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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Teacher calls an Indian Muslim student, 'Pakistani'

A teacher who was upset with a Muslim girl in a Delhi convent school, called her 'Pakistani' in front of the entire class. That's one of the instances mentioned in Zia Haq's story that was published in Hindustan Times and this is immensely disturbing.

If you pick up fight with somebody on the street because you don't like him or hit him just because you hate his caste or religion or his political views, I don't find it that disturbing because the other person has the option to hit back and protest.

But when a teacher terms the student a Pakistani* and termed a traitor for no fault of hers and the student's religion is termed undesirable in that particular group, it is the worst of all crimes. The scars like this (on the mind) take ages to heal.

The story has mentioned a few other incidents like AIMPLB member Qasim Rasool Ilyasi's daughter whose friend told her that her father asked her not to befriend Muslims. There are other such incidents mentioned in the report that occurred soon after the Mumbai terrorist attack.

Again, it is the incident involving the teacher that is really disturbing. I wish it is taken seriously. The story says that when the girl replied back, 'Excuse me, Ma'am, I'm not a Pakistani' and complained to the Principal, who just said, 'the teacher will be spoken to'. All of us know it is more than an abuse to call an Indian Muslim, 'Pakistani'.

It hurts terribly. And when a teacher says that in front of a class full of impressionable students, it is criminal. She couldn't say it to a Muslim on the street but the vulnerable kid for whom a teacher is all powerful, can be subjected to this treatment. It is not that the teacher may be from a right-wing hardliner background. Perhaps, she was simply airing the sort of views, our society often forms about the 'other'.

Unfortunately this form of crime is not considered heinous enough in this nation. Rationalism doesn't took root in our society and biases are openly aired. Either it is the comments like 'Ye Jhuggi-Jhopdi wale' or about 'These SC/ST' or 'These XYZ' depending on regional background of a person, it all reflects a kind of 'public sanction to this form of racist comments against any minority--be South Indians or Norther Eastern people in Rest of India or a Bhaiyya in Maharashtra or even casteist notions. This includes biases of men towards women who are not 'cast in the mould' or gays.

I hope that the school takes a tough action against the teacher. Else the student's parents should approach the authorities (police, human rights commission, education department and the Church that runs the convent school) and book her for spreading hatred.

This is because everybody is biased to an extent but when a teacher, whose job is sacred and is supposed to enlighten students, spreads bigotry and hate, it should not be treated as a minor slip.

There is enough hate in the world. Today's children will grow up and get their own biases. They will acquire prejudices. But let's not pollute their minds from our side, at least, this is not expected from a teacher.

[Photo: Sam Mason, sacked by BBC for reported off-air comments about Asians]

I too have experiences of my childhood, some of which I couldn't forget. There was the history teacher who openly said that there was no need to teach about any Muslim personality (Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Maulana Azad and others) in history books or the teacher who hated me so much that everybody around sensed it.

And another man who said that a Muslim can become only a 'driver, tailor or mechanic'. That was all much before Babri Masjid demolition. Even in college, a senior professor used to ask Muslim students the logic of Namaz and spoke disrespectfully to some students about Islam. I know that in schools, often bright Muslim students escape the generalisation or such remarks but others get to hear harsh words like 'tum log to criminal hi banoge'.

Every individual fights it in his (or her) own ways. Some forgive the person, a few talk back, others fight. But I think, it is time we all realise that this should not be tolerated. No innocent child should be made to suffer or made to be felt like a criminal for something he has no control over--being born in a religion or family. We have to learn a lot from other countries in this regard.

After all, we, in India, celebrate when BBC sacks a programme anchor Miss Sam Mason, who had just told a firm that she would appreciate if they don't send 'an Asian driver' and she didn't say it in front of a group and the target group was also not very specific.

But was immediately sacked. BBC spokesperson had said, that though the comments were not made on air, it was unacceptable and she no longer works for her. In India Simi Garewal can openly question Indian Muslims' patriotism (she did it at NDTV's We the People programme) though a day later apologised due to criticism.

