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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Terrorism & Bomb Blasts in India: Hindus, Muslims, Communalism and other issues

It's tough to write a post after any terror strike as it has become a regular occurrence in this country and clearly we [India] are the worst victims of terrorism in the world.

Which country has faced so many serial blasts in most of its big cities in just a matter of few years? Having said this we must realise that those who die in blasts are human beings, who belong to various faiths.

If Hari Chand died in the recent blasts and Laxmi Kant is battling for life, there was Qasim also who died in the Delhi bomb blasts and Mohammad Farooq is in hospital. Terror has no religion and those who kill innocents are doing the most despicable act.

Whether there are blasts in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Jaipur or in Muslim congregations in Ajmer, Hyderabad and Malegaon, it is the ordinary Indians, the breadwinners for their families who have died. Unfortunately this also gets communalised at times.

It is the biggest task for Indian police and security agencies to track down the killers. If everytime they catch the real SIMI operatives, how come they don't prevent the next attack. And strangely after every terror strike, the very next day the police comes out with a couple of new names. Suddenly, portraits are out and shown on channels.

If they were not aware about the strikes, how they suddenly get sure about these new masterminds? Gujarat police had recently claimed that they had caught the accused and busted the entire SIMI core group that was responsible for all major terror strikes in India recently. So how come Delhi was targeted?

In newspapers' columns and at websites & blogs, an unusual psyhological pressure is being put on Muslims to come out and condemn, as if they are involved in this. Muslims do condemn a lot but they don't have the PR expertise to do it.

They keep holding programmes, dharnas and staging protests but they don't get reported. Shall the go and drag reporters to the mosque and make them watch what is said in 'duaa' after the Namaaz, to show it on TV.

The fascist BJP says that it is appeasement that is responsible for this situation. This is a cunning way to portray the Muslim community as sympathisers of terror and ensure polarisation for its electoral benefit.

It is a criminal act to say that due to Muslim vote, the police are unable to act on SIMI. Do they mean that Muslims don't want terrorists to be arrested. Even in countries that don't have Muslim population living for more than a century, a main politican party can't speak in such irresponsible manner.

The police do go wherever they wish, catch anybody and arrest them. Who stops the police? In cases of terrorism, the suspects don't even get bail easily and police have ample time to interrogate. Now even the lawyers refuse to fight for any terror suspect even before trial. Still, if they are unable to arrest the culprits, its their failure.

In fact, it is the Muslims who are most affected by such terror strikes and wish the most that these terrorists get arrested. Muslims would be the happiest if the real perpetrators are brought to book at the earliest.

After every blast, it is Muslim who face further problems at the workplace and has trouble in finding a house on rent. The poor Muslims have the toughest time in getting employment. The Indian Muslim faces himself in a strange situation.

He wants to know who is causing these blasts and prays to God that these terror strikes should stop and the perpetrators be sent to prison for their lifetime. It is ironical that several News channels lose all sense of propriety.

One-sided reports that are often manufactured with the tacit leakage (or planting) of certain officials are beamed. News of Muslims donating blood at Delhi hospital doesn't get adequate coverage. However, there are stories about how politicians have been soft on SIMI because of higher Muslim percentage in UP.

All our life we have seen the same thing. I need not remind you that until recently we had our leaders and senior journalists making claims that no Indian was involved in terrorism and that Indian Muslims were not affected by this phenomenon.

Still, there was the similar psychological onus on Indian Muslims to 'come clean'. Muslims were then also the target and branded as the 'appeased lot'. It was not terrorism then rather it used to be MF Husain painting nude goddess, singing of Vande Mataram or any other such issue for which Muslims were asked to come out and prover their patriotism by condemnation and other means.

When there were no such issues, suddenly there was so much consciousness about medieval history that everybody had begun to appear an expert on past. The fundamentals were then up in arms against Muslim for 'atrocities' committed by Babar and Aurangzeb.

The Babri Masjid was ultimately razed. But much before that there was the charge of Muslims being 'pro-Pakistani'. The grouse was that Muslims favoured Pakistani cricket team. That they were fifth columnists.

I mean, if it is not terrorism, it can be any other thing for which Muslims would be put in the dock and hounded. It can be 'madarsas' or 'producing more kids' ...
There were then editorial page articles on 'Need for liberal Muslim to speak'. The Darul Uloom Deoband that produced tens of thousands of freedom fighters for this country, but it recently held anti-terrorism conference.

And not once, it held it across the country. But still you are asked to speak up. For the last two days I have been receiving abusive emails from people whom I don't know and the messages on my blog that are filled with hate for Muslims. I get such messages all the time and that's the reason I have moderated the comments posts.

Every couple of months I have to write such a post and then a new guy comes to the blog and posts kiddish questions or accuses all Muslims of bad things and I am expected to come clear. To whom and for what?

Indian Muslims have no guilt but are made to believe that it is all their fault. Even in case of the Nuclear-deal, there was a hullabaloo that Indian Muslims were opposed to it. Then also I wrote a post that ordinary Muslims are with the national interest.

Even Muslim leaders said that. Indian Muslims don't have a Muslim leadership that can organise mass protests and candle light vigils for the consumption of someone's eye. Indian Muslims don't have Muslim networks or organisations and they have full faith in Hindu leaders of various parties.

