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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Abusive messages, anti-Muslim comments & this blog

It's tough to deal with abusive comments that keep coming every day. There are regular such emails and comments on the posts. Most of these guys don't even bother to read the posts and it appears they are full of hate towards Islam and Muslims.

I was forced to start moderating comments sometime back when I felt that almost every day I was getting such comments that used to hurt and unsettle me. Often, they are full of so much hatred that you shudder and think, is this real? How much percent of people in this country hate Muslim and do they really hate us so much?

Then I would always console myself that cyberspace is different from normal world. Here people who don't have the cheek to say or do anything openly, can make anonymous comments or send emails, and they are a handful of people who keep doing that regularly and makes you feel that there are so many Islamophobes.

You write a post on harmony, the ganga-jumni culture and then you get an email that starts with 'Saale Kat*&*' and keeps on telling you every atrocity which he believes Muslims have committed on him and his ancestors interspersed with English and Hindutani gaalis.

I feel bad, very bad.

No matter how much you think that you won't give a damn to them, the fact is that everytime you get such a mail or comment, it hurts. Sometimes when it is terribly abusive, you feel why not get this guy tracked and booked for his action.

After all, if someone abuses you openly on the street, it is tough to act against him legally but if someone sends you an email or writes an abusive post, it is possible to teach him a lesson that he will not forget.
The evidence is strong, the IT [Information Technolog] Act makes any such crime punishable and the sentence is much more but nobody bothers. Sometime you feel you should take the lead and get a few guys caught. At least, this will send the message across. Racism and hatespeak aren't taken seriously in India yet and people often forget, but it's a serious crime.

If you hate me just for being a Muslim and will keep calling me names, it is irrational. You can write in proper and decent language. Anonymity gives you freedom to abuse. You don't fear that a friend of you, who is a Muslim, may come to know that you have such deep biases. But if you are courageous enough, why don't you stop every passing Muslim on the street and abuse him.

I still want to believe that such guys don't form more than 1% of the populace.

Write your full name, address and also post your photo, if you dare, in forums, sites and blogs. Else talk in a civilised way. Blame me, be critical but enough of abuses. Don't wear the mask of anonymity to spread hate on internet.
Sometimes I really wonder, what could be the cause of such deep hate?
Today there are bombs exploding and Islam is linked to terrorism. But why was such a similar hatred, 16 years ago or even before that, when Babri Masjid was destroyed and when Muslims were openly abused.

Tab Tushtikaran thaa...the so-called appeasement of Muslims by politicians. And people had suddenly become such experts in history that they could tell you how many atrocities Aurangzeb and Babur had done on Hindus in this country. Even then, it was not easy for Muslim to get a house on rent (I am not talking about jobs or any other thing).

Simple hatred. Why?


Anonymous said...

I am Hindu but I will tell you one thing frankly and without any bias. Almost 99% of Hindus that I know (this includes myself) have deep resentment, if not hatred, of muslims for what they have inflicted on India. For me it is clear that Hindus and Muslims can never live peacefully side by side, and history also proves this. Practical solution is to have another partition into a Hindu and a Muslim state, with others deciding where to go. Unless this is done we will keep facing these bombings, riots and tension leading to an outright civil war till one side is finished off. Hindu Muslim unity is bull shit, the partion of 1947 should have been complete with separation of Hindus and Muslims.

Saad Akhtar said...

A difficult problem for sure. But hey, it's the internet.. the best solution is to Fuck it, and move on.

I like to think that even the most openly hate spewing commentator is doing it just because he can (under the cover of anonymity). He/she probably doesnt hate so much. And if he in fact does, it's his loss and a loss to his family/children on whom he passes this hatred.

Hate doesnt spontaneously appear in a person. Not like Babur killed someone and his great-great-great-X grandson is taking revenge by trolling on your blog :)

As I like to say on such occasions... It's the Internet, it's full of assholes.

Anonymous said...

There are knickers dedicated for this task alone. They roam the net to propagate their hate. And this recent bomb waves is nothing but orchestrated for boxup the community.

Read today Mailtoday paper for Surat operation.

the tabloid newspaper owned by the India Today group, has done a sterling job of identifiying and saluting the brave men who spotted the bombs. Surprise, surprise, the police were tipped off by a small group of BJP activists with no previous expertise in spotting bombs.
# All hail Bhimji Budhna, BJP corporator and president of the Surat diamond market: He called up the police to alert them about 11-yes, eleven-of the 22 bombs that didn’t explode. He got a call at 10.30 am from “one of my workers” at Shakti Vijay Housing Society. He doesn’t remember his name now. “But if you visit that place anybody will tell you about it.”
# All hail Pravin Bhalala, real estate broker, VHP activist, and president of the Gau Rakshak Suraksha Samiti: “On July 26, I watched the entire coverage of the Ahmedabad blasts. I saw that a Maruti Wagon R car with the ‘CD’ series [registration] was used for one of the blasts. Next day, when I went to Varchcha, I found that three shopkeepers were discussing what to do with a car parked in front of their shops. The number plate was of the ‘CD’ series. I got suspicious and informed the police.”
# All hail Sanjay Kapooria: He doesn’t belong to any political party, but Budhna says “he is one of us.” Kapooria fished out a bomb from a dustbin near his jewellery shop. He then carried the bomb all the way to the nearest police post. Asked if he wasn’t scared of the bomb exploding, Kapooria says: “When none of the earlier 18 bombs had gone off in Surat, I was sure that this too would not. I didn’t fear even once about the bomb that I was carrying.”

