Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Cow Vigilantes' Terror: Two more Muslims killed in India, mob lynches them in Assam

Two more Muslims have died--victims of Cow Terror.

Abu Hanifa and Riyazuddin were lynched by a mob in Assam.

Clearly, terror in the name of cow continues in India.

This is the worst form of Terrorism in the world, where people kill in the name of cow. They feel that they can kill anyone and have moral right to decide whether someone is guilty or not.

Akhlaq was killed because it was imagined that the meat in his fridge was not of goat but cow. Similarly, the mob decided that Abu Hanifa and Riyazuddin were cow thieves.

So they got the 'authority' to kill them in cold blood. Both of them were beaten to death. The incident occurred in Nagaon district. The Kachamari Pathar village is just 130 km from State capital.

Soon after the incident, in which two people were murdered, the cops had started claiming that 'it was not a case of cow vigilantism'. How? Why such hurry to give a clean-chit, instead of focusing on crime of such magnitude.

Even before probe, it was termed that they were 'cow thieves'. So where is the need for police or law-enforcing agencies?The self-styled 'Gau Rakshaks' are on a spree of attacks, violence and killings across India.

The prime target are Muslims, and in some cases Dalits too. Occasionally, non-Muslims have also been beaten or tortured. Like in Una in Gujarat, where Dalits who skin dead animal, were tortured by right-wing extremists.

1. In Bihar, a man honked at a cow and he was attacked, resulting in damage to his eyesight. LINK

2. In Delhi, a woman tried to shoo away a cow and she later nearly escaped the violent mob. LINK
Ganesh Mandal or Sharmila's case are exceptions.

3. Jabar Singh and Bhoop Singh brutally beaten by cow vigilantes in Noida. LINK

OLD INCIDENT 2015: Gulli alias Phool CHaran kills two friendsGulla Soma and Ganesh Bhilala in Damoh as he suspected they were involved in transportation of cows. LINK

4. Tribal** accused of cow slaughter, dies in police custody.

5. Appu Malviya was brutally beaten by vigilantes in Ujjain. He was thrashed, kicked, beaten with belts publicly. LINK & LINK

6. Sheikh Bismillah, 27, and his uncle Sheikh Siddique, 65, had gone to sell buffalo meat when they were attacked, brutally beaten in Washim in Maharashtra. The assailants accused them of selling beef. "It was buffalo meat. They just won't listen", victims said. The incident occurred in Washim in Maharashtra. Shockingly, after they were assaulted, they two persons were booked under section 295 (A) of IPC. The police said that they seized meat and sent samples for test to the lab. The attackers were seen shouting slogans and forcing the duo to chant 'Jai Shri Ram', slapping, punching and kicking them repeatedly, and ordering them to come to the police station with them. Later, police booked seven persons for the assault. LINK & LINK

**Elderly Kodar Gamar was arrested under the newly enacted cow protection law for allegedly slaughtering bovines, reported HT. Gamar, in his 60s, was arrested and was in the custody of Sabarkantha police. He died. A judicial probe has been ordered.

7. Muslims are the main target. In national capital, Delhi, just over a week ago, Muslim cattle transporters--Rizwan, Ashu and Kamil, were brutally beaten. This happened in Kalkaji. LINK and LINK.

They hailed from Pataudi, Haryana. They were stopped, pulled out of vehicle, beaten up. The police had to save them. The attackers claimed to be 'animal rights activists' and representing People for Animals (PFA).

8. Self-styled 'gau rakshaks' beat up people for buffalo slaughter, a man thrashed even as he is escorted by police. The incident occurred in Aligarh. See video

9. Five members of a family including a nine-year-old girl injured in attack by cow vigilantes in Jammu & Kashmir in April. The girl suffered multiple fractures. The family was moving with their livestock. "One of our children, a 10-year-old, is still missing. We don't know whether he is alive or dead. They even beat our elders very badly. They wanted to kill us and throw our bodies into the river". LINK

10. Shivam, a BA student, stabbed after cow vigilantes thought he was a journalist [photographer] and was not taking the photograph of their protest. LINK

11. Yet another cow vigilante attack in Jharkhand. Ainul Ansar attacked, cops later save him. He insists that it was meat, not beef. This incident occurred in Darbhanga (Jharkhand) on June 7. LINK

12. 100 cow vigilantes had surrounded Hayat Rabbani hotel in Jaipur, wanted owner to be handed to them, alleging that it sold beef. The incident had occurred on March 19.  Now, forensic lab report reveals that it was not beef. LINK

Over the last three years, there have been numerous cases of attacks and killings. The most recent case was that of Pahlu Khan, who was killed in Rajasthan. However, the State government, did not take the crime seriously and even one of its ministers tried to play it down, ending up blaming victim.