During the recent shrine board controversy, it was said that Muslims don't speak up and I posted a photo on this blog. Do we all need to get cassettes and set up loudspeakers on top of our houses, blaring the same things daily?

Communalising terror is the worst thing. Unfortunately the media and politicians are responsible for that to a large extent, as RSS has permeated every section of society.

Muslims are as much victims of terrorism as anybody. Perhaps more. So the need is for government and agencies to act and let's educated people retaliate wherever there are attempts to disrupt harmony, rather than blaming each other all the time.

If someone has to answer for this bloodbath, it has to be the police, the highly-paid officials of Indian security agenies, the ministers who get fat salaries apart from all sorts of allowances. It is surely not the 150 million Muslims of India.

Terror is a common enemy for all of us. There is another post on the same subject. Yaamyn has summed it up well. It is also an emotional outburst. Read it.


Kagaz ki kashti said...

Its really sad...
Yaamyn has summed it very well.. thanks to him too.

its what I feel too...
I being an INDIAN MUSLIM by heart & soul condemns every terror attack.

How do we know said...

this is a very nicely done post. You are right. The poor Muslims are the worst affected because they find the going even more difficult( like all poor people)

But the other truth is that mobilisation for terrorism is based on religion and the word "Jehad" is used liberally. I understand now that using Jehad for terrorism is like defacing the word, but someone needs to go out and explain this to other people. Especially to people who are successfully recruited as Fidaaii.

You do not need to "Justify" to anyone, but you see, no one outside the community KNOWS that the average Muslim is not sympathetic to terrorism. The media is not showing that side. Therefore, people like you have to step in and fill that gap - of communicating, and showing what is happening.

You are lucky to have a very popular blog, please use it to communicate and bridge the communication gap between the two communities.

Entire riots have been caused by 2 communities sitting in their own clusters, with "reports" filtering in of "hathiyar, gola barood" that the other side has amassed et al, when all the other side has done is responded to fear created by the reports that filtered into their camp about the "preparation" of the "other side".

What you are doing is wonderful, please do not think of it as justification or defence. it is vital communication that must come out.

I have hogged comment space, you may choose to not publish this, but I do hope that one has been able to communicate what one started to say.

Sandeep Monga said...

Adnan,You are not expected to defend muslims by anyone,it is like this ,if you are upset or angry over what happened you give vent to your feelings.It has become fashionable in the last few years to use the word INDIAN MUSLIM.Why,I ask ,have u seen any other community using Indian Chritians,Indian Sikhs,Indian Hindus or Indian Budhhist? First of all you are Indian,period,I do not have any doubts about that & so ur religion does not matter to me,secondly u wrote that earlier people thought that muslims supported Pakistan during cricket matches,well there maay be some people who did that but idiots are everywhere & u can not hold others responsible for their idiotic behaviour.There are muslims & I know some who say that Quran says that muslims should support muslims but I doubt their interpretetion because I have Quran at my home itself,so this is all humbug because if you quote anything out of context its meaning changes.I am not a muslim. I do not see any difference apart from the way of praying between any religion.Yes the politicians have always been playing one community against the other since ages so what's new in this!Read Amitabh's blog today ,what a beautiful couplet from his father's poem.The bombers are the ones who refuse to live in present & so are the rioters.Khilafat,hindu rashtra,the kingdom of GOD,Imam Mehdi will come,Kalikeya avtaar will happen,Jesus will be born again,all that may be ok,yeh hua woh hoga but what about humanity,insaniat.Show me which religion says kill aperson who does not worship like u or does not follow ur religion.Why glorify hatemongers ,why not people who preach love? There is a lot to say but there is work to be done also.You mentioned that no one writes the story that muslims also donated blood or condemened terrorists,my dear this is how media functions ,you are a journalist u should know.You felt like "mentioning" the story in Indian Express about that muslim gent saying that Amar Chitra Katha was his link to India while convinently calling the communal comics,similarly media writes what it thinks sells.CNN IBN shows an interview in which Shabana says that she did not get a flat in Mumbai because she is a muslim,bulllshit according to me because no one will say no to a celebrity unless they do not want a celebrity in neighbourhood but anyhow lets believe her for a moment,but the same channel has no mention of Naseerudin Shah's comment where he said I have never felt any discrimination on basis of religion because the interview was given to a rival channel.The same goes for all the channles & newspapers.The journalist & politicians & now upto an extent our film makers just want to divide.Earlier the headlines said "A man killed" now"Amislim killed,A dalit killed,A sikh killed".Kya karen ,Ket us think like a nation not ,I think that we are getting there.We are a young nation only 60 I think we will only grow stronger.Adnan abhi hamare yahn bahut se log anpad hain aur aajkal to kuch padhe likhe anpad bhi hain jaise yeh terrorist aur Pravin Togadia,lekin aam insaan sirf aman aur pyaar chahta hai aur woh use ek din zarur milega.

Wil Robinson said...

India ranks number 2 behind Iraq for most civilians killed in terrorist attacks since January 2004.

But this is not reported in the Western media because they only wish to portray India as the "economic miracle" and further evidence that capitalism is best.

It is always the poor that suffer - whether from the terrorist's bombs or the government's crackdowns.

Anser Azim said...

