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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Djinns and the mosque: Legends and nostalgia

The tales of Djinns are fascinating and of course scary at the same time. In my childhood I heard numerous tales about the djinns (or jinns) and their exploits.

The photo shows the Jizyagarhi mosque in Kakori, 14 km fom Lucknow. We heard umpteen stories of the djinns living in this ancient mosque. Relatives would tell that when they entered the mosque there would be no soul but when they started praying, suddenly dozens of persons in spotless white dress would appear in the front, side and back rows. Or that when sat for ablutions before namaz, a hand would bring the tumbler full of water.

These are just some of the tales. But when I walk past the old palaces, kothis, mosques and the particular trees in my hometown, a chill still runs down my spine. I don't know if the djinns any longer come to study in the local madarsa, as per the old legends. I didn't ask anybody either but I'm sure the stories won't have vanished. Legends just keep growing.

Stories heard in the childhood have a great impact on one's mind. The friendly jinns who loved to eat coal and bones and in return gave away 'asharfis' and also the ones who fell in love with beautiful girls who never got married as they got possessed.

There were also the 'shararti jinns' who never did any harm except frightening elderly women by extending their hand to say, a distance of 50 feet, or other mischiefs. On my recent visit to the town, I did venture towards the mosque but didn't step inside. It was not that I feared that a hand would come from nowhere to pat me and ask to leave but I walked away after taking a photograph. More about djinns in later posts.


K said...

I have always adored djinns and their stories.

In Kashmir, from where I come, stories of djins constructing mosques abound. There is this Mosque in town called Shopian, where tales of how the djins took over the construction work in the night are still a part of the lore. It is said that the Mosque took a lot less time to complete, since the djins helped.

Then there are djins which we call Pasikdars in Kashmir, the friendly ones, who are supposed to be gaurding every home and they always scare away strangers.

There are many a tale to tell!

indscribe said...

Thanks K. Ya, seems the djinn legends are there everywhere.

Ye manzilen !! said...

I am grew up on same diet myself A.....feeling nostalgia!I think u shoudl get in that mosque and see how u feel...

Sudha said...

Fascinating!!! I love to hear of such legends. I like to believe them too. Would love to hear more...

indscribe said...

Shahid bhai, Himmat nahi hui. The next time you are here, let's go together....and you first :)

Sudha, thanx for liking the post.

Siyaah said...

I'd heard such stories too...these Djins seem pretty consistent in their acts across various cities!

Sanjeev Sharma said...

whoever you are, i'm warmified by your writings and thoughts. you're a muslim like many of my friends who make me (though i'm a nobody) proud and happy. i would keep shouting at people who stereotype muslims, label the community, or hurl unwanted opinions. some of my best buddies are muslims, and i will give my right arm for any of them! doesnt matter if i'm hindu, punjabi, brahmin. as long as i live, i would cherish my buddies!
(i'm sorry if my comment is totally out of context, but i was itching to communicate it you. you are not alone.)

Pinku said...

hey...thats cute.

friendly supernatural presence must make for fantastic friends. If I were you I would have tried to befriend a few and then play pranks along with them.

Anonymous said...

Is this masjid in Kakori ?

indscribe said...

Sanjeev bhai, thanks for your comments.

True Siyaah, spread across the subp-continent.

Pinku :) Ya, it's worth a try but....risky too

Anon, yes it is in Kakori.

Ye manzilen !! said...

You visit all those places that I am fascinated too. On my next visit to India, let us do some " Awara-Gardi" and enjoy India in its by lanes and road side dhabas and books stores..

Lukhnow ki masjid hai.." pehle aap" to kehna hi padega!

Anser Azim said...

Nice post. We used to call them "Jinnat mamoon". The mosque picture reminds me my brief visit to kakori in late eighties to attend my brothers (phoophi's son) in one of those Sajjada Nashin families. There used to be lots of mosques but few namaazi. They believe in tasbeeh/jhaar phoonkh kind of Islam, hardly any prayers. Lots of mosques in that area but hardly any real education at that time.
Jinns and their stories were prevalent in my days too. Scary some times but being a Rajan/Iqbal series fan (your last post) I hardly believed into this and has been a question mark all these years. Though, it has been mentioned in the quraan, and i believe it (my hardly 2gb brain fails to analyze it) and my science background has laways been in a clash with their presence in mosques and most notably when my wife and sisters were told about their prsence around when they walked without dupatta etc!!!. Is ko laiker Phale ammi/ phoophi aur gher wale daante the ab beevi kahtee hai " science perh ker tumhara dimagh phir gaya hai".
I believe these individuals (mamoon's)befriend more to those who are more religious, more beautiful and less educated than to those who are real scoundrels in the words of Hrasha Prasad/Dr Tandons. I have yet to see/meet even one Jinnat mamoon here even in the very deep dark woods but my child hood fear is around all the time and is enough for me for those goosebumps!!!!! One thing is also true that all these Jinnat mamoon's are not color blind and goree larkion kai cahkker main rahte hain. Kaash!!! "in Jinnat mamoon ka dil kabhi kisee kali khoobsoorat aurat per bhi aajai!!!!!"

best wishes
anser azim chicago

Koonj said...

thanks for checking on me :) Bas zindagi fursat nahin deti, blog bhi neglect ho raha hai aur dost bhi. Kaam kaam kaam ...

kehtay hain jisay sukoon, nahin hai!