We are a great nation. We have certain issues also. We should make pledge to sort them out and make the country even better. We must learn to accept diversity as a beauty of this country and celebrate it. Let's aim for a better society free of biases and pledge that there should not be any tolerane for such acts. Don't let it happen to our kids. They are our future. [Link to December 6 HT story: Muslims feel the heat of 26/11]

*[Calling Pakistani hurts an Indian Muslim more because here the term Pakistani is euphemism for the word 'traitor' and it questions the person's loyalty to the nation and accuses him of harbouring feelings for the other country with which India has fought three wars. The bloddy baggage of partition.]


Kundan said...

Its good that you have highlighted an issue which is shameful and needs to be condemned by one and all.I am sure the concerned school will take care of the teacher and if there's something that the police needs to do, the same will be done as well.

But at the same time, I would have loved if you had highlighted how some of the urdu press in India has covered the Mumbai attacks.Many urdu newspapers are full of news of how these attacks were a conspiracy by the hindus,mosad and cia to defame the muslims.I mean how dis-respectful and disgusting is that?It's now being proved that all terrorists killed were pakistanis and belonged to LET , even after being aware of this if the urdu press continues to look for conspiracy theories, then something needs to be done to correct such reporters and editors too .They are equally guilt as the teacher who calls a child as akistani.Would love to hear your thoughts on the same.

indscribe said...


Your are right. Regarding Urdu press, I read almost all the important Urdu papers and all of them were equally outraged over Mumbai terrorist strikes just like other papers.

Please see the mainsteram papers like Mumbai, Urdu Times, Munsif, Siasat and all others. They are exactly same in tone and tenor as English and Hindi papers.

One paper of course carried a story but that just one story. Besides, Amaresh Mishra's article that has been published at various English and Hindi publications across the word and that suspects a conspiracy theory has been published by Sahara. You can read Misra's article at Countercurrents.org

a fan said...

This is really hurtful.The last thing that we want to do is to sow the seeds of hatred among school students.

even after 60 years, Ambedkar's warnings are still valid and nothing has improved! Government has really done nothing much to blur the social differences and it's pretty much left to the individuals,and everybody has done a pathetic job of it.
Here is the excerpt from his speech.
"On the 26th of January 1950, we are going to enter into a life of contradictions. In politics we will have equality and in social and economic life we will have inequality. In politics we will be recognizing the principle of one man one vote and one vote one value. In our social and economic life, we shall, by reason of our social and economic structure, continue to deny the principle of one man one value. How long shall we continue to live this life of contradictions? How long shall we continue to deny equality in our social and economic life? If we continue to deny it for long, we will do so only by putting our political democracy in peril. We must remove this contradiction at the earliest possible moment or else those who suffer from inequality will blow up the structure of political democracy which is Assembly has to laboriously built up."

Kiran said...

This is a shameful act by a teacher, who has brought disgrace to her position by doing such a thing.

I loved you concluding para "Let's aim for a better society free of biases and pledge that there should not be any tolerane for such acts. Don't let it happen to our kids. They are our future."

Kudos to that thought. Lets all pledge to defeat the nefarious designs of the politicians, media and terrorists ..and strive to work towards a better future for the next generation! Salaam India!

Z@ki-R said...

at this time, we can/should no longer take this lightly. it's so irresponsible, harsh and paining. my friends sometimes call me isi agent and i call them vhp members..but these r pure jokes with both me n friends having luv, respect, concern for each other.
but it is too harsh for a little school kid. i won't be surpised if this little kid, as a grown up, ends up having sympathy for fanatic muslims. sad, those in a position to engineer an wonderful good citizen of the gr8 country, end up poisioning their minds!- it's sad.

Election wala anon said...

yup....its criminal and shud b punished....bt looking at the brighter side (if thr is one in such a grim scenario)..thr have been no riots even aftr so many blasts. okay, all riots r politically sponsored...bt i wud like to assume tht thr is some amount of maturity being shown..hopefully things will improve....we will see it through also

PS: Adnan bhai...WE means Indians...i care a damn if u r hindu, muslim, sikh, christian or whtever...we means Indian..hope further clarification is nt needed.

Indian Home Maker said...

I don't think it is right to say such stuff to anyone , anywhere, and it is shocking that a teacher should do that. And this at a time when we are finally uniting again.

The biggest problem is the other student might think the teacher is right!

I loved, a fellow blogger, Alankrita's take on Islamic terrorism, sums up how I and a large number of other citizens feel.

Islamic Terrorism

Dilip said...