Terrorism should be condemned in all forms. I agree with Sandips emotional posting. No religion teaches this barbarism. I do not know who is doing this and what are the motives? What political motives they have? I am not sure the goverment will ever know the culprits behind these inhuman crimes.
I also agree with Adnan that these bombings bring bad name to muslims and to my religion.
The police blames SIM for all these so does the government to save their butts? The common man hardly knows the truth.
In my opinion people who take lives of other people are neither Muslims nor Hindus or Sikhs. They are not even humans.
Can this be for real state values in Delhi, can this be for hurting Indian economy, can this be international
conspiracy to divide and rule, can this be to malign Islam as much as possible, can this be the anguish of some riot victims, who never got justice since 1984 riots, can this be to affect the AUS-IND cricket series? can this be maoist
attack? can this be a Kashmiri anguish for recent riots in Jammu and Kashmir? so many questions so many answers and so many conspiracies?
I know only one thing that the Islam I practice, the Hindus I grew up with and the Sikhs I know off, will never do this kind of barbaric attack on civilians!!
I would like to emphasize that Hindus and Muslims are the two beautiful eyes of India and let these forces of cowardice not divide us and let them be successful!!!
anser azim chicago

Sandeep Monga said...

I meant in my earlier comment that let us think like a nation now

Danesh said...

This post pretty much sums up the feelings of many Muslims in India. I was in office in Bangalore when the blasts happened there. And people whom I've known and worked with for a long time started behaving differently. They'd became normal only when I hurled the choicest abuses on the terrorists.

But how long can we do this? I am sick and tired of all these "Islamic" terrorists. What service have they done to Islam/Muslims? All they have done is caused harm and only harm to the Muslim community.

I curse these terrorists and hope they rot endlessly and don't die a peaceful death.

Yaamyn said...

@ sandeep:

Why do you say Shabana Azmi's story is 'bullshit'? I know it's true because I have had trouble getting a house here in Bangalore - and the plain reason given was that 'You're a Muslim'.

I had a chance to overhear a conversation between my two brokers... who spoke in Malayalam. a language they assumed i didn't know. Between them, they decided not to bother trying to find me a house, cuz I was Muslim, and no one wud give me one anyway!

I swallowed that insult quietly.

My friends in Mysore and Pune have also reported facing the exact same thing - and one of them isn't even a Muslim - he just has a Muslim name!

So when Shabana Azmi says that, I can only completely agree with her!

If Naseeruddin Shah hasn't faced it, doesn't mean Shabana Azmi hasn't.. you're generalizing again.

And if Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar can't get a flat in Mumbai, you know something is very, very wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ok... so the brains behind these continuous serial blasts are not Indian Mujaheddin...

Then who??? Must be RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal... trying to malign Indian Muslims.

Indian Home Maker said...

Yes it is terrible.I think a lot of effort is needed now to undo this terrible damage done by (mainly) VHP/BJP? Sangh Parivar etc. We do need more coverage for events like those that you have mentioned, to create awareness that all Indians are victims of such terror strikes.
Also we need to consider WHO benefits from all this propaganda, it's not just BJP, even Congress gains from this fear and hatred situation. They all are doing their best to continue to feed this prejudice.
It's only getting worse.
No citizen should be made to feel so insecure in their own country. And now they have started targeting Christians also.

indscribe said...

Thanks all of you for sharing your views.

It's really time for us, especially Muslims, to engage more with others around and be visible.

Anonymous said...

If one human causes harm to another, it become very difficult for the latter to trust the former again. It only human. In the present day scenario, a lot of people are getting hurt and those who are inflicting the pain, (should I say) coincidently, happen to follow the same faith and, and to save themselves, dub it as the god's will. Now, as always, there are some who support an idea and there are those who oppose it. If the opposer remain silent, they are looked upon as supporters. "If we can't give a solution, we are part of the problem". India is called a Darl-u-Harb. This adjective is never opposed by any liberal. So, naturally it becomes a genuine area of concern. This, combined with the mystery behind the phrase "al-taqiyya" is very disturbing. This is only fuelled by people like khalid baig from across the border who feel their religion is being threated in India.
(On a lighter note)Fortunately, The Vatican is still not involved.... So technically, it's still not the 10th crusade/jehad.

Protean said...

This knowledge that all Indians are equally adversely affected by such terror strikes has not permeated to the minds of all. We (as in "we") need to find a way to publicize these facts. Only a small number Indians use the Internet for information. Still fewer read blogs. How does a voice like yours reach the ears of those whom it is intended for? Let this be question be open for all who comment on this post...

Pinku said...

Dear Indian Muslim Bhai,

I apologise on behalf of every Indian who has ever abused you or yours for being of the faith that the terrorists say they follow. Though I firmly believe they do not have any faith to begin with. If they did how could they carry out such heinous crimes in the holy month of Ramzan when the Koran says one must do charity and have pure thoughts?

I understand and empathise with the plight of every minority who gets abused for the actions taken by a few. No one abuses me for the Gujarat roits...though going by the convoluted logic of the world I too should be blamed.

What can I say? the politicians, the judges, the police all are corrupt. They are all working for their own selfish interests. Its time you and me got together and looked after our interests.

Nimmy said...

Very well said..Thanks for speaking my mind..

I am sick of justifying my faith in public..Every morning i wake upw ith fear of what new blast has happened and who is going to trash me on my blog..this is really sick,getting sicker day by day..