You get the idea who is masterminding the operation and whatcan be their objectives.

indscribe said...

Anon1: This is practically impossible. You seem to have gone many steps ahead of RSS.

Saad Akhtar: You are right. One has to deal with in a better way than getting emotional and upset over it.

Anon: Ya, just read the story. I have also got Mail Today just now.

Danesh said...

I have been following your blog for around 2 years now. I admire you for reporting news that the media fears to report. Keep up the good work and do not care for such irrational, abusive comments. Jazak Allah for your work!

Anser Azim said...

Keep your blog free from usage of adjectives and abusive language, the norm of many dirty blogs. Be honest and truthful. I visited Mr Akhter's web site and postings. its funny. But In my opinion usage of bad language takes away the literary charm and satire from his cartoons.You are doing a great service for your country.
anser azim

indscribe said...

Thanks Danesh bhai

Anser Sb: Shukria. Thanks for your encouragement.

Ye manzilen !! said...

Gita main likha hai ke " Karam kiye jaa--phal ki iccha na kar"...

So do your job A, and dont worry about what Mullah Luis calls " Poorane Chawal"..

Sunil said...

An Indian Muslim, whatever your name is...
I happen to be a Hindu by default, and I am proud to be one - not in the manner today's self-proclaimed saviours of Hindutva say it, but because i understand the meaning of the term, and also the real meaning of the term Hindutva, which is nothing else but Indian-ism literally speaking.
Not going further into this, I just want to say that I, even being a non-Muslim, feel equally hurt and saddened when I see or hear anti-Muslim remarks made for no reason other than they are talking against Islam.
It hurts to see that we are still talking about repeating the mistakes our forefathers or politicians of their generation committed. We are still being pawns at the hands of petty politics.
I feel, whatever wrongs are being attributed to Muslims today, even if there be an iota of truth in it, its only done for political and material gains. I needn't say again that true Islam would never teach anything against humanity - its only the corrupt interpretation done sometimes for political ambitions. Also I do truly believe that Indian Muslims are far far truer Muslims than any other in the world.
I actually bumped into your blog searching for Majaz, and happened to read your latest article.
Hang in there pal, we'll surely find a way to deal with this hatred, and inshallah convert it to love for humanity - which is above everything.
Just be true in your intentions, do what you feel is righteous, and God will be with you. Krishna said it in Gita, so did Jesus, and so did Prophet Mohammad.

Anonymous said...

http://churumuri.wordpress.com/2008/08/02/when-my-conspiracy-theory-is-better-than-yours, check this out.

Kourosh Ziabari said...

In the name of God
Dear Muslim brother

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We are looking to form a communal blog for Muslim bloggers around the world and from various countries while our main goal is to confront the biased black propaganda against Islam and our Holy prophet (PBUH).

This blog is about to talk about Islamic customs, traditions, famous Muslims and eventually to give a realistic and peaceful view of Islam and Islam lovers to the whole world.

The blog that is called "100 Nations, 100 Muslims" will be consisted of 100 Muslim bloggers from 100 countries and our new members are joining one by one.

I am here to honorably invite you to join this blog which could be found at http://100muslims.blogspot.com as a Muslim brother to join our group.

Once the 100 members are completed, we will start our work as described in the first post.

The first post contains instructions, guidelines and regulations that every blogger must accept in order to join "100 Nations, 100 Muslims" communal blog.

I will wait for your answer and hope you accept our suggestion.

By the way, don't pay much attention to malicious comments that are being posted with the purpose of enfeebling the will of Muslims.

God bless you

Exit Row Isle said...

I stumbled across your blog one day and have checked it regularly ever since. In the African American culture -- if you have 'haters' that means you're doing something right!

indscribe said...

Shukria for the kind words, Sunil sahab.

Anon, ya checked the link.

Janab Kourosh, I will just visit the blog...thanks for visiting.

Exit row isle, thanks.

How do we know said...

i LOVED the last question - Simple hatred - why? And its a 2 way question. In fact, its a multi way question.

If you visit any, and i mean ANY congregation that is composed of people who share a religion, caste or even profession, you will find, in those minds, a hatred of everything that is Not them. Please note a comment in response to your own post - "don't pay much attention to malicious comments that are being posted with the purpose of enfeebling the will of Muslims". Hello???!!!