Check this out. At last, your allegation that no one takes note of Muslim protests has been proven false!

How do we know said...

umm.. yes, what the teacher says can mean days of teasing by the other classmates. I always maintain that children are cruel, but sometimes, teachers can be cruel too.

I kind of agree with you.. the teacher should be given a stern warning, at the very least.

Pinku said...

I read the report and felt as bad as you did. especially because those words were uttered by a teacher - a profession we deem most honourable.

Strict action should be taken and I hope the Media follows the case and reports it too so that other narrow minded people like this teacher can stay warned.

yulia said...

I've read the posting and felt as bad as you did. shameful especially because those words were uttered by a teacher - a profession most respectful

Z@ki-R said...

Yes, it is not because that the teacher represents a respected profession, what most worrying is that other kids may think the teacher is right. ( as pointed by IHM). This leaves a deep scar in the victim also it poisons other tender minds.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching PTV in the late 90's. They had those pathetic talk shows where all they had to do was to lambast India. Interestingly, they spoke negatively about Indian muslims as well (for not leaving India and agreeing to a HINDU rule). Ironically, when Gujrat riots happened these talk shows sympathised with the Indian muslims. Anyways, getting back to the point, things like these have happened and would perhaps continue to happen. It's not really very easy to change the age old mindset

Amitabh said...

Don't worry. These are only few instances that happened during some time period. I believe, that teacher would have felt it bad. You know when you are angry sometimes you said something which is not appropriate and feel pity after saying that.

jai said...

I think, muslims themselves are responsible for this by openly favoring pakistan aginst India in cricket matches, and burning crackers on former's win. Kindly comment !!!

Z@ki-R said...

Well, last comment reminds me an incident in a hostel of a level-1 institution. I was watching an indo-pak match (it was around 8 years now). It was an evenly poised match but due to some other task I had to go to my room. By the time match was over, 1 classmate came and - almost congratulated me - "Pakistan [ read - 'your team' ] won.". I didn't know how to react. I remember, in crowd, I used to feel shy to clap when Azhar shots a boundary or even Akram delivers a perfect yorker - because you can appreciate an Australian, British cricketer but can not if he is a muslim. I must admit, this situation has changed (or I have some matured, educated group of friend?).
Though I personally don't like muslim locality "openly favoring pakistan aginst India in cricket matches" BUT why give so importance to those? Are no there British guys supporting India ? Are not there guys in WI who considers Gavaskar as cricket god? Are they less patriotic? Here, the scenerio is changed a lot (atleast I don't see people much bothered abt Indo-Pak matches these days, match fixing controversy has this good impact).

jai said...

Dear Zaki

Yes Indeed situation has changed, and I aprreatiate ur views but u can't compare appretiation of opposition team by few individuals with open and provocating support by large crowds

Z@ki-R said...

Jai, Does it justify bullying a child? It's such emotional pain, minds to in wrong track. Take offense to those who celebrate Pak's victory (just 'cos it's muslim country) BUT should you take your offense to the children ? Can you realize how much pain the poor kid undergoes?

Thnx for taking a notice of my comment.


Anser Azim said...

Interesting post and interesting comments. So what is a "Pakistani"?. A monster, a terrorist, a muslim, a neighbor, a human being or ex-Bangladeshis or a traitor? In my opinion it is all the same across the border, the population of Pakistan is more than 150 million and genetically, lingually, culturally they all are not very different from us. Majority of them want the same thing that we want a peaceful co-existence, bear kids, have families, and they all also have the same questions of roti, kapra aur makan.
Todays Pakistan is plagued by some misguided individuals who want to usurp power by their extremist ideologies. I believe they will never be successful in a future democratic Pakistan. Pakistanis have paid the price to these religious extremist in the past, present and in future. We all saw that how some of these organizations were behind the elimination of Ms Bhutto and thousands of their own people including millitary personnel.
Coming back to the topic calling some one Pakistani is not new in India. The wound caused by the partition of the country has been deep and is a reality. In my opinion these are the ripple effects of partition and Muslims have been asked to prove their loyalty to the country time and time again. Are we second class subjects in our country? Are we descriminated on the basis of our religion? Are we muslims descrimintaed on the basis of our dress? Are we descriminated on the basis of our language? Yes or no both!! In my opinion our country is not free from all these allegations and it does happen. But not all the time. We are coexisting as most of the Indains aspire for peace like most of the Pakistanis and care for the same roti, kapra aur makan not for terrorism and blowing up bodies to achieve our political goals. Good education, jobs and justice are the permenent solution to eradicate terrorism from around the world.

anser azim

indscribe said...