I am not a communal or over religious person..But pressure around me is evolving me into such a stage..Muslims are being cornerned from all sides..Injustice is happeneing with hindus and christians too..But they dn't ahve the problem of 'community sidelining'..

I think this will only help create more terrorists..


Anonymous said...

It is all because we don't know much about our own community, spread over the length and breadth of this country! Nor we are aware of the real position of a section of the majority community which is stealing the limelight!
American researchers have come to the conclusion that the unabated growth of "saffron terrorism" will be worse than that of Taliban!They say that "RSS and Bajrang Dal have joint terrorist training camps at several locations in India.Prematurely retired elite commandos of Indian armyare te instructors!
Even boys and girls in the age group 8 -13 are enlisted.Nearly a
lakh have received training to a high level of sophitication.Those with preliminary trainnig are countless.
Sangh Parivar groups call for ban
on "conversion" to any religion except "Hinduism".Using force and financial blockade, they have "reconverted"5,000 tribal Chriistians of Sundergarh district in Orissa between2002 and 2005!
The US Commission on International Religious Freedom has taken full cognizance of the crimes committed against humanity in the name of religion".
Since the end of 2002,"the spate of grisly unabated terrorism under the patronage of Union and the state Govt.in the state of Gujarat was mainly responsible for the growing concern of many in the world.
NHRC has reported that "the communal violence in Gujarat was
carefully planned ahead by the Govt.of Gujarat in which members of the cabinet and the police force
were fully implicated."
"Nine out of every ten US $ the
fanatics spent in the Gujarat carnage came from sources in US and Europe".
"The Sangh Parivar has been successfully running the program of terror to establish "Hindu Rashtra(Hindu State)in India whose ethos are based onHindu supremacy
and where Muslims and Christians are rank outsiders!"
The slogan of these facsists is :
"Hinduize the politics and Militarize the Hindus!"
Thanks to their power intimidation
mediis also afraid to publish any thing against them and religiously repeat the police versions as their own.
(Refer http://dailymailnews.com/dmsp/0204/dm02.)

Pinku said...



something, that adds to your post.

Pink Floyd said...

Emotional outburst is fine, blame game is fine but self denial is dangerous. I am not questioning you on your intent. In fact your post was commendable but you ignored some hard realities or have chosen to ignore grim realities. I am no champion of Hindutva nationalism and I don't want my country to be a Hindu Republic of Pakistan. But face the truth, misplaced anger and fanaticism is extremely high in Muslim community.

The perecentage of Muslims condemning extremism and violence is still less and things are not going to change unless there is a willingness to clip the role of a Mullah to only religious discourse and not politics. Stop letting the mosques to fan virulence. Look my observation is not based on one-sided media reports but have seen enough of ghettoes from Bangalore to Delhi in close quarters to understand muslim psyche in Ghettoes. (What do do, my love for Biryani and food in general had drawn me to muslim ghettoes). In fact I have lived in muslim hostels from time to time during my student days and have deciphered one common trait among innumerable muslim colleagues, feeling of victimhood and thereby a simmering antinationalism. Off course that never created a rift in friendship but always left me uncomfortable. Can't really blame them but in every walls or a Mosques in the neighbourhood there would be Grafittis or Posters about Babri Majid issue or Godhra riots or some other hate filled advertisment. It is not rocket science to decipher that this is just a vicious psychological tactics by fanatics to let hate simmer.

We have many other religious minorities in India and everyone has their own sob story or griveances towards the majority community yet the percentage of acrimony is quite minimal. I am sure someone will try to provide an analogy of 1984 anti-Sikh Riots or the persecution of Christians in Orrisa and Karnataka to showcase the growing divide between Hindus but trust you me the bigger picture is quite different. Most people remember anti-Sikh riots or the odd anti-Christian riots as sad events and move on and in fact there is no distrust among the greater majorities towards one another in day to day affair. I mean there could be few instances of prejudice but I have never heard a Sikh or a Christian complaining of being denied a house or a job on grounds of religion. I have not seen a Sikh locality or any Christian locality having any simmering anger or feeling of victimhood. Now that is what I is call assimilation. Most relgious minorities have assimilated with mainstream without feeling threatened about their religious identity. In fact if you look into statistics most of the religious minorities apart from Muslims are doing better than hindus in the economic front.

Now why are Muslims marginalized, backward and why they always feel vicitimized? I say it takes two to clap and blaming the majority community for all your woes will take you nowhere and in fact the onus is more on Muslim society to decide how they want to shape their destiny. Educated youths like you need to take centerstage to mould public opinion instead of letting a half literate mullah to draw the crowds. The muslim world needs leadership. To be precise a liberal muslim civilian politician instead of a religious leader.

It is fine that you keep a track of the violence and hate speeches of Togadias, Advanis, Bajrang Dals and other outfits but do not ignore the politics and influence of mosque and madrassas being breeding grounds of jehadis. The new jehadi need not go to Pakistan anymore but is being trained and doctrined in the madrassas that are mushrooming in the Indo Nepal borders to the borders of Bengal Bangladesh till the Assam Bangladesh border. Now have you ever given a thought why madrassas are mushrooming in border areas.

Varma said...

well said pink floyd!!!

@Indscribe...as long as state & religion is not separated by educated folks no wonder INDIA is destined for further disintegration. At a time when Chinese influence is increasing the neighborhood (pak, SL, Bdesh and Burma, preoccupation with internal issues, based on religion, is bound to weaken the country.