13. Officials of Tamil Nadu's Animal Husbandry Department had bought cows and calves from Jaisalmer for a Central government's breeding programme when they were attacked near Rajasthan's Barmer. The cow vigilantes also attempted to set fire to one of the trucks which had the animals inside, the police said. The cows would have been burnt alive had they not been rescued by the police. LINK

14. [June 20] Cow vigilantes strip, tie to tree and beat up three people mercilessly in Etah in Uttar Pradesh. They alleged that these were cow smugglers. A cop seen in video but couldn't do anything. LINK

15. [June 24]. Junaid, 16, stabbed to death in train, when he was returning after Eid shopping from Delhi to Ballabhgarh in Haryana. Called Pakistani and termed beef eater because of their dress and skullcap, assailants attack Junaid, a Hafiz-e-Quran, and his brothers in train. LINK & LINK

16. [June 25] Three Muslim men lynched in Dinajpur in West Bengal over suspicion that they were involved in cow theft. LINK

17. Muslim men--Abu Hanifah and Riyazuddin lynched in Assam, reports Al Jazeera. READ
So far, just a case has been registered and two persons detained, says this PTI report. LINK

18. NOT BEEF. [June 27] Otera Bibi, 42, a mentally challenged woman, lynched in West Bengal. LINK

19. [June 28] Mob attacks house of Usman Ansari in Jharkhand, burns the house, clashes with police, he gets injured, survives. LINK

20. [June 29] Alimuddin alias Asghar Ali lynched in Ramgarh in Jharkhand. Mob accused him of taking beef in a van. LINKLINK

21. NOT BEEF. [June 30]. Two more lynched in Bihar over suspicion of theft, beaten to death. The victims, two Dalits--Baban Musahar and Murahu killed in Rohtas district. LINK & LINK

22. [July 9] Eight killed, all of them Hindus. They were going to rescue their kin who had been caught and kept hostage by 'Gau Rakshaks'.

In Jhajhar in Haryana, Xylo had a collision with a trailer truck. Eight died--Randhir, Ramu, Raju Ram, Raju son of Bhima, Jagdish, Birbal, Bhagirath and Sukhendra. They were going to get their relatives released who had been caught by Gau rakshaks. Victims belonged to Mehrana in Charkhi Dadri. LINK

23. [June 9]  Victims belonged to Mehrana in Charkhi Dadri. LINK

24. July 14: Muslim man beaten in Nagpur over false charge that he was carrying beef. Kept insisting that it was mutton, not beef [later a lab test suggested it was beef]. The victim Salim Ismail Shah is general secretary of BJP's Katol taluka minority cell. LINK

25. July 14: Muslim family attacked on train in Uttar Pradesh. Mob brutally attacked entire family including women and a disabled son too, with rods and sticks. Saying, 'kill them, they are Muslims'. LINK

26. Shailesh and his mother Maniben mercilessly beaten in Anand in Gujarat. Over 100 persons attacked their house for allegedly skinning dead cow. LINK & LINK & LINK

27. Elderly Lal Din beaten by cow vigilantes for moving with cattle in Rajauri in Jammu-Kashmir on August 27. LINK [see Photo].

28. Two Muslim boys--Hafizul Sheikh, 19, and Anwar Husain, 19, killed by cow vigilantes in West Bengal. Lynched on suspicion of being cow thieves on August 27. LINK

29. Mohammad Umar killed by cow vigilantes in Alwar (Rajasthan), body thrown on track to pass it off as accident [November 14, 2017]. LINK

30. Four minors in jail for three months on charges of cow slaughter since december 29, 2017. They were picked up from Khatauli in Muzaffarnagar on charges of alleged cow slaughter, include a nine month old infant.

