not going well with Hindus. I am not predicting an immediate back lash but it can happen anytime.

Educated an liberal muslim friends of mine are wary of these extreme elements coming up. They force girls to comply dress code and instigate problems when a inter-religion marriages happen. these are stupid trends, for a society as great as kerala. This is where the discontent arises.

Anwyay all muslim friends dont want to work in India, they fear framing and hooded abductions and more being a techie seems to be the right ingredient for being a terrorists now.

And look at the brouhaha that has happened when the churches got attacked! There are condemntaions from all circles, the pope, the american president and all loonys, and our govt happly toe along their lines, when they seem to have completely forgotten Gujarat, babri. It is very sad to say, but Islam seems to be in a difficult position in India and it will turn out to be more worse when we get more closer to US with our nuclear deal.

Sanjay said...

Clash has helped strtegnthen my argument.

Psuedo-intellectual people like clash are the disgrace and the rot the muslim society if at all it intends to build itself - has to first weed out from its community first.

By calling someone who criticized you an 'idiot' - you have just crossed limits of mutual respect and decency just proved that this community is intolerant at the slightest pretext.

Second you have jumped to the conclusion that I have been fed by sangh parivar - another poor judgment of a myopic mentality - .... this is exactly the rot the muslims have to contend with.

The following things prove the immaturity of muslims as represented by people like clash:

clash has automatically assumed and concluded that whoever criticises muslims for their ideology has to automatically belong to or fed by sangh parivar. Without understanding my education, my world view and my knowledge clash has conclusively determind that cant have an independent mind of my own and that I am fed and convinced only by sangh parivar. Isnt this trait of an immature judgmental idiot?

If you read my post PROPERLY, i have asked what is the contribution of muslims in the MODERN TIMES....clearly i mentioned MODERN TIMES...To answer me clash had this classic example of 800 year spain rule of muslims as an example of muslim their contribution to the world in modern times.

Now the fact spain was plundered by muslim conquerers who 'attacked' spain from south mediterranean sea not to lioberate its society but for their own imperial expansion ... by any measure in the medieaval ages not modern times as i had enquired. This again proves two points and strengthes my argument about muslims.

muslims especialy ones like clash, understand modern as medieaval. This proves that in the modern age too they are stuck in the time warp and thuis carry a mentality of middle ages ( which are often refered to as dark ages of repression and closed minds when scientific enquiry had not even begun) for them modern means medieaval mind you ! Ha Ha Ha.

Next point is contribution to humanity is - a bloody massacre - ridden conquest.

I did not know this new dictionary that gives out the meaning of contribution to humanity as battle conquest of humanity. Ha Ha Ha !

Now who sounds like the real idiot? The miniscule few Neutral sensible among muslims can judge for themselves and understand the depth of their problem because of brain-less muddleheads like clash.

Who transgressed from an intellectual discussion and started the dirty business of name-calling?

see ya!

This is the last time i am taking the trouble of answering the posts like that of clash that dont have any intelligent information or relevant data to offer but are full of rhetoric, no self-control and cross decencies with the drop of a hat.

Intellectual relevant discussions without personal attacks, however, would be satisfying to engage in for me.

if i criticise
So according to the immaturely conclusive mentality of clash who ever critiises muslims have to have had an exposure to

Chirag said...


"when in India they were climbing trees." Dear Clash, please read about the history of India, 300-1100 A.D. During that period of time, India accounted for 25-30% of the world's Gross Domestic Product (economic output). And all that while plucking fruits!! Islam did not bring civilization to India, get out of your cave and realize that.

Wil Robinson said...

There seems to be consensus that there will always be an extreme few who cannot be turned from violent acts.

So be it. That is the nature of human beings.

But to ignore the socio-economic factors and only focus on using force to quell extremism only fuels the fire.

Once the social and economic factors have been addressed, there will be little for the 0.1% of extremists to recruit anyone else. Then - and only then - can you use force, if necessary, to isolate the extremists.

Too often, we seem to get this pattern backwards, using force first and telling people "just stop the terrorism and then we'll address your grievances." (See: Palestine).

By the way, the Mumbai Mirror had a front page story yesterday about the imams calling for a subdued Eid and calling for the perpetrators of the bombings to be caught, etc. I know these things don't get the coverage they deserve, but compared to the Western media, at least it gets something. American media isn't aware there is a non-terrorist Muslim in existence.

Anonymous said...

