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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Playing flute to a buffalo: How to deal with Islamophobes, anti-Muslim trolls and racists on the internet?

Having spent lot of energy in replying to hatemails and Islamophobic comments, I have finally understood the great Indian saying 'Bhains ke aage been bajaana' in the real sense.

This ancient saying can be translated as: 'It is futile to play flute to a buffalo'. The buffalo is a different species and one can't fault her. Unfortunately it is more difficult to deal with your fellow species.

Take for instance Mr Kuldeep Trisal. In the context of Kashmir, he gives me a long feedback that 'the problem began when Islam first showed its face on the valley'.

And then goes on to mouth the same theory about 'most militants being Muslims' and that 'Islam teaches to kill' and after all his venom, dares me 'if you have the balls, publish my comment'.

I would love to publish his comment along with his photograph, I hope he has the courage to send me the photo and own up the comments. But I can't tolerate badtamizi. There has to be a bit of decency. I respect all religions and take the names of the religious figures respectfully.

I have always written either Ramchandra Ji and Krishna Ji. If you want your comment to be published and want a real debate, either stop being disrespectful to holy figures of other religions including Islam [at least, don't mention the names if you can't be respectful]. 

Else, you can start your own blog and write whatever you want on that space. I will say Harmony Harmony. Their slogan will always be Hate Hate.

The fact is that one can deal with all sorts of guys but it is useless to talk to such hate-filled creatures whose only aim is to spread communalism through their propaganda in the form of comments on sites, blogs and forums.

It is interesting to see how all these people seem to know the same anti-Islamic propaganda sites which they frequently quote and make similar charges against Muslims. They may also smell their success in my outburst. Anyway.

inke aage kyaa, sar par bhi baith kar been bajaao to koi faaida nahiiN...

Meanwhile, wishing you a Happy Independence Day.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you and sympathhize with your bruised sensibilities.
The only balm that I could, now, apply on the wound is the famous
quotation from the bard Shakespeare
"Patient merits, slights of the unworthy take!"
Since most of the people think in terms of their mother tongue only and then try to put it in English, they face many smantic problems and vocabulary troubles!To add to it,American slang becomes handy escape route!
It is said that " Diplomacy is to do and say, the nastiest things in the nicest way!"
Let us hope that ere long such persons too resort to self criticism and reign in their expressions with decency and decorum!

Imran Mulla said...

Yes , what u say is correct. There is no point in wasting our time and resources on replying these hate mails and blogs. I guess whatever reasoning we give them, they are not going to stop their compagain against the Islam. Its better for all of us , muslims to better concentrate on the issues on our hand rather than thinking of these bastards.

Anser Azim said...

It is all organized and possibly paid by Sarvarkar goons. I think I know many faces and they come from the same school of thought and are taught to hate and to be hated. These were the forces behind the partition of the country. I just pity upon their sick mentality.
Pl keep up your good work and try the bridge the gap beteen communities that is widening everyday.
Naki ker derya main daal. Bhishu: kerm ker phal ki ichha mat ker.

The anology of bhains is not good for these kind of people. Samaaj kai yeh zahreele saanp hain yeh and very venomous and deaf by birth
and inka kaam hai dansna na ki bansuri per nirtya kerna!!!!!
wahshi aur darinde hain yeh jo ki kokh se bachon ko nikaal ker unhain jala dete hain aur mari hui aurat se apna munh kaal akerte hain!!!

Danesh said...

I would suggest that you turn off comments for a while until these inflammatory messages cease. Feedback should be sought only if sane people are around. If all people want to do is bi*ch, they might as well go elsewhere. We don't need to hear them out.

aslam saiyad said...

lemme congratulate you doin great job ..allah aap ki duvayen kubul karen

yeah thre are people both sides,
i have fought many at diff forums..
and these guys are paid to do that.

i was thrown out of indian muslim forum just bcoz iwas not supprting pakistan theory...

i think we all indians know two nation theory was disaster and also its doing wrong for indian sub continent...

i thnk kashmiris shud also think that there is no point in supporting pakistan..we all know whats happening in pakistan..

india is best plce to live..still its long way to go for muslim education will definetly going to help them..we should come above the minority mentality..
u can also reply me at aslamsaiyad@gmail.com
aslam saiyad

!!! said...