31. [April 30, 2018] Man held for cow slaughter dies in custody in UP; Gujjars threaten protests. The victim, Narendra Kumar, 34, died. Cops to drop cow slaughter charges. LINK

32. Mohammad Riyaz, 45,  killed by cow vigilantes in Satna in Madhya Pradesh. Shakil, 35, critical, in hospital. Riyaz survived by his wife and kids. LINK

READ: From minor boy Imatiaz's murder in Jharkhand to Pehlu Khan's killing in Rajasthan


Mohsin Sheikh, killed in Pune, because he had a beard (June, 2014)
Noman killed in Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh by cow terrorists.
Zahir Ahmad killed in Udhampur on rumours
Syed Farid Khan lynched in Dimapur, Nagaland on March 5, 2015
Akhlaq was killed in his house in Dadri in UP.
Md Mazloom Ansari and Imtiaz, lynched and hanged by tree on March 18, 206  
Md Ayub Pandit lynched by a mob in Kashmir
Md Saddam and Farooq, students, lynched in Imphal in Manipur on April 7, 2016.    
Ajju Husain, a resident of Chittorgarh, cattle trader, paraded naked and lynched    
Md Ayyub, a resident of Gujarat, taking his catle lynched in Gujarat on September 2016
Md Salik, Salman in Bhopal

OLD 2016 list on this blog HERE

Attacks Against Muslims, Lynching, Hate Crimes [Other than cow-beef killings]

*[May 29]: Muslim youths returning from Taravih, shot at in Gonda, UP. One of them, Pappu, 23, killed.

*[June 24] 70-year-old Muslim cleric shot dead inside a mosque by unidentified persons who had also thrown meat [pork] in the mosque in Mau. LINKLINKLINK

*[June 25] Md Salman, 19, shot by cops after dragging him from his house in Jharkhand. He had just returned after buying new clothes, itr and belt for Id. LINK & LINK

*July 1. Journalist M Atharuddin saved himself, his 91-yr-old father, 85-yr-old mother, wife and kids from Bajrang Dal terrorists by chanting 'Jai Shree Ram'. They threatened, say it, else we will burn the car. LINK

*July 2: Police fire at Muslims, kill Yaqub Ali. The victim is among those protesting action against 'doubtful voters.  He was shot dead. LINK

*September 21: Middle-aged Nabi Ahmad lynched, Azmat critical in Farrukhabad, UP. Nabi Ahmads's son says his father's beard led to his identification as Muslim and the attack. LINK

*December 6: Middle-aged Muslim man, Afrazul, burnt alive by Shambhu Lal Regar alias Shambhu Bhawani in Rajsamand in Rajasthan. The latter was radicalized by watching propaganda and videos. LINK

*June 13, 2018: Two men killed on suspicion of cattle theft by self-styled cow vigilantes in Godda in Jharkhand. Murtuza Ansari and Charku Ansari, lynched. LINK

*June 18, 2018: Cow vigilantes' terror continues, attack two Muslims in Hapur in UP. One of them, Qasim, succumbed, first. LINK

*December 3, 2018: A police official Subodh Kumar Singh & a youth, Sumit, killed in mob attack on police in Bulandshahr after crowd mobilized over rumorus of alleged cow slaughter. LINK


Horrific crimes, violence, terror against Muslims 

*Eight-year-old girl raped, tortured and murdered by special police officer (SPO) Deepak Khajuria, who was entrusted with the task to find her. Later, rally was taken out by Hindu Ekta Manch in support of Khajuria, demanding his release. It carried national flag. BJP leaders including ministers joined it. LINK, LINK and LINK

*'Bajrang Dal' men chop woman’s fingers, break son’s hands in Gujarat. LINK

*Sri Sri's threat: India will turn into Syria if Ram Mandir issue is not resolved. LINK

May 2: Muslim man lynched in Bikaner, Rajasthan over 'Love Jihad'. LINK

April end: A convert to #Islam was beaten up, his beard shaved off and forced to convert to Hinduism by Hindu extremist mob in Shamli, #UttarPradesh.

April: Man--Abhishek Mishra cancels Ola drive as driver was Muslim. This sparks outrage on social media. Ola responded that it doesn't distinguish on the basis of religion.

May 2: Armed group of affron radicals enter campus, attack students, brutally beat them up in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Later, cops also arrived, lathi-charge. LINK

May 1: After threatening and disrupting Namaz, Gurgaon outfits demand: that Namaz should be allowed only in areas with over 50% Muslims. LINK

December 3, 2018: Shiv Sena for compulsory sterilisation of Muslims, Christians owing to 'national security'. LINK

December 30, 2018: Cow vigilantes brutally beat Mohammad Sagheer in Alwar, Rajasthan. He survives lynching bid, undergoing treatment in hospital. LINK

May 2, 2022: Cow vigilantes linked to Bajrang Dal and Ram Sene attacked tribals. Dhan Shah Inwati and Sampat, were accompanied by a third person, Brajesh, when they were attacked by suspected Bajrang Dal members. This is another instance of Hindus killed over possession of suspicious meat.