You seem well versed with your history in particular with all the incidents that were in one way or the other directed or biased against the Muslims. How come you never mention or discuss the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. You can feel about the Palestinians but not about these pandits. You will come out openly and Brand MODI as a terrorist but what about those kashmiri muslims that led to literal destruction of 3lakh pandits. I am no Modi supporter. But being a Hindu i will let you know of my Psyche. What i see in Modi is someone who can stand up for we Hindus. You talk about smaller and elder Brother but you never talk about gross negligence of the elder one on the part of the Parents. What crime have we committed. Why not direct your wrath at the Modi's togadia's and the Singhal's. One last thing i fully support Bajrang Dal turning into (if at all it has) a Terrorist organization.The world only understands tit for Tat. Jab BJP humaari nahi ho paayi to aur koi bhi nahi ho sakta. jab bade bhai ko lawaarison ki tarah sadak par chhod doge to uske gusse ka ufaaan ka harjaana har ek ko bhugatna padega phir chahe wo Hindu hi kyu na ho!!!

Anser Azim said...

Nicely written and very balanced article. Wirth reading for all of us.It is written by Ishtiyaque Danish, a former founder-member of SIMI who now teaches at Hamdard University, New Delhi,


clash said...

When we glorify all our kings who conqured their neighbouring lands for fun : they are examples of valor, pride and what not and if it is a muslim king, then it turns out to be imperial expanssion.

And for all your education and what not you are claiming, the only ray of hope in the Dark ages were the muslims and their schievements in terms of medicine,astronomy and science. And modern times is well a continutaion of these dark ages. Nothing is seperate. Columbus travlled to discover America with a map and an astronomical device made by muslims, many of the equipments that were devised by the arab medical practioners are still in use. So there is nothing like a modern time, where there has been no achievements. Achievements are always achievements and as usual cut the crap of plundering and so on. It has happened everywhere in history.

I am in no way a muslim who is in dire need to protect his religion here. I am born hindu, but hardly has any regard for my religion, neither do i have any affection for islam. But i am bothered about the finger poinitng, the kind of suspcion that lurks in our society against muslims. I have always had good muslims friends, who are hard working, dedicated and as you people claim hoist pakistani flags.

clash said...

Correction: I have always had good muslims friends, who are hard working, dedicated and as you people claim they dont hoist pakistani flags. In my younger days, i used to play with kids most of whom who were muslims, they or their parents never tried converting me nor there were any attmepts to subvert my senses.

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since the last comment has been placed, but since the recent attacks on Mumbai, it may be relevant to renew this discussion.

I have to say I am just very surprised by the way some people address each other in this forum. If we are critizing extremism, than shouldn't our opinions reflect a balanced point of view?

The need to mention the burning of godhra train in order to be objective? Of course one should always see every problem in light of its cause, but is the burning of a train with Hindus (innocent people) a reason that makes killing other innocent people, who happen to have the same religion as the terrorists who burned the train, more understandable?

And should not every act of terrorism, no matter what people were the victims, and what people were the terrorists be condemned with the same intensity?

If indeed, and I have to say that I do not know a lot about Indian politics, only about what I read, but if indeed, the attacks on Muslims in Gujarat were not condemned in a similar manner as attacks on Hindus, than that is a serious problem.

I found this blog very refreshing and I fully agree on the lack of positive attention for the muslim society as a whole. In our country we face a similar unbalanced media attention on muslims. I hope this does not discourage muslims around the world to stand up against terrorism conducted by people that claim to be muslims. Because it is so important to continue doing so.

I would also like to take the stand that terrorism/violence should be disconnected from religion. Is there really a religion that tells people to use violence? I am an atheist, but I would never live by any book that tells me to use violence to get what I want. However, since most religions were born a long time ago, the "books" that their followers should abide by may represent rules that were more applicable in ancient times, and should not be taken literally in these times. One has to be rational to understand that. And this lack of rationalism seems to come back in every religious society, by a number of people.

My main point is that every religion, every society has its good and its bad people, although very cliché, I firmly belief this. And furthermore, every religion or society has throughout the existence of mankind, been both victim and perpetrator.

I believe the world would become a better place, if we would seperate state from religion and religion from violence. And if we would accept each others differences, but also realize that we are all the same; which also means that we should have equal opportunities.

A world in which people have equal opportunities will not, as has been mentioned before, totally prevent terrorism, there will always be those who feel the need to be violent. But like Wil Robinson said, equal opportunities and addressing socio-economic factors can prevent most of it.

Consider the Palestinians: what would you do if at a certain point a group of people comes to live in your village, your city, because international society has decided that this is now their country, and the people that enter your village supresse/discriminate you as a result? Would you not protest?
And would you still have protested if you were not being surpressed or discrimenated against? Although terrorism should be condemned, so should surpression, discrimination, racism, etc...

