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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Irfan Siddiqui and his selected couplets

'Shama-e-tanha ki tarah, subah ke taare jaise/ Shahar meN ek hi do honge hamaare jaise'--Irafan Siddiqui (1939-2004) was probably the most important poetic voice to emerge from Uttar Pradesh in the last few decades.

It was only in late 80s that he got pan-Indian popularity and surprisingly was more popular in Pakistan. He never participated in 'mushairas' and kept aloof. It was not until that Naiyar Masud (prose) and Shamsur Rahman Faruqui (critic) formed a close association with him that this unique poet was re-discovered by Urdu world.

He had avid interest in Sanskrit and had translated Kali Das' works Malvika Agnimitr and Rupsingar in Urdu.

raat ko jiit to saktaa nahiin lekin yeh chiraaGh
kam se kam rat ka nuqsaan boh't kartaa hai
lapaT sii daagh-e-kohon ki taraf se aatii hai
jab ek hawaa tere tan ki taraf se aatii hai
kahiiN Kharaaba-e-jaaN ke makiiN nahiiN jaate
daraKht chhoR ke apnii zamiiN nahiin jaate
usko rahtaa hai hamesha meri vahshat ka khayaal
mere gum-gashta GhazaaloN ka pataa chaahti hai
maiN ne itnaa use chaaha hai ki woh jaan-e-muraad
Khud ko zanjiir-e-mohabbat se riha chaahtii hai
magar giraft meN aata nahiin badan uska
Khayaal Dhunndhtaa rahta hai iste'aara koii
inheN diivaar-e-jaaN hii se ulajhne do ki vahshi haiN
agar chheRa to diivar-e-jahaaN mismaar kar denge
tujhko paa kar bhii terii hi talab siine meN rakhta huN
tamasha karke maiN kashkol ganjiine meN rakhta huN
tishna rakha hai na sarshaar kiya hai usne
maiN ne puchha hai to iqraar kiya hai usne

[To read his ghazal on Gujarat riots 'haq fateh-yaab mere khuda kyoN nahiiN hua...' click http://urduindia.wordpress.com/2006/07/11/irfan-siddiquis-ghazal-on-gujarat-riots/]


urdudaaN said...

Adnaan Saahab,

Neither Roman, nor Nagri is as suitable a script as Nastaleeq for all these great ash'aar(couplets). Of course, the reach is more, but then we the-more-interested feel deprived of something.

Finally, I find the use of ii instead of ee couterintuitive. It just made Urdu more unreadable in Roman script.

indscribe said...

You are quite right. In fact, I also felt the same regarding 'ii' but because most of the people on net told me to adhere to this style so I felt at least there should be uniformity in poetry sites. Yes nastaliq is the best. Anwyway, I am trying to post more on urduindia.wordpress.com.

urdudaaN said...

Thanks much for sharing my concern.

I tend not to trust Urdu-waalas(wallahs!) when it comes to other scripts. More than many of them try to stick to the mistakes of the people of that script's language. E.g. Well-read Urdu speakers write poetry as "shaa-yari" in Nagri script justifying that is how it is written in Nagri script.

Muslims(Urdu speakers!) knowing Urdu, Angrezi & Farsi very well, always insisted that 'a' never occured twice in succession in Roman script, untill the English started using it e.g. 'salaam'. And, once that is done by them, we have Urdu-walas touting for 'ii' and even 'uu' in place of 'ee' (as in peel) and 'oo' (as in pool)!

I feel like teaching Urdu to the English, so that Urdu-Hindi-wallahs can ...

urdudaaN said...

Sorry, until has a single 'l' ;)