Just curious..why do you call yourself IM? Isn't it trying to segregate yourself based on religion?...'coz never seen any person, following other faiths, atleast in INDIA trying to identify based on religion.

Also, i've seen quite a few IM intellectuals bring up Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao Ji's and tie him to Babri issue. Didn't it ever occur to them that he single handedly changed the face of this country thereby putting us on the world map? INDIA owns its current prosperity even at times of adversity (Babri, Mumbai blasts) to this man who groomed MMS.
No wonder he was disowned by INC for votebank politics and the irresponsible, arrogant, stupid scion of Gandhi family said "Babri wouldn't have occurred if Gandhi family was at the helm" at recent election rally in UP.
P.V Ji is one heck of a person who could assuage the clerics and priests alike without compromising on the goals for this country.

You might want to watch Owaisi's speech in Karimnagar on Youtube. He is a disgrace, holding a public office and misleading people based on religion? He is a politician and nothing better than can be expected from him but it does hurt me to see intellectuals like you using PV Ji's name on religious discussions. Again, i believe in Country before religion and PV ji was a personification of that belief.

a fan said...

i would like to thank Pink Floyd first. Because he/she has tried to voice my thoughts quite succinctly! Wanted to post the same in your blog last month...but then, i was sure that i would be shot down with the point that i haven't faced enough realities/ humiliations as Muslims in life!!

I want to mention only 2 points.
1. Till date in my life(hopefully a long way to go), i have had quite a lot of Muslim friends(boys and girls). I have been to my Muslim friend's family marriages, with the main purpose of eating Biryani and i have had special nonveg Biryani without Beef:) (Yes,they do prepare like that for Hindu friends) I do have Muslim colleagues in my team.
And till date, i have never seen them as a victim, as you have mentioned here. Frankly, maybe they might have faced few of these issues. But, it has never stopped them from being a good friend of mine.
2. Now, after your blog and indianmuslims.in, my perspective has changed so much that for the first time, i am seeing them as Muslims, trying to find out whether they are victims and trying to understand how they feel. And i personally hate this perspective. Because, for the first time, i am seeing them based on their faith and that creates a divide.
Some might argue that i am trying to close my eyes from reality.But thats all crap...Your blog and indianmuslims.in have started showing only a negative perspective of Muslims in India,by trying to showcase only the victimization. And this might not only cause a negative impact among Muslims but also a very defensive,justifying attitude among Hindus.
So,does that mean, one shouldn't give voice to the real problems?
No. Every individual is born with that right, as per me. But, please make sure about the impact it creates as well. After all,we are living in a society.
And see the tagline of indianmuslims.in- a window into the indian muslim life. And the posts talk only about Muslim plight and terrorism. So,is that what an indian muslim's life filled with? I don't think so. I think we are looking at a very narrow window.

So, my solution for my own confusion is to not to give importance to the blogs which are creating a wrong impact. Because at the end of the day, i still like to view my friends as friends without faith crawling in between.

Oh,btw, i am scared of Bomb blasts, scared of Indian Mujaheddin and also scared of young People in white Kurta with ankle length trousers with a cap on their head and a long beard. I also know that all those Young People are not terrorists. But that rational thought never stops my fear, it only helps me in not blaming every individual.

And it's not only me, even my Muslim friend is scared.

So, we decided to go to Pista House in Charminar today, friday, for Haleem, with an assumption that they might not plant bomb on a friday! (And the Khubani ka Meetha was pure heaven :))

indscribe said...

Pink Floyd,
You are again saying the same thing. Muslims not condemning it enough. People who say it are blind. Okay, so posters about Babri Masjid you have seen. I haven't seen them for ages, I wonder when and where you saw them. Hate-filled adertisements! Which world you live in and what are you talking about. Ever heard the speeches of Togadia and Thakeray! Tell a single instance of Muslim leader speaking against Hindus or Hinduism.

On this blog I keep writing Ram Chandraji and Krishna Ji and what I get in return: most disrespectful words about holy figures of people of my religion in the form of comments! Ther is a problem about Muslims not getting houses, so we can't even say it? Yes, you may not have heard about Christians or Sikhs because they are less in population. You are also a victim of that same RSS propaganda and the American global war on terror. Madarsas don't teach intolerance in India. I again say, in India.Go to RSS' Shishu Mandirs, where they teach it.

Muslims don't have leadership, it's good. We allowed Hindu leaders to lead us politically. But now you people want a leadership to come? Are you sure you will accept it. You talk about assimilation. Muslims try to assimilate enough. Much before there was terrorism, Muslims had to go this 'patriotism test' by guys like you. Either it is Vande Mataram or it is Saraswati Puja in schools. In every government function, bhumi pujan is held, do Muslims ever raise a voice? In fact, silently the RSS has taken control over the entire nation's psyche. You have bared your true self by accusing Indian Muslims of being anti-national. I could have given you a reply pointwise but when you say such frivolous and judgemental things, then it's all useless.

Alas, nobody will ask the RSS why it never unfurls the Indian flag in its headquarter in Nagpur!

Varma Sahab,
See, this blog and sites like this were created with multiple purpose. Speaking my mind and also to satisfy the sadistic lust of guys who want Indian Muslims to every time 'speak up'.

