Thursday, August 14, 2008

Playing flute to a buffalo: How to deal with Islamophobes, anti-Muslim trolls and racists on the internet?

Having spent lot of energy in replying to hatemails and Islamophobic comments, I have finally understood the great Indian saying 'Bhains ke aage been bajaana' in the real sense.

This ancient saying can be translated as: 'It is futile to play flute to a buffalo'. The buffalo is a different species and one can't fault her. Unfortunately it is more difficult to deal with your fellow species.

Take for instance Mr Kuldeep Trisal. In the context of Kashmir, he gives me a long feedback that 'the problem began when Islam first showed its face on the valley'.

And then goes on to mouth the same theory about 'most militants being Muslims' and that 'Islam teaches to kill' and after all his venom, dares me 'if you have the balls, publish my comment'.

I would love to publish his comment along with his photograph, I hope he has the courage to send me the photo and own up the comments. But I can't tolerate badtamizi. There has to be a bit of decency. I respect all religions and take the names of the religious figures respectfully.

I have always written either Ramchandra Ji and Krishna Ji. If you want your comment to be published and want a real debate, either stop being disrespectful to holy figures of other religions including Islam [at least, don't mention the names if you can't be respectful]. 

Else, you can start your own blog and write whatever you want on that space. I will say Harmony Harmony. Their slogan will always be Hate Hate.

The fact is that one can deal with all sorts of guys but it is useless to talk to such hate-filled creatures whose only aim is to spread communalism through their propaganda in the form of comments on sites, blogs and forums.

It is interesting to see how all these people seem to know the same anti-Islamic propaganda sites which they frequently quote and make similar charges against Muslims. They may also smell their success in my outburst. Anyway.

inke aage kyaa, sar par bhi baith kar been bajaao to koi faaida nahiiN...

Meanwhile, wishing you a Happy Independence Day.