So, the hatred is not just from Hindus to the Muslims, its from the Christians to all non Christians, from the Muslims to all non Muslims,from Hindus to Muslims and Christians who convert and Sikhs who are loud, from Vaishyas to Brahmins, from Shias to Sunnis, from Catholics to Protestants, from unreserved classes to reserved classes, from non Dalits to Dalits(and vice versa in each case)...

it is much simpler to hate than to love.

You are not the person against whom this hatred is directed. We are just instruments, labelled and conveniently tagged so we can be included in population numbers, can be hated at will and can be used as desired.

Yuyutsu said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now (stumbled upon it while looking for something else).

Let me say this -- you're doing a good job. I'm a Hindu and I'll be honest with you, I've misgivings about a large section of Muslims, I've had occasions to believe that a very large section still looks at 'Ummah' first and the nation later. I've also had reasons to believe that a large section of Msulims actually looks favorably at invaders and plunderers like Ghazni, Ghori, babar and even Aurangzeb (ONLY because of their religion?).

But, to say that all Muslims are bad and we should hate them and throw them out (as the 1st poster here reckons) is plain stupid, ridiculous and not worthy of being replied to. Muslims are very much a part of this country, 99% of the Ms were born and brought up in this country and their ancestors have lived in India for countless generations (they just happen to get converted to Islam for whatever reason, but that's immaterial, methinks).

Having said that, we need more educated Muslims like you to stand up and counter the 'miniscule minority' that are misguided (I, for my part think, there're more than a 'miniscule minority' who are 'misguided' but am willing to be pleasantly surprised). We need people from within the community to stand up.

If we have to prove that Hs and Ms can live together in peace (and I'm one who believes they can), there have to be efforts made from within the M community, bloggers like you are a good start but we need more politicians who stand up to say, "yes, mistakes have been made (from both sides), but to just blame the Govt. and the Hindus for the bad state is not going to work, we need to make efforts to join the mainstream and reject the leaders who look to 'Ummah' for guidance."

But what do we have instead? Leaders like Bukhari, Owaisi, Shabauddin claiming to be Muslim voices (I hope they're not), an Indian cricket captain when caught match-fixing saying I'm being persecuted because of my religion, Salman Khan wearing a skull cap while in jail (and papers reporting he prays 5 times a day, as if that alone atones for his sins).....and even civilized society preferring a hate-monger like Dr. Zakir Naik over someone like Farid Zakaria.

When I see this happening, it pushes me (and I believe more people like me) closer and closer to BJP (inspite of all their idiosyncracies).

Here's hoping more leaders/educated people from Muslims stand up and be counted or this cycle of hate and God forbid, more partitions, will continue.

~ Anonymous(Can't login to my gmail/blogspot id from the PC I'm using)

indscribe said...

Ya, you are right. Easier to hate than love. So true.


Thanks for your comments. I honestly tell you that's not the case with a majority of Indian Mulsims. I have written a few posts in the recent past about how Indian Muslims.

And Ghori, Ghaznvani etc are not heroes. Please try to understand its baseless propaganda.

When it comes to politics, Muslims don't vote for such leaders. In fact, Muslim totally trust in Hindu leadership in various states ranging from Arjun Singh to Mulayam Singh and others.

As long as Zakir Naik is concerned, there are proselytizers in every religion. There are also crackpots everywhere.

Azharuddin was wrong on that part. Kindly see the recent post on him on this blog about how he let everybody the down.

Ye manzilen !! said...

Are u going to defend each and every muslim who has done wrong? Azhar, Salman and Zakir Naik are Desis....plain and simple and no one should expect me to to be apologetic for thier stupidities...

Its time to stop being defnesive for each and every god damn muslim idiot out there....and these idiots are in every religion....

Yuyutsu said...

Thanks indscribe for allowing my earlier post.

"I honestly tell you that's not the case with a majority of Indian Mulsims."

It's really heartening to know that. Unfortunately, in my (admittedly, limited) interaction with educated Ms, as I said, in my last post as well, I've had reasons to believe otherwise (i just hope I had a very limited and biased sample). And I happen to come from a small town in Northern India (a M majority town as well), so am not even including the views of illiterate/semi-literate, 'common' Ms.

It's always (again, based on my interactions with educated Ms), 'we ruled India for 800 years' -- I've always been at pains to reason ki bhai, it was not 'you' who ruled India, it was Turkish/Afghan/Central Asian invaders who happened to share the same religion. And, if Indian Ms (who have lived here for as long as Hs or Buddhists/Jains), start identifying themselves with these invaders because their ancestors converted to Islam sometime in the past, they open themselves to allegations such as being 'Babar ki santaanein' (as some crackpot termed once).

@Ye Manzilein:

"Azhar, Salman and Zakir Naik are Desis....plain and simple and no one should expect me to to be apologetic for thier stupidities.."

Exactly, they're Indians and should be treated as such, nothing more, nothing less. Their being Ms should be just incidental, a footnote.

For some reason, people like Salman and Azhar decide to wear their religious identity on their sleeves ONLY when they're in trouble (ostensibly, to show that it's because of their religion that they're being persecuted). I've never seen any Hindu celebrity doing that.....but why are they able to pull it off repeatedly (going by media coverage, a number of people 'appear' to be sympathetic to their 'cause') -- is it because they believe that there's a receptive audience to lap up these games of theirs?