@ A fan: Yes, it hurts.

@ Kiran: Hopefully the coming generations will be intelligent enough to get rid of all these nonsensical biases.

@ Z@ki-R: Exactly the point that kids are too sensitive and that's why I find it objectionable.

@ Election wala anon: Very true

@ Dilip, Indian Home Maker thanks for the links

@ Pinku, Yulia. All of us feel so bad so that is really a positive sign that we are all so concerned about it.

@ Amitabh: I hope so

@ Jai: I have not come across a single occasion in my life where I have seen any Muslim explode crackers on Pakistan's win.

Though probably in a few cities, it used to happen in the past, I tell you it was more because of this attitude that you consider somebody 'traitor' and then they have got nothing to do with Pakistan but would feel, 'Okay you will never believe our patriotism, so let us irritate you'.

I think we should come out of it. And please don't say that Pakistani thing. I have numerous Hindu friends who openly admired Pakistani cricketers and supported the team. Of course, in that case nobody objects.

It's not a Muslim's fault that he shares the religion of majority of people of Pakistan and for this reason he should not be a prima facie 'suspect'. This is very insulting.

Be humane and think of yourself in this situation that some people keep calling you Pakistani just because they have heard their older friends and elders say it.

These are same prejudices and urban legedns which we need to bury. Just see all my life I have been answering this and at this blog after every few posts somebody comes up with this thing. Any end to it!

Chola Chera Pandian said...

once... again.. i see another fantastic posting on your blog...
I was surprised i didnt get any reply to my previous message replies..
Also...regarding this article... was this incident reported in many large audience newspapers..?

jai said...

Dear Indscribe

As I have mentioned earlier u can't compare honest admiration and appretiation by few individuals with open provocative support.
you said that they explode the crackers to irritate hindus because they are seen as traitors.
Well dear instead of condemning the act you are justifying it, it seems you have got reasons and justifications in favour of all the unjustful acts in the same way i tried to give reasons for "teacher calling a girl pakistani" issue. You said there must be end to it, but expecting from others and continuing from your side is not fair.
Close your eyes take a deep breath and introspect: are u not doing the same thing by justifying the wrong acts as i did ?

astralwicks said...

treat it as a hate crime. punish the teacher. sensitize the teachers at all levels. the teacher who has the responsibility to impart values to children should be removed.

indscribe said...

Chola Chera Pandian:

Thanks. Yes, it was reported on front page in HT.

Jai bhai:

Firstly, I never said they do it. I didn't want to be rigid so I wrote may be it happened in the past in some places.

Because you are so convinced that it happened, I thought of it. Have you ever seen any Indian Muslim celebrate it?

Where did I justify? You are imagining. I keep introspecting all the time. But I think it's better not to generalise. If you have just heard about it and never seen it, then stop suspecting your fellow Indians just because of religious difference.

@Astralwicks: It is surely a hate crime but society wasn't very sensitive about it till now.

jai said...

Dear Indscribe

I have seen it, heard it and faced it personally more than dozen times, in my locality where i live where atmosphere used to go tense, in my engineering college when classmate of mine used to openly do this and i have read in newspapers, heard from my friends in my city as well as in other cities. I have seen with my eyes how people in muslim locatlity gather around TV and openly do this. I have heard with my own ears, sound of crackers from muslim locality when pak used to win against india.
I am not trying to generalise it, but when one sees huge no of crowds on roads to celebrate in muslim localities after such event
how shall one takes it. I still believe in heart that majority of muslim are very much patriotic as i am and other hindus, but these type of mass support for pakistan definetly creates suspicion among the general public.

Trailblazer said...

It is shocking for a teacher to utter something like this.

Irfan said...

May Allah Bless indian muslims.

Chola Chera Pandian said...

Hello again..
I wonder if you have able to see my blog or whether you can find anything there that may interest you..
I am new to the blogging world... your page is definately a motivation...where in india do you live?