So when I 'speak up' as an Indian Muslim against terrorism, guys like you come and aks me that why I identify myself as an 'Indian Muslim'. So if I drop it, you can happily say that Muslims don't condemn terrorism blah blah....

Vah verma ji...But one can I expect from the Narsimharao's disciple.

Varma said...

I agree with all INDIAN's who speak up against terrorism in one voice. But, yes, it is a problem if we divide ourselves based on religion while we do that. Yes, blogs reflect the power to express but again power comes with responsibility. Though the Keyboard has replaced the pen, the following still holds good

Prophet Muhammad is quoted as saying "The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr" -

Having said that, prudently use the power to promote unity (appreciate your effort on that front) but,again, blogging about problems based religion is not going to solve the issue. If the father of Indian nuclear technology got entangled into religion INDIA wouldn't have been here.

That said, if you take a closer look at all my comments, the intention is to build a common platform so we can collaborate and at the same time respect the differences but concentrating only on differences will exacerbate insecurity and loss of faith.
Unbiased introspection about your postings should provide you a direction. Intellectuals promoting segregation is more dangerous than a politician.


Yes, I'm proud about following PV Ji's lineage since he stressed on knowledge/respecting individual perspectives while placing country before religion. I guess you know that, if he had changed the priorities and followed vote bank politics INDIA wouldn't have seen the economic growth we witness now.

urdudaaN said...

Mr. Adnan,

The most pathetic thing I remember about Ahmadabad blast news was that the associated photograph was stamped with "Terror?". I did not know whether to laugh or to cry on the "question mark". So, it is not the blast that is a 'terror' act, it is WHO does it? I think we are no.1 in "ghatiyapan".

While MOST of the comments above have been with good intentions, SOME have come later just to bug you. These later people are just like trojans that carry computer viruses. There job is just to deliver what they have been indoctrinated with at the shakhas.

Most educated Muslims today fall prey to the rhetoric that Muslims are doing it. How pathetic? Do we need no investigations before jumping to conclusion? Even a Murder case take longer to identify the accussed. But a blast case already come with judgements.

Hazel Dream said...

It was very difficult for me to get a house in Bengaluru and even in Mumbai .. because i was single and not gujrati (at various places you see it as discrimination i see it as their right (however Narrow ) to create there own ghetto

Underover Indian said...

My opinion is that Muslim community is suffering from a persecution complex. They think that the entire world is conspiring and harassing them.

If some people are indulging in random violence in name of Allah, then why are you guys pointing fingers at otehrs for looking at you suspiciously? Isnt it bound to happen that way? It is normal human tendency. It is not that there is a conspiracy.

You are in Denial. Thats all. Denial that a section of Muslims have been hijacked by laden ideology. And it can be seen worldover. Islamic terrorism (done by very few people) has gathered steam wordwide. From Bali to London.

During punjab insurgecy, I remember that sikhs in our village were looked at with suspicion. It was but natural in those troubled time when unkown people in turbans use to target passengers in buses and kill them. If tomorow, lets say we have some white skinned people doing random violence, then all the white skinned people would be looked at with suspicion.

Soon after 9/11, I was in US and in a dmoestic flight in US, people were staring at me...why? Because I was south asian... Isnt it natural to do that.

The real problem is that why has this suspecion come to be????

Anser Azim said...

Persecution complex: is this a psychological terminology? People who commit these crimes are not dressed like Bajarngis or so called Jihadis!! The lady who killed Rajiv Gandhi or the persons who have been nabbed are ordinary looking people. You cannot distinguish either they are Hindus or Muslims. Genetically speaking they do not resemble like prince Charles or Mugabe or Mr. Hue. They look like Indians only. These hate filled people do not wear skull caps, kurta pajama with flowing beard or bear a tail on their head or wear Dhoti and mark their foreheads with sandal ashes.
They are plain clothed killers. period. They have this hate in their minds and no where else and cannot be distinguished as a Muslim hate or a Hindu hate. What makes them like that is a multi million dollar PhD thesis. Things like political persecutions, economic backwardness, discrimination, Cast, mental and physical abuse by the people around them can play some role. May be they do not have dreams to marry, bear kids, have family etc. hopelessness etc. Some other factors like: think about those people whose houses were burnt, they were dragged from moving trains after Mrs. Gandhis assasination. think about those whose houses were raised, their mothers and sisters were raped in front of them can have say and what kind of person will emerge from those ashes and abuses. Can they become killers? Can they become bombers? Can they have feelings for bomb victims? Do they care for who dies and who does not die?

Having said all these I would like to point out that Madarsas do not produce terrorists and nation haters. These madarsas contributed in our struggle for the freedom. These Madarsas have their contribution in the up upliftment of society and bring peace and brotherhood. I wish these madarsas can be equipped with modern education so that these religious scholars can also help and contribute to India at the economic front.
Those who have been misguided by the media about madarsas please do visit them and see how innocent and least political are they. I do not think there is any Muslim organization that is even close to the kind of hatred that exists with BD and Shiv Sena like forces. They bear the tag of a military in a democratic India but have been ignored by the law enforcement officers.

Anonymous said...

when i said..shishu mandirs dont teach hatred against any communities as slleged by u, being a product of those schools i can vouch for it...u dnt publish it...bt whn sm1 Having said all these I would like to point out that Madarsas do not produce terrorists and nation haters. ....u do publish it....now as a writer..ask urself if this is a rational behaviour....ask the same question to urself since u r so eager to bring buring issues to dialogues (and very rightly so..this is how they shud b solved)

indscribe said...