Again, it's NOT my intention, nor am I even vaguely suggesting that the 2 of you (or your like-minded friends) should be answerable for these weirdos.

The topic of this post was 'Hate' and unfortunately, till these mindsets exist (in my view, in a significant chunk of Indian M population -- in your view, a small but very very loud minority), this cycle of hate will continue to feed on itself.

The best way out, I still think, is educated/rational Ms like you and 'Ye Manzilein' being more voluble (shutting up the small but very very loud minority voices who claim to be representatives of Indian Muslim opinion).

PS: Sorry for the really long post yet again. :-)

Ye manzilen !! said...


Even though I believe in what I said and you qouetd me again. But look at the whole from different perspective...

If you are under the gun....committed a crime or just allegations are made against you, are you gonna go by the book to defend urslef?

Are you going to do a survey to see what hindus will think if I play my muslim card to ESCAPE punishment under the law?

People do all this carp to SURVIVE my friend.It is that simple...Here in the US blacks use "minority card" to escape punishment and make counter allegations that they were framed....

Point is....stop looking at these survival tactics of some stupid muslims as muslim sanctioned act.....

urdudaaN said...

If majority of the people believe that "many Hindus hate Muslims and vice versa", also confirmed is the fact that "every Hindu does not hate every Muslim and vice versa".

Why keep discussing it? What's the use??

On one hand we keep blaming (in our school text books) the British who divided us to rule. And, on the other hand we we import 'terrorism' theories from them.

On one hand we say that politicians are the most cunning, on the other hand they are the most truthful while lecturing on historical facts and appeasement.

On one hand police are the most corrupt, but on the other hand they are the most loyal lot and full of action when they catch people and label them 'terrorists'.

Thanks to our hateful judgements and double standards.

Abid Shahzad said...

Asslaom Alikum
I am form Pakistan. Last day I have read a novel about the Great Tipu Sultan, who fought not only for Muslims but alos for other minorities of Hindustan agains British. It's prove is that in the last war against Tipu, Marhattas hadn't participated. And many marhatts joined the Tipu to combat British for the sake of their freedom.
Allas! due to cheaters, which are still in us like Mr. Musharaf and mostly all the rulers of Muslim countries, who have inherited spirit of Mir Sadiq and Mir Mohin ud Deen, Tipu lost the war but have won the eternal life.

In the second last war aginst Tipu, by Nizam of Hyderabad, Marhattas, and British (East India Company) army, Tipu defeated Marhattas and they ran away, even leaving theri wives behind them. Tipu gave respect them and awarded a Scaraf (Chaddar) to every women and sent them to their husbands in the custody of one of his brave officer (Anwar Ali).

Don't worry, friend keep it up. Allah will reward you in this world and hereafter.

Please pray for Dr. Aafia (Allah may protect him), who is in the hands of Americans. As a Pakistani, I am ashmed of the act done by ISI for dollors.
Please pray for her.

Joyson said...

This joyson and its become almost necessity (on this blog) and irritating at the same time to state my religion...which is christianity.
I can, for sure, say one thing that as age goes by, time will strip everyone naked and all will be left with us would be these years of mindless quarrelling and fanaticism

Anser Azim said...

Shankaracharya accuses Mr Modi for the Gujrat bombings. worth reading.

anser azim

Anonymous said...

In one of your posts u compared Nepali migrants with Bangladeshi Migrants so I would like to ask you that have u ever heared about the involvement of any nepali migrant in anti national activities but as we al know that almost all the bangladeshi migrants are involved in anti national activities and they have tied up with terrorists and are busy in bomb blasts and other such activities so Dear can't u see alll these things and try to find out the answer on your own. we say jai hind rather than shouting Pakistan Zindabad

jai hind

indscribe said...

All Bangladeshis! If there are 1 crore Bangladeshi Muslims, you may not have found the names of 10 of them involved in any such activities.

And how easily you say...All. The fact is that finding even ten people would be tough.

Be rational. Nepali or Bangladeshi. Natinoality or language doesn't make any qaum terrorist. Try to understand this.

Otherwise, there are lot of Nepalise involved in crime and even among Naxalites, whom you may not consider militants.

After all, it's your right to feel whatever you want to believe...

Abhijit said...