Osho lover said...

it makes me terribly sad and hurt to hear this.I am really ashamed to call myself an indian in view of such incidents.The more i think about it the more reasons i find to hate india rather than like it.I wish i could be proud of my country but alas with such racism,poverty and corruption i am helpless.

Anonymous said...

This is for Irfan's comment which read,"May Allah bless Indian Muslims." How about making it sound like "May Allah bless all Indians regardless of religion or may Allah bless everybody in the world."

MAK said...

indian muslims should now realize, that Islam and hinduism cannot go together, thats why Muhammad Ali Jinnah got seperate country for All muslims at this region, however some of the muslim communities or muslims living at indian part, could not make right dicision and did not realize that clear message, that hindus are hindus, they are far away from peace, they eat and drink filth so they think filth. they are causing trouble to indian muslims now.. they are in conspiring hurting muslims, diminishing their rights and keeping them away from high profile status, cutting muslim generation so they can dominate the coutnry. now its time for all muslims to unite, and start movements for their own seperate and peaceful land. refute hindus and their practice and culture... all muslims must move forward for thier survival and peace and harmoney, as islam teaches. the only way for this that All indina muslims should refute the hindu lifestyle and practice islam as prophet Muhammad (SAW) tought the all mankind. follow Quran and sahih hadees. do not mix yourself with them. so that now lots of muslims are suffering because of this. now the time has come that all muslims all over the world, talk to world and let them know, the rules is only due Allaah the almighty and the islam is only the way peaceful life.

Anonymous said...

This is for Irfan's comment which read,"May Allah bless Indian Muslims."
Some how i feel this guy might be a Pakistani national. Generally a Indian Muslim won't make such a sectarian comment.
The Pakistani's have their head screwed wrong. Just look at what they have done to their country. They have pretty much pooped all over their founder's grave.

Anonymous said...

Please send details of that teacher. We will take care of their entire family.

ProLogicP said...

I live in USA and just saw the comments of MAK related to the incident of a school teacher calling a student "Pakistani". MAK's comments were undoubtedly off the track, because a lots of Hindu's have been posting very mature, logical and spirited comments condemning or criticizing the teacher's comment. But suddenly MAK brought the issue of a separate country! This is terribly shocking comments!!! While many are striving for harmony, this person is trying to advocate divisive idea. Just to indicate how absurdly funny this idea is - Muslims got their Pakistan, and see what they have done with it! Separated again! How many people Pak army killed in Bangladesh? Is it Hindu's who killed them? Does anyone remember how Indian Hindus saved so many lives of those refugees created by their so called Muslim brothers? When folks like MAK will learn that from these? To get your rightful place in the society, one must contribute positively and persistently. The world is changing, it is time for this semi-ignorant Muslims to change. I am a Indian origin Muslim, and living here for quite sometime. Have almost all Hindu friends, never saw an instance where two Hindu's supported each other for wrong cause to stand against me. Rather one supported me again another fellow Hindu. Similarly, I firmly stood by my Hindu friend while we didn't go along well a Muslim fellow. Be Indian by heart and soul and people around you will understand it, and appreciate it. Some bad apples are always there. We shouldn't let the bucket go bad for a couple!!!

Truth Speaker said...


Nawabzada said...

I am ain Indian Muslim living abroad for more than 30years. I have not come across with a single Hindu brother who criticized Muslims or Islam, in the teaching faculty one should realize the type of stress the teacher takes for the pupil.
it is off course not permissible under any law to make fun of a community or country.

it is my humble request not to make a fuss of it. it was Just a teachers frustration....

Anonymous said...


This kind of thing happens to us Hindus as well. In our school (which had a lot of fanatic christian teachers), Hindu students were often converted due to teachers'influence. Just imagine how it will be if your muslim sons and daughters are subject to such treatment.

And when the parents of one of the converted boys went and cried to the Principal, She ticked them off saying, "Even Muslims are converting. Why are you complaining so much". I cant verbalize the terrible pain I get when I recall these incidents even after almost 20 years have passed.