Its ironic that someone protesting with a flag of India or just a stick in hand is called a goon... and someone else with a Pakistani flag and a packet of rdx is recommended for a healing touch and an all party dialogue to heal him...

Yuyutsu said...

Am back to your blog after some time and will say the same thing I said last time.

Ignore people who stoop to using abuses without any facts. They don't deserve attention. Period.

@Imran Mulla:

I'm presuming you are an Indian. I hope I'm not reading too much between the lines but I'm saddened when you say, 'all of us Muslims'? Why can't the identity be an Indian first and a Muslim later? I see Indian Muslims as Indians and expect them to see themselves as Indians too.

Please ignore if you're not an Indian or if you didn't mean it that way or if you meant it in some other context.

urdudaaN said...

Adnan bhai,

They cling to whoever is writing for a good cause and 'steal' the show. You go to rediff.com or outlook.com and you will find all these serpents spewing their venom in all directions. They are the postmen of 'nationalism' who deliver the parcels of 'indianness' at your doorstep by VPP. They all 'tread' the same beaton path to nirvana viz hatred.

Please don't let them dishearten you. It would be an injustice to all your true admirers of all faiths.

NAND said...

Just came across your blog and I think it is wonderful. About this post, you dont have to respond to the thousands of india obsessed expatriates out there who wear hatred on their sleeves and mouth the worst invectives. It is well known in USA that these recent immigrants masquerade as more loyal than the king and in their search for identity and roots fall prey to the Hindu Students Council and other such VHP fronts. They will come armed with the same hate filled websites like hinduunity.org. These ultra nationalists abroad would not hesitate to sell their mother to get the vaunted green cards but would react as if their personal honour was violated with every little incident egarding indian muslims. Do not mistake their comments for decent Hindu folks who live in India with muslims day in and day and appreciate the reality. The next time you are about to waste your time on somebody like this ask em where they are located and move on... Remember that these guys never return to India, have no personal stake at how relations turn out between Hindus and Muslims but expect their pet hatreds to take root and flourish just so that their wild ideas are validated.
P.S. I once got kicked out of a HSC meeting for questioning the Gujarat Riots and I know how these idiots think.

Anonymous said...

Any argument with these people is futile they can never be convinced.
This reminds me of the following verses from the Quran :

As to those who reject Faith, it is the same to them whether thou warn them or do not warn them; they will not believe. Allah hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty they (incur).

Kagaz ki kashti said...

Dear Adnan Bhai
I appreciate ur efforts for always speaking peace & harmony between 2 communities. Plz. do not get discourage/ upset by the comments..

I have put a link of your blog in mine. Hope your views, which mostly are of every Indian muslims are read by more individuals...
Hope u will allow... Tx

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job. Must be difficult to go through hate mail though, i would have found it painful atleast for sometime. Wish all knew to make their point without getting abusive.


You seem to have a pet hatred too- NRIs. i am one too and know plenty who don't fit the description you gave.

Sarthak Ganguly said...

You write well. Abusing you in person is pathetic. Criticizing religion is fine with me(it may not be fine with you, I respect that). For example I don't agree with many things Krishna said. Some I find good, some crap. Likewise for Koran - I am pretty disgusted by some verses, while some are pretty normal(read universal).

As far as the comments are based on facts/or engaged in decent duels - tolerate them, otherwise just delete them. Don't even spend a second on it. Life is too short.

As for Islam in Kashmir - a Kashmiri Pandit will certainly bash Islam :D

But then again, i have not done any serious research about it, so won't comment. :)