I (a Hindu), cannot speak for anyone else, but I think I can list some of the reasons. I do this because unless we begin acknowledge these causes, these will not be addressed, let alone be redressed or rectified.
Many of these are known to everyone, but are nonetheless listed for completeness. Some may be my personal view and bias, but if I have developed these beliefs, so must have someone else.
(1) Mistrust: Muslims are perceived as barbaric,fundamentalist and traitors who are loyal, because of religion, to some other country. The recent events, e.g. terror strikes, involvement of educated IT professionals in terrorism, and YouTube videos about barbaric acts in Afghanistan etc. haven't helped!
(2) Anger : If you see your countrymen being blown to bits, at random, in the name of a certain religion, who do you blame? If you see people of your faith being prosecuted in other certain countries while you enjoy a high degree of freedom, who do we (I) blame?
(3) Misconceptions (a.k.a superstitions): There are several misconceptions about Islam among Hindus and also about Hinduism among Muslims. While most of them are laughable that I don't care to list them, but we have large section of un/under-educated or crazy people who would believe in anything.
(4) Fear : Follows from (1),(2) and (3) above.
(5) Tit-for-tat: Partition, Babri Masjid,Godhra... Its a free for all in these situations and the reaction need not match the action on any scale.
(6) Majority Complex: Some Hindus believe, perhaps wrongly so, that this Muslims in this country should live under the thumb of the majority.
(7) Minority Complex: (Some) Muslims believe that they have been singled out for persecution and that their way of life is in danger. India is home to a multitude of religions and ethnicities and while most others have learned to peacefully co-exist, why do Muslims find it so difficult? Why do you have to cry injustice and conspiracy at every single step?

Note: These opinions are my own, and have a Hindu bias. I have tried to identify the reasons for the aforementioned behavior,not the causes that originate them. Also, most of these reasons are 1300 years old, and cannot be fixed in overnight, but we must start somewhere, else we will end up in a situation similar to Lebanon or Yugoslavia.

Anser Azim said...

Abhijit: your points are very well taken. And most of them are touching the nerve. For those shortcomings that exists amongst muslims are totallt against the basics of the message preached by Islamic message. But ignorance and illeteracy about their own religion and education in general, misinterpretation of Islamic teachings are some of the reasons.
This misunderstanding can be bridged. Our respective religions should unite us rather divide us.
Hindus have started doing things in the recent past that was never the trait of their rather peaceful religion. But you have excellently pointed out the reasons behind them.
best wishes

anser azim

Anonymous said...

There's ofcourse the other alternative - which Bhagat Singh had followed years ago - abolition of either religion. What use is a religion if it spills blood of innocent people (be it Hindus or Muslims)? Why not forget all this Hindu-Muslim bullshit and work towards sustaining the people - who need food and shelter at the very least. Close all temples and mosques and convert them to schools of workmanship.

Sounds impractical? Think about it.

Danesh said...

@anonymous: It is very tempting to lose one's religion due to others' interpretations of it. The challenge is to go through the scriptures - Vedas or Quran or Bible to understand the real message for ourselves. Unfortunately, today we are prey to media and believe what they say, since it is packaged nicely in an easy to digest form. And are not really interested in going through the books that really convey the message.

Knewace said...

[ Quote ]

"Almost 99% of Hindus that I know have deep resentment, if not hatred, of muslims for what they have inflicted on India."

[ Quote ]

Dude you are in a dream world. You have been brainwashed with shit like this. Who told you 99% of the hindu population hate muslims?

India is a hindu dominated country. Less than 10% of the country are muslims. If 99 % of the hindu's hate muslims then none of the muslims would be in india today. Muslims are outnumbered in india if we hate you that much then we would have driven you out of the country. Did we do that.

Abdul kalam ( a muslim ) was the president of India. He is also my favorite. How could a muslim be a president if 99% of Hindu's hate muslims.

How could Shah rukh khan / Aamir khan ( muslims ) be the most popular actors in the country and A.R.Rehman ( muslim ) be the most popular music director in the country if 99% of Hindu's hate muslims.

Snap out of it dude you are brainwashed by some religious franatic.

Compared to other religions Hindu's are very tolerant.

The Hindu's in a hindu dominated country ( India ) are more tolerant than Muslims are in a muslim dominated country ( the middle east ) to Hindu's. or Christians in a christian dominated country ( america ) to Muslims.

Christian countries always make fun of muslims in their movies and tv show. India is a hindu dominated country. Do we make fun of you in owr movies or tv shows.

99% hindu's hate muslims indeed. :rolleyes:

Was it the hindu's who made fun of your prophet as cartoons ?

M.F hussain a muslim painter made fun of Hindu gods. Did the Hindu's respond by making fun of muslims, bombing mosques, ect ect. Did we blame the whole muslim community for just what that guy did.

Dude you are so brainwashed by some of you religious franatic. We don't hate you like that.

[ Quote ]

the so-called appeasement of Muslims by politicians

[ Quote ]

What are you talking about dude ? How many Hindu leaders hate muslims. Ofcourse there are some. There are always a few rotten
apples. Dont blame all of them.

[ Quote ]
"Almost 99% of Hindus that I KNOW have deep resentment, if not hatred, of muslims for what they have inflicted on India."
[ Quote ]

99% of Hindus that you know eh. It's your fault if you are mixing up with the wrong people.

See the world with better eyes. dudes.

Yes i do agree that there are lots of Hindu who have hatred for muslims

Trust me dude there are 20 times more Hindu people who have respect for muslims and the muslim religion than those who have hatred them.



Anonymous said...