Abdul Majid said...

salams I was in a visit to India back in 1992. This was with the dawaah workers. At the end of my time for the first time I went to see my family home and village in Gujerat. Im an Indian born in the uk.

One weekend me a group of guys from the village went on a dawah work for 2 days in a village called Chapal Dara (sounds like that). One night all my friends were asleep.. we were in a small masjid and I was sat infront of the mehrab on the first line reading the Quran. Suddenly the staff of the imam moved sideways. At first i thought perhaps it was a mouse or something that touched it. I carried on reading. The staff moved again all by itself. I remembered what what I had been told that the mehrab is the area from where the Djinn would enter, basically I was blocking the way.

I quickly jumped up put the book away and jumped in to the sleeping bag without peeping out of it all night.

Anonymous said...

About Jinns (good and bad), they are everywhere like human beings.Please go to this website and read more about jinns in the Holy Qur'an. They are there because Allah created them. They were created from Smokeless fire as per Allah's words in Holy Qur'an. Just see to check this fact. Just keep a can of pure petrol which is a hydrol carbon-open the lid and observe how it evaporates (actually petrol can be called as liquid fire or fire in liquid form)into air in a few moments. It is like a transsparent action but still we can feel it when it escapes from the can or the bottle. Similarly the ginn which is created in the purer form (without smoke or carbon)is invisible to our eyes. The petrol if it has less carbon or 100% purer, perhaps you can not see it in its original form and also you can not see it when it escapes from a can into air when the can is open. Allah made them invisible from humans. but before human family (Hazrat Adam and Hawwa or Eve/Eva-peace be upon them, the first parents of mankind) were sent on this earth, the earth was occupied by Ginns -good and evil. But Allah arranged for the accomodation of humans on the earth.

Go to this to read what Allah says about Ginns or jinns/genies:


and then the discussion board:





Know that all the animals are aware about ginns,satans. But the animals and birds etc are not sent for a test on the earth. Only ginns and men/women are created by Allah for this exact purpose of Divine Test and some mock at this truth and then die failing in their lives. Some understand this fact and believe Allah and His Prophets and Qur'an which is the Final Divine Book confirming all the previous Holy Messages/Books of Almighty Lord and God Allah.

When the earth quake or any calamity is to come, the Angels (of Adhab or punishment) descend, gather and surround that place. This phenomenon is from Allah. But humans and ginns are not aware of such dangers. The animals will know and see the hidden world from us and they start feeling the dangers and hence behaving in a abnormal way. They can't speak to us and tell us what is going to happen. But because if you believe in Allah you know that something is going to happen and rely on Allah for His Help and Protection (Tawakkalthu Alallah) and that is the motto of a believer in Almighty God Allah.

The food and drink of the jinn

The jinn eat and drink. Ibn Mas'ood said: "The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
'Someone from among the jinn called me, and I went with him and recited Qur'an for them.' He took me and showed me the traces of where they had been and the traces of their fires. They asked him for food and he said, 'You can have every bone on which the name of Allah has been mentioned that comes into your possession, as meat, and all the droppings as food for your animals.' The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, 'So do not use [these things] for cleaning yourselves [after relieving oneself], for they are the food and provision of your brothers.'" (Reported by Muslim, 450).

The believing jinn may eat any bone on which the name of Allah has been mentioned, because the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not permit them to have anything on which Allah's name has not been mentioned - those are for the kuffaar (disbelievers) among the jinn.

The dwelling-places of the jinn

The jinn live on this earth where we do. They are mostly to be found in ruins and unclean places like bathrooms, dunghills, garbage dumps and graveyards. Hence the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) taught us to take precautions when entering such places, by reciting the athkar (prayers) prescribed by Islam. One of these was reported by Anas ibn Maalik (may Allah be pleased with him), who said:

"When the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) entered the toilet, he would say,
'Allahumma innee a'oothu bika min al-khubuthi wa'l-khaba'ith (O Allah, I seek refuge with You from the evil ones, male and female).'"

please check on the above ISLAMIC websites for more about Jinns/genies/Satan/Iblis etc.
Ma Salam.

ak said...

Is it true that all those fakirs, mullahs, tantriks actually capture these djinns and make them follow their commands?

Anonymous said...

well jinns are true and existing.
A small test: if you are a non-vegtarian just try this. After eating chicken or mutton just leave the bones on the waste bowl or ont the tablemat. Observe after 10/ 15 minutes. The bones will be clean as anything. Remember this happens on any season or any altitude or any climate, whatever the outside environment is. I have checked with many scientific experiments nothing is sufficient.

Anonymous said...

This is to clarify that jinns arenot the inhabitants of mosques.They are 100%human like community living along with us.All the aspects of humas is applicable to jinns. They also have faiths/ societies / etc...
The muslim jinns do come to particular mosques to perform prayers.There are beleivers and non beleivers in the existence of God. just like human.
Above all ther people who have slaved or made friendship with them and BELEIVE ME they are earning money under the name of Blackmagic ..etc..
I shall continue....
who knows ...