The whole problem is - Christians and Muslims have an inherent superiority complex and believe that their religion being superior should "triumph" over Hinduism. Unless they let go of this attitude, Hindus will continue to suspect them. Look at the population ratio of Hindus and Muslims combining all of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and the growth of christianity through all kinds of means. Then you will understand the pain and fear in the hearts of Hindus.

muslim said...

not all pakistanis are terrorists ust like not all muslims are terrorists. muslims across the world are ur bos n sisters so what if you get called pakistani. i dont care where nationality i am called as long as every1 knows i am a muslim!

Anonymous said...

It was really bad on that teacher's part.It was tottally irresponsible and lame. Man,calling any INDIAN wether MUSLIM or HINDU a pakistani is a bad insult. Well as for pakistanis and their so called "Nation",No foul word is enough to describe them.Agreed they require same Makan Roti etc but they also require one more thing:To hate India and every thing Indian. Well I read a pakistani blog and from the comments placed on them them it, is clear that the very existance of the pakistani nation depends on hating India.

Ravi said...

Thsi is happening everywhere nowadays
Bcoz u muslims are same everywhere
U deserve this...what your ancestors did to Hindus in 500 yrs this is nothing in comparison to that
This is so good...

imran said...

Yousuf pathan is an opener but he is not getting opening place , he is dangerous player like sehwag but he do not get the opportunity to bat as an opener as DHONI and his friend RAINA do not want that he got the permanent seat in INDIAN TEAM , he got the opportunity of just 5 balls in the first match against zimbabwe as every one know that he is capable to destroy the zimbabwe so he get only 5 balls in the first match , and in the second match against srilanka he did not get the opportunity and in the third match he again get the position of number 8 player as this is just like that Indian team do not want him , they are promoting ravinder jadeja to show him superior than pathan .

Just ask one question is there only one muslim is able to come in INDIAN TEAM out of 100 CRORE people .

IRFAN pathan can bowl and can bat more batter than dinesh karthik, ravinder jadeja, and many other players but he do not get the oppotunity because he is also a MUSLIM

Indian Cricket is doing the partiality in selection, they are just removing good players as they are MUSLIM , and it is their just a you can say MAJBOORI that is why they just include only one player as yusuf pathan and do not give the oppotunity to play many time .

They today give him the opportunity on 4th place when they are in trouble against srilanka as srilanka bowlers are very good they wanted to get yusuf out cheaply but he made valuable 44 runs ,

whenever the strong team comes or any danger comes they give the pathan in the front and when any weak team comes they just do not give the opportunity to him as he is muslim

every body know the ability of yusuf but here in INDIAN team he is not getting support as he get in the IPL from shane warne , shane warne give him the confidence to play as he wants to play but here in INDIAN TEAM first he did not get the opportunity , once he get the opportunity , he always get the strong bowlers only.

90% of the times you will see that he got runout by the mistake of his own partner . this is not a mistake , this is to grade down the yusuf

write your comments on what you say.

Anonymous said...

First of all being Pakistani is not a bad thing. Pakistani Muslims are much better of than Indian Muslims since they do not have to worry about this kind of abuse. Secondly, my INdian muslim friend told me that his Indian teacher at University of Chicago introduced him as a Pakistani to his wife despite knowing that Alim was from New Delhi. In Hindu's mind a muslim is always a Muslim. So let it be.

Anonymous said...

I know how it hurts to be called a Pakistani in my own country. All through my childhood whenever there was an argument/fight between me & my Hindu classmates, the first abuse was always 'Pakistani'. It hurt back then & it hurts more now. But then I don't blame them, after all Muslims did partition the country & those former Indian muslims are doing all they can do destroy our country. Sometime it makes me think who should I be angry on..We have to be strong...I don't even care anymore..Call me Pakistani or whatever..Fact remains, I am an Indian and when the day comes to fight for my motherland, I'd be amongst the first to kill..Jai Hind!


No Nme said...

Wow. I would never know such was considered a condensending comment from someone! How little the minds can get!

I just wish the Muslims would remember what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "All people are as equal as the teeth of a comb, there is no virtue (Nothing better or superior) from an Arab over an non-Arab,nor a white over a colored, except by the Fear of God!"

Anonymous said...

To the owner Of the blog :

It is shameful on the teacher's part to disgust a kid and I condemn such behaviour by any individual.

It is also high-time, the Muslims of the country claim their nationhood to the nation , not limited to deeds(there are thousands who fight for the nation,in the army and play for the nation and are responsible citizens of the country)but also by gestures of patriotism. " You Buy , What You See ".