This is a really good piece... I have just discovered this blog (was searching for something else)... I feel blogs such as this one are really important if we, as Indians, are to succeed in overcoming the communalism problem... Every problem can be solved if only people talk to one another and share their thoughts/feelings... and your blog helps Hindus and Muslims to discover more about each other... I feel that Muslims and Hindus live their social/personal lives seperately (Hindus interacting primarily with H's and ditto for Muslims)... and the two communities come togeather only in the political sphere (and mayhem ensues!)... If anything is going to change, it will first reqire getting to know each other... the merging of the non-political spheres as well... btw... I shall not sign my name (cause that would reveal my religion...) since the religion I choose to follow should be of interest to me only and not come into the picture in any non-religious activity I carry out.

Anonymous said...

I am a hindu by birth and an indian by work. yes I am in defence. Here there is no muslim or hindu. We are all indians. Becoz the bullet does not recognise or ask your religion prior to piercing through your body. So do not worry. Ours is a territory where things are still ok. Of course there are talks of politicising even this last bastion of true secularism, but I am presume it's far fetched. As reagrds tp yuor grievances, these will remain in all stratas of society till we are plagued with poverty, lack of education and communal hatred. It's our duty to aweaken people in out sphere of influence and enlighten them about follies of these social evils. Truely how does it matter if we worship allah, christ or hindu gods? So instead of cribbing and exhaling sighs of helplessness let us communicate thoughts to bring about change. Let us spread message of harmony and indianness.

falak said...

There are many reasons why muslims of India feel insecure. Many are valid. We have failed as a nation, a secular democracy, to protect the rights of our minorities, we have both directly and by implication colluded in religious crimes against Muslims, Sikhs, Christians,and other marginalized people. We have, far from appeasing Muslims as the right wing claims, systematically marginalized them and have not embraced them as equals. We have excluded them from nation building. In popular terms, maybe not publicly, we continue to refer to them as dirty, unwashed, smelly and other such deeply offensive and provocative terms. We have failed to uplift them socially. We, as a nation, must honestly confront our deep rooted biases, we must employ reason, and meaningful dialogue to heal the damage that has been done. Having said that, much like the right wing, the Congress, and various factions, and partisan players, the Muslim political leaders and religious leaders have failed their own people. Hate speech and provocation has become the norm, instead of reasoned thought and balance. We continue, as a nation, to opportunistically encourage hate speech and deepen the divisions in society. It is the bounden duty of the Hindu majority to include its various minorities in the nation at large, offer them the same opportunities, and treat them as equals. It is also the duty of minorities to actively participate in the nation and not be swayed by expedient and opportunistic politics and hate speech. But the burden to provide the means for upliftment and harmony lies more on the side of the majority. It continues to sadden me that we continue to fail one another (and of course to see ignorant and divisive commentary on blogs). Each and every citizen of this nation fails to change the terms of engagement. By the way, I'm a Hindu, and I intend to remain one.

Manav said...

I am furious that I have to read such an entry, and cannot refute it. It is shocking that Hindus talk about what Muslims have "inflicted" upon India, but fail to see that the Mahasabha was established long before the Muslim League became a communal issue. It is surprising that Aurangzeb's acts are remembered, but what was done to the Babri Masjid is forgotten, what happened in Gujarat is forgotten.

So what have Muslims done? Partition and attendant violence against Hindus? My family came from Pakistan, btw, and was forced out during partition, but I know for a fact that what was done by Muslims in Lahore to Hindus was amply reflected in what was done by the latter in Amritsar to the former. In fact, my family was SAVED by Muslim friends. Terorist attacks? What happened at Malegaon? Who was responsible for that? Who was responsible for militancy in Punjab? for operation blue star? For Kanishka, for that matter? How is it that Sikhs are not considered a terrorist groups if Muslims are? Hindus- what did THEY do in Gujarat? In Orissa? In the post-partition Delhi riots?

Blaming Muslims for what they've done to India infuriates me, when communalism has been the hallmark of a minority in each religion. As an Indian, I believe that secularism is integral to India, and that if we don't succeed in that, then India has been a failed state. I'm sick of the rhetoric of Hindu tolerance, and wonder why Islam is not considered a tolerant religion- a religion that was a beacon of light in the dark ages, one that inspired Kabir, and Nanak, and countless reformers.

I hope you never have to listen to such nonsense ever again, or atleast that we, the new generation, may become a group where the word "Katwa" is never heard again, and communal riots become a thing of the past.

Anonymous said...

So easy to hate! So difficult to love!
This is country is unique in that the majority and the largest minority communities have a relationship that goes a bit like this:
Tumhara saath sahaa nahi jaye
Tumhara bagair rahaa nahi jaye!

Padma said...

So easy to hate! So difficult to love!
May be true. but looks like I need to add one more

So impossible to be Objective.

Why are all getting over emotional here.

Milind Kher said...

It is true that there is a lot of hate that is being directed against Muslims.

This is unfortunate, especially when you see that Muslims have been in the forefront of condemning all anti national and terrorist acts.