Please, lets not call each other idiots, but let's use this forum to show solidarity around the world among people from all different religions, including no religion!

Ravi sharma said...

Indian Muslims have always been unfortunate prey. Historically, i admire Indian Muslims, as they chose to stay in India with brotherhood and scraping religious governments. But Pakistan based actors, couldnt digest this stuff and have always led compaign to spoil or brain wash muslim youths in India. Due to misconducts of few, its very common in Indian to blame the whole community. What happened in Gujrat was totally politically motivated stuff and has involvements of few muslims and hindus, who tried to use the situation for there personal benefits. But the whole community suffered due to it..

India is secular and strong... and no fundamentalist either Muslims or Hindus should not dominate with their ideologies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your article.
where ever in the world any thing bad happens by a muslim is blamed.
it India it is automatic for each and every negative act a muslim is blamed.
I just request all anti-muslim organisations/govt. persons, please call back all non-muslims from all muslim countries and dont invest your money as well as dont accept any profit from any muslim country, who will do this in India as well as other parts of the world?

jawazuddin said...

Its true. People know the truth, but they don't want to accept it. If they put effort to find the base of the problem, then it will be better. However, we all can try to make them understand that's it. what else we can do ? I personally realize that whatever they are projecting anti-muslim its not good for future and healthy nation. I pray to God to protect us from Terrorism.
Plz continue and make us aware of the fact all the time.

Anonymous said...

Change the Shariat, divorce laws, etc....!!!!????

We believe Quran to be the word of Allah... How can we change it.

Why do you want to change it anyways? Because you believe that Islam is incompatible and irrelevant in these modern times.

Well, who is being judgemental here. Without reading the Quran and the hadith completely, how can you derive any conclusions.

Because you guys have so many doubts about Islam, it is difficult to explain everthing on a blog. If you have a sincere will read some literature by Islamic Scholars.

1) You cannot judge Islam by the actions of a 'bad muslim'. Look at a truly pious muslim, the best one is Prophet Muhammed (SAWS).

2) Why should I believe the media/govt when they say Muslims are behind any terror attack. You will find infinite videos made by non muslims on the 9/11 attacks. More than 50% Americans believe that it is was done by ....(you know who) and not the Muslims.

3) If any terror attack was really carried out by a Muslim, We should all condemn it.

4) The Muslim community today is in peril because we have strayed away from the teachings of Islam. But the ones who are really following Islam in its entirety are in peace, mashallah.

5)get back to you later....


Anonymous said...

First of all this and many more such protests were reported in Media. Why lie?

But shouldn't she be knowing this? She is not asking because she doesn't know. She wants these panelists(Muslims) to say to viewers their opinions.Viewers want to know their opinions.
Many muslims are involved in Terrorism(look at taliban and alqueda). So If even a few incidents happen in India, natural for others to get suspicious. Acting on those suspicions by taking law into their hands would be a different story.
To know why so much anger exists against muslims in India, you need to start reading what medieval rulers proudly wrote of their deeds and then add partition to it.
Yes , I too wonder why not Babu bajrangi and why Varun gandhi? it is a mystery. Madarasas, especially saudi funded have the potential, until unless monitered and supervised by idependent bodies and mainstreamed with some employable edu is a fact.

It would be better to protest Bhumi pujan and also sharia and ask for complete separation of religion and state. rather than playing this victimization game willingly.

It is silly to expect hindus to take care of muslims. This is a democracy all have equal duties and rights. You can't ask for more rights(sharia, quotas, haj etc subsidies) and less responsibility(younger bro).
"If they are terrorists just because police have said it"-can you please apply same logic in case of Sadhvi and Varun.
"He may have defended a terror suspect, but let's not be swayed by hysteria. He is still a suspect. "- Can I see same restraint in case of sadhvi and varun.
Babu bajrangi was caught on tape or whatever by Hindus not Muslims.
Also Indian muslims react differently when suspects are Indian muslims. Not the same as in case of 26/11.

Anonymous said...

It's really great,but thing is that we will have to publish it by different modes so that more and more people came to know about because the major problem of people is that they do not know the reality.they just watch the T.V and made a justification.
despite they know ,T.V Channels are not spreading the real knows,they are trying to get the T.R.P only..
good work
Keep it on...


Sadia Komal said...

A big problem/mistake/misconception is that these all terrorist activities did by Muslims ?

Now everybody knows that 9/11 were a Hollywood style drama and in the reaction 9/11, USA Killed 950141 in the war against Alquada = (Actual number of murdered is higher then reported)