Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Bajrang Dal's Terror: Police station attacked, inspector among two killed in Bulandshahr, four arrested

In a shocking incident, an armed mob attacked a police station and killed two persons including a police official.

The attackers were led by right-wing extremist militia Bajrang Dal leaders. The main accused, Yogesh Raj, has been charged with engineering the mob violence.

This incident occurred in Bulandshahar district. First, it was rumour-mongering over carcass of a dead animal. This was used to mobilize the people. Hundreds came from outside and demanded action.

When the mob turned violent, police tried to control them. But there was attack, firing and two persons including the police official, Subodh Kumar Singh, were killed.

Singh was shot in the head. A youth, Sumit, 21, also died in the brutal attack.

Such was the situation that the mob chased and attacked the police personnel who were present at the spot.

Some had to break the wall of the police outpost in order to escape and save themselves from the killers.

In fact, Subodh Kumar Singh was being taken to hospital when he was attacked, again. He later succumbed to the injuries.

This incident has led to shockwaves across the country. Bajrang Dal members, VHP cadre and BJP leaders have been found involved in inciting the mob.

Yogesh Raj's Facebook and Twitter posts suggest how radicalised, he was. His social media handles reflect the intense hatred and give an indication about his plans. Yet, there has been little focus on this aspect. Most newspapers have ignored these inflammatory posts (some posts have been deleted, it appears, just now).

LINK: Bajrang Dal radicals arrested for attack, killing police official in Bulandshahr