The liberal Hindus will have to start asserting themselves against the Hindutvavadis who are bringing a bad name to the Hindu community.

Anonymous said...

The whole problem is with religion. Religion is man made by man. Man made god. Let us abandon religion and embrace science and reason instead.

Anonymous said...

"Let us abandon religion and embrace science and reason instead."
You are right, just STALIN is missing here. What solution is that?

kavitha said...

Shouldn't religion be a personal affair where one with peace at heart interact with god? Religion shows us the path to realize god. I think this is the only purpose of having one.Is any of us really interested in that? We don't let a penny go, we are selfish to the core, we want to accumulate all the worldly riches till our dying day and still we fight in the name of religion!Highly paradoxical!By the way what did I do to make me a Hindu or a Muslim or whatever?Just was born in that community and it gives me all the right to be possessive about the religion with out really knowing much about it and hate others just because they don't happen to be in mine.I think first we should know whether we are qualified to be called a hindu or muslim or christian and then can decide who's got the better religion.

Sudarshan said...

I chanced upon the "AnIndianMuslim" site through random browsing that I do. I must commend that you are doing a fantastic job. For Hindus like me, who are miles away from the Indian Muslim's thoughts and mindsets, this is a great window. THANKS AND KEEP GOING...

Anonymous said...


If there are more liberals Muslims condemning right wing Muslims along with Right wing Hindus then that will be a good start for reconciliation..

Use of religion in daily life has to be minimized.. Organizations like All India Muslim Board should be replaced by one single India constitution.

If the welfare of Muslim society should be inclusive then single law under ONE INDIAN CONSTITUTION has to be dreamt off.. For that certain age old religious practice has to be given for the modern future by all sections of the society including Muslims. Collectively we need to advance as one single entity under one law.

Finally Moderate Muslims NEED TO LEARN TO DO CONTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. INSTEAD OF HATING BJP AS A WHOLE THEY SHOULD IDENTIFY FACTIONS WITHIN BJP WHO ARE MODERATE.. Every political party needs to appeal to 3 sections of the society.. The Right wing, the Left Wings and the Moderates... You TAKE ANY political party in any country and that is true.. Politicians have to appeal to every section of the society including Right Wings...

By the way check out on the Web, there are Muslims who are in BJP. India is a country which has billion plus people. No single party can own actions about each and every worker that belongs to it. You cannot hate a political party based on a single person. Also hating of policies should replace hating of party heads. If anybody finds a anti-minority policy within the Modi Government than that has to be universally condemned than condemning Modi based on Tehelka reports without any evidence (photo or audio or otherwise). I am not endorsing Modi or MMS or Sonia. I am saying hate has to be there but for policies rather than individuals.
Last but not the least there is NO NEED TO FORCE EQUALITY ON TO INDIANS. Indians should live as diverse as they are BUT BOUND BY ONE RULE AND ONE LAW COMMON FOR ALL…

Anonymous said...

I am Hindu as well and I would say that whatever Anonymous said is completely wrong. the elections have shown that majority of Hindus don't believe what right wing Hindus like this idiot say. Majority of us want Hindu - Muslim unity and slowly and surely we are going there.

Please ignore the small "vocal" minority of these haters and continue doing this great job. Believe me there are 1000s more Hindus who read blogs like yours and are glad that to learn more and more that Hindu-Muslim unity is possible.

To the haters who can't stand Hindu-Muslim unity, they should leave India, whether they are right wing Hindus or Muslims. There is no space for them here in India

hindblogger said...

Sand of times – Hindu and muslim communities living in harmony.

Sand of times can only show us that before British came and conquored India- Hindu and Muslim communities were living with peace and as per my information- no riots are documented by then. So and so that Akbar used to have Hindus in his courts and famous names like Birbal and Todarmal are well known even today. He married JODHA BAI which was a Hindu Rajput.

We also know that Sikh Gurus were Hindus and they were in constant attendance of muslims and even Muslims happens to perform KIRTAN [ Singing of sacred verbs ] in Golden Temple of Amritsar. Now- this is very dramatic that same community was targetted for 10 years – all in name of economical exploitation and control of economy !

No one perhpas have through about it that Mulsims used to be integral part of of our scoeity in India before british set foot and present scenerio of DIVIDE AND RULE was set in place by them when they encountered situation like 1857. Same formula which was ‘ready to use’ was tried by BJP and it;s so called idiologica supporters but seems youth of India did not allow them to be self styled representative of Hindus of India. Luckily, Muslim votes also did not fall into lap of any ONE leader and perhaps it was enough to shock so called dalit leader Ms. Mayawati

This is again somewhat strange that Muslim in India after 1947 becomes second citizen and constantly was forced to prove that he loves India. Some incidents from Delhi [ Use of crackers whever PAK cricket team wins ] and Mumbai were blown out of limits and I am still not sure if these acts really took place or it was all some propaganda.