Anon bhai,

I moderate comments through mail account where comments are not visible one after the other, probably I missed that.

See, I don't at all accuse Shishu Mandirs. I simply say that don't accuse Indian Madarsas of terrorism.

I say it with all responsibility that it may happen elsewhere but not in India.

People may take the wrong path. Educated person or a person from madarsa background may go astray.

But not due to indoctrination in madarsa. People have heard so much about madarsas that they tend to believe that. I will write on it later. One feels irriated at the continuous charge and the blame on every madarsa.

Anonymous said...

"You are also a victim of that same RSS propaganda and the American global war on terror. Madarsas don't teach intolerance in India. I again say, in India.Go to RSS' Shishu Mandirs, where they teach it." ..ur own words...may b i interpreted it wrong...its ok...
and as far as RSS goes....its not as bad organization as u think...they do loads of good work...like they have done in bihar floods...and its nt reported in media....yeah their political affiliations have hurt thm badly in reputation....u have already named a few..

Anonymous said...

The so called RSS run Shisu Mandirs and Saraswati Mandirs are the most secular schools in the country one can get. If a sixth standard Brahmin boy can bow down before a Masjid, that says a lot. I do not need to add more.

I am not sure how many Madrassa educated pupil can fold their hands in front of a temple.

If believing in Guru-Shishya parampara and asking teachers to wear Indian attire, and telling students to be proud of their culture is promoting the agenda of Hindutava, again I have nothing to say.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I am shocked and saddened like every other mumbaiite to see this catastrophe. But more so because I am MUSLIM and saddened by the fact that other "muslims" are causing such havoc on fellow humans. What I fail to understand is that why more active muslim voices are not heard on blogs like these strongly condemning the attack and trying to look for solutions on what can be done by the muslim community to counter the criticism.

One major issue I have noticed is that we Muslims are living in denial of the fact that these terrorists are actually MUSLIMS. When they are claiming blatanly that they are MUSLIM then why do we deny it ? We have to accept this as a first step to awareness about the problem.

My question to every muslim is - What can the muslim community do about this growing terrorism issue?

Start by condemning it openly and strongly as an individual and as a community.

I would think one suggestion is that the ULEMA of the country should could voice their discontent and discourage youngsters from this so called Jihad.
I think Ulemas have the highest say in the religious matters and can issue fatwas. Is it not possible to issue FATWA against this form of Jihad? Or simply talk against it in mosques, gatherings among muslims, and openly on Television, in the News, or through whatever medium they can use to get the message across that we the muslims of india do not support this terrorism. Whether the terrorists are from india or pakistan but without the help of insiders this would not be possible.

The various islamic religious heads (Sunnis, Shias, all other sects) could try to establish some sort of talks with these self proclaimed Jihadi Groups to deter them from resorting to violence.

When some newspaper in Europe prints blasphemic cartoons of the prophet there can be protests and morchas burning effigies. But why dont we muslims together have morchas and peaceful protests condemning these attacks. All we can do is complain that the government is not doing enough for safety. But we are not tackling the root cause of the problem.

I just love this city and hate to see it being burnt down by lunatics.

I wish to get this across to atleast some people. These are just my thoughts and suggestions and I hope to get yours.

Anonymous said...

I have been through the comments and while some are moderate the others are not so. Islam came to India through invaders and was gradually accepted by some sections of the strata. Later, the split of India Pakistan was not geographic as some would like to believe, but strictly religious.India allowed people who wanted to stay back the choice to do so. Today Pakistan is a failed state in almost every sense of the word while India is sailing good.
I have many muslim friends I am a rightist and they are centrists and still we are friends.Even the centrist muslims talk the hardliners language. Even before Ayodhya and gujrat happened, they would only talk about riots and impartial system and how they got a raw deal. I being a rightist was certainly unhappy with this crib..I will complete this in some time

google said...

Greetings... I just wanted to thank you for sending me, a non-Muslim, to read Yaaman's article. It was angry, yes. But reaffirming too.

I've always believed that the Muslims we see in the Western media -- the terrorists perpetrating horrible acts --do not at all represent the majority opinion of the vast, modern, and for the most part moderate Islamic community.

I imagine that even there are many, many Muslim conservatives who don't feel any good association whatsoever with those people who have done what these "Islamic" terrorists do.

I still feel that way now, despite the terrible footage and photos we see coming out now from the Mumbai hotels and restaurants targeted just days ago by the gunmen.

As I said in a longer post on Yaaman's site, I can't possibly pretend to understand your frustration at the level you feel it yourself, but I do thank you deeply -- along with so many of your Muslim readers -- for not just feeling the way they do about the attacks, but for speaking so publicly and without reservation in condemnation of those actions.

It may, to you, feel like an obvious reaction. After all, you and I and everyone share humanity and we're all reviled by the crimes we commit against ourselves.

However, this message of Muslim outrage against terrorism really ISN'T one that gets equal time in the Western press. Even though, especially now, I'm convinced that's not because of any lack of proper distress and disgust with these actions among millions of people who adhere to the Muslim faith.