Today the literate class which has been abroad , knows that the world counts them as Indian-Muslims and nothing different from Indian-Hindu or Sikh. How about the ones who still proud to hoist Pakistani flag on their terraces ? What impact does that give on National - Patriots, sir ?
Now is the time when we need one true Muslim Leader from the nation , to help the community mingle with the mass and irradicate the differences. No Hindu, leader or Sikh leader, would ever be able to do so , sir.

Dear Sir,with all due respect to your sentiments and thanking your willingness to unite India, I have some points to mention here :

Talking about who accused whom first, the hundus to the muslims or vice versa, is a question similar to " Chicken or the Egg , first ".

I have had bitter experiences too, experiencing , Pakistani flags in India, in Muslim - majority areas of almost all cities , i have been too, so far, throughout India. This includes Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi.

who will take the initiative to stop this ? If a non-muslim does so, it would be considered , voilation of miniorities rights, in the country. May land up in a riot, aswell.

Someone like yourself has to represent the muslims in the country that this is very much their country. Gestures are important as thats what is seen and can be felt. A Pakistani flag is not an issue , even they are humans and very much like us,but why not alongwith the tricolour flag?

Controversies like A Muslim would never say Bharat Mata Ki Jai is still acceptable but do the people heading and realising such fatwaas say , Muslims would rather say Jai Hind! or Hindustan Zindabad ?

Face the facts, wherever , A Muslim has had a patriotic behaviour , he has been respected by all, be it Hindus or Sikhs. If you love your country , Spak it Out louder - 10 times louder and let the others know , they have no rights to address any Indian Muslim as Pakistani.Trust me , Hindus in the country are dying to hear this . Trust me , Hindu-eyes are awaiting a sight when no Muslim dominated areas , would have Pakistani flags, on their terraces. Hindus in India are waiting to hear from their Muslim brothers - HINDUSTAN ZINDABAD.

This does not make a Muslim , Hindu, I am sure you would agree.

I really loved your attempt to create the difference and would keep visiting your site , sir.

Humanity is all that matters and then the Nation. I am not keen to kill or get killed , abuse or get abused , on grounds of different paths , the world follows , to reach the Allmighty.
Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

To The Muslims Of India :

Please take the crap out of your head that people are being partial.
Had that been the case , Muslims would not have been respected and had fan followers who are Hindus and Sikhs aswell.

Azhar, Nawab Pataudi, Shahrukh Khan , Dilip Kumar , AR Rehman... the list goes on .... do they only have Muslim fans ? Are Hindus not mad for their heroes, be on the ground or behind or infront of the Bollywood Screen!

Had the Hindus been partial, there would not have ever been such big names , in India, who follow Islam.

Brother ! No one minds and noone is partial.

And for God sake - See if you can help India remain united.

Do not hoist Pakistani flags on your terraces(surely very in number but there are )

Plz do not stop reacting , if anybody addresses you as Pakistani. Tell them on the face - Pakistani Hoga tera baap. Hindustan mera Watan hai , tu hoga kahi aur ka. Mei Nahi !

Hindustan Zindabad.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the fanatic Hindus and the Muslims and the Sikhs and the Christians , who take HIS name to take out their personal frustrations!
A deserving would anyways and anyhow emerge out of all odds.
Its embarassing to hear that people seek different countries , the moment they find there is an issue. Why do you not understand that , if you cannot be as a family now accepting the bads with the good, you would tomorrow further divide to become more neuclear. Pakistan is an example. Today , Muslims in India , do not fight amongst themselves and Pakistan is having trouble inspite of being an Islam Country.
Bottomline - Seperation Can Never Assure You Peace. Peace is within and anger and furiousness is symptom of human degraded to animal. If you cannot make peace and inspire for the same, to people following different religions, forsure you will never be able to eradicate any misunderstanding of a person follwowing your own religion and belief. It would be a harder nut to crack!
Indian Muslims are an example to the world around that they do not fight amongst themselves , planting bombs in Sia colonies and abusing the Ansaris for being backward class. There 100s of division of castes in Islam which is a major reason of fight in Islamic countries. Do Muslims fight amongst themselves in India ?

Grow up separators! Be One and learn to Unite !


Radhika said...

be humans move towards technology...