Why that is, I don't know. I'm sure I could guess -- perhaps it's just too dangerous, in a world that's filled with Islamophobes, to be mistaken for one who isn't one. People are too quick to assume that to defend the hundreds of millions of Muslims who don't believe in terrorism as a means to an end... is to defend the terrorism itself.

As long as there's carnage to get those acts into the headlines, there may never be a time when people can separate the acts of a few with the ideology of the many. But then again, in history, stranger things have happened. Overall, I think you've got to have faith in humanity to figure it out. But who knows how long it will take for that to happen... or at what cost for the waiting.

One thing that I do hope to see in my lifetime is an end to looking through the backward telescope. In history, there have been crimes -- against Muslims, against Christians, against Jews, against blacks, against Indians and Pakistanis alike, against the Chinese, against... well... it's a list that could go on forever.

Every one of those crimes is unjustifiable for its cruelty. Every one of them comes with an emotional resonance that will probably never dissipate.

But moving past that is the only way.

Yes, we all know who did what in the past. But what are we going to do, moving forward? It's the answers to that question that can make all the difference.

I believe that those statements by you, by Yaaman, by Muslims against the terrorism -- and there are many right here in your comments -- are essential first steps. And I thank you for taking them.

In turn, I'm as appalled by persecution of Muslims as I am of the persecution of my wife's Jewish relatives... and of my own Irish ancestors... and of Christians or blacks in America. It's all wrong, regardless of who wields the stick and who is at the end of it. The violent act is the unjustifiable thing, in and of itself.

Could there be anything more that Islam could do? In my opinion, just keep on doing what you're doing. Those who do like was just done in Mumbai are not true Muslims. At least their acts in the name of Islam are not true Islamic actions. You've said that and as long as you keep on saying that, you're already doing what you need to do.

You've also said something equally important which I can see many Muslim readers seem to agree with -- which is that so-called "Islamic" terrorism is as bad for the Muslim community as it is for everyone else. Not only because Muslims also get killed during those terrorist acts, but because it deepens rather than destroys the prejudices that already stand as a barrier between those who espouse your religion and those who think they revile it.

Anyway, I've gone on too long. But I just want you to know that -- to the extent that I'm able -- I appreciate what you've said. Keep it up. Islam, and the world outside of it, needs you to.

Anonymous said...

I think its hight time muslims wake up from their slumbers.The world mainstream media in each and every country is targetting Islam and muslims.All started after 911 ,n each terrorist attack is blamed on muslims.Now the truth is coming out,911 and many related bombblasts all over the world were inside jobs.Don't beleive me,visit ae911truth.org you can't dissapprove 600 engineers,architects,ex FBI agent,the truh movement is rising!
inshallah,the truth will prevail.

Milind Kher said...

It is indeed unfortunate that Muslims need to be on the backfoot, and constantly have to prove themselves.

Every bomb blast or act of terrorism triggers a fresh wave of hatred against Muslims.

The reality is that there isn't eveb sufficient proof of Muslim involvement.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that everytime there is a terrorist attack there are fresh cries from the non-muslims for muslim leaders to condemn it.

The fact that Islam is equated with terrorism all over the world is not enough. Over and over we are fed that by the media, people praying in mosque and terrorists training with guns in the same scene.

However how many of you demanding these condemnation by muslims do the same when your own community is the perpetrator? Where was the condemnation of the Gujarat riots? The kind of carnage, mutilations, burning alive of women and children in a planned pogrom, doesnt even compare to any of the terrorist attacks so far. Where is the outrage on that? There was immense outrage when Modis US visa was rejected, the hindu associations in US everywhere were writing to their local newspapers in protest. But I have never come across a single hindu I know, that is even comfortable bringing it up. There is complete silence on the subject. Infact even the potrayal of riot scene in slumdog millionaire makes some of them uncomfortable and there are immediate denials condemning the movie as unrealisitic. I recently experienced this when an American colleague was inquiring if riots as shown in the movie were common in India.

I am an educated Indian muslim. I have many hindu friends, and I dont have anything against hindus in general, but this denial by hindus of crimes against innocent muslims outrages me. Imagine how it affects the uneducated, misguided youth, those ripe to be recruited by "the terrorists". As long as the Indian justice system keeps failing its muslim community, no one community should claim a moral highground when terrorist attacks happen.

Anonymous said...

Hey nice post boss, I appreciate your views. But,you know no hindus,jain,sikhs,buddhist are interested in terror activitiy. So,first you have to find and write about the things which ignite people to be terror person. Isn't it? the basic concept lies in teaching. First thing should be noted that all muslims were hindus before mughal came to india.all means all right from india,pak to bangla...thenafter mughal raped womans,made slaves and forcefully made people to convert.Surely they couldnt make it fully,the defenders or strong peoples not converted. You can see how cruel mughal people were from all old scriptures india have.Many bussha statue (Ajanta-ellora caves),indian daity were broken by babar,himayu,etc. Only akbar was good enoguh...So first you have to realize this thing...Secondly, u ask any hindu or other religion people how many times they go to temple? Shockingly it will be 10% of muslim mosque..you pray 5 times daily,you take god too seriously.So you guys stick and stick with religion...that makes some of you as ill-driven..isnt it? You have to do something for this...you have to promote humanity ahead of god and normalize god,god and god..scientifically god will be vanished in some years,but please normalize peoples,please for your nation. I have many muslim friends,so I know you are good.But you have to think more practically