Now, we are into a fast moving country where Muslims are still struggling to feel proud to be called an Indian. BJP which has a clear and transparent agenda against Christians and Muslims[ When Sikhs, Budhist, Jains and others will include in the list- we do not know ] seems to be acting like a stubborn child and donot want to nudge from it’s hate line. Advani has gone down the history as a failed and confused leader and if we expect anything from BJP- it is from young creed only. If it does not happen- friends we will see a long term congress rule where family based politics is governing this country.


I do dream that we failed to give anything concrete to this generation and as failures, we are impotents who look negatives in some action. We painted ourselves as foolish, selfish and hypocrits who gets confused between moderanism of west and India roots. BUT – time will change, time will change because life is changing very fast and generation -X will take up all these issues of religion, caste and crime with diferent yeardstick.

I am sure we all should dream that we will be able to see India- as a country where we all will be equally proud to be called an Indian…and ofcourse Muslims will be with us, shoulder to shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Eversince Hindus and Muslims have lived togather in India.
Its M F**** politicians on both the sides who create hate amongst people and rule. its upto us and especially young generation to keep our eyes wide open and not fall prey to these dirty politicians.
lets see a single case of this
* there is no need of subsidising hajj pilgrimage, not even islamist contries do that, why taxpayers money should go into this.
such things are brewed in a back of mind of every hindu.
i trust all muslims except that of pakistanis they are traitors by blood and not by religion.

Danesh said...

To the anonymous commenter who mentioned Hajj subsidy: The Indian government through Air India makes approx. 350 crores/yr through Hajj pilgrims' tickets. Don't you think that any airline that makes so much volume business will offer discounts? Read this article for the details: http://indianmuslims.in/haj-subsidy-anyone/. And, by the way, we Muslims are not interested in this subsidy generated through the monopolistic practices of the govt. See the press statement here http://www.milligazette.com/IndMusStat/2006a/953-aimmm-14sep06-hajj-subsidy-india.htm

Sachdhian Singh said...


"Who was responsible for militancy in 1)Punjab?"
-ISI's K2 operation K2 = (Khalistan & Kashmir)fuellled by the infamous attack on the Harimandir Sahib (Operation bluestar) and slaughter of hundreds of innocent sikh in a on that day.
Need I add mass murder burning alive of thousands of INNOCENT sikhs
by Congress workers and leaders(two in particular in Delhi) after Indira Gandhi's assasination. I recommend you read about plight of INNOCENT sikhs.
I see some Hindus feel sorry only about Gujarat victims but forget about 1984 Sikh victims WHO are still WAITING FOR JUSTICE while everything about 2002 Riots is on FAST TRACK.
Justice delayed is justice denied.

Will SIT (which is probing MODI) probe Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar?

Or file report based on commision giving BIASED congressi FAKE reports?

I feel sad for Gujrat victims.But even worse about 84 victims.

2)"for operation blue star?"
-Indira Gandhi. I request you to go throght what it was all about. You clearly have mixed up State terror(ie Terror by Military) for Sikh militant attack

3)"For tanishka
How is it that Sikhs are not considered a terrorist groups if Muslims are?"

Are you out of your mind? You want to consider Sikhs as terrorist ? Just because according to your own belief that Muslims are considered terrorists?
Go read the history books first before branding any community as a whole, terrorist.
If someone(Read some Hindus/christians/Jews and NOT SIKHS) brand whole muslim community as terrorist then you will brand sikhs as terrorist??
Two wrongs don't make one right.

I condemn attacks on ANY minority or even majority in India or anywhere in the world. I condemn terrorist or militants from ANY community why cant you do the same?

Kill your bias.


(P.S. To the author of blog - I like your blog. Keep the good work up and dont bother about bigots zhealots.)

Sachdhian Singh

hindblogger said...

I always had observed that after 1947, Muslims in India had been treated like second citizens. Be it any field of life, behavior towards them is always under the normal. Classic example can be seen in North India. Many short dialects had been invented to describe ‘ A Muslim’ but no one objects, no one shows strength to say that this is not acceptable.

What makes the situation more murky is Muslim leadership , just like BJP which shows and feels that it is representing all hindus of this country, muslims hets carried away by speeches, whims and likes of religious leaders. And get carried away with criminal and fundamantilist forces ruling the roost- Uttar Pradesh can be seen for this.

Why Muslims are always treated like second citizens ?

Why a muslim has to prove his sincereity and dedication ?

Because some people clapped when pakistan wins a match ?

So many genocides of a community and no one cry foul in India ? [ And those who cried foul, took advantage of the situation and played petty politics over it ]

Today, muslims are seen in very less percentage in police.

Army is having most reduced numbers of muslims.

I think this is all planned and well maintained behavior by a state which is known as DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA.


Discussion from :http://hindblogger.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/muslms-in-india-after-1947/

hindblogger said...

@ Sunil

I liked your words and may God give you wisdom and strength because we need minds like yours very badly. Hate and abuses had damaged us all...there was no positive outcome till date.

Muslims in India are part of our culture and past...but somehow politicians have managed with sucess to do divide and rule.


Irwin said...

Just read some comments from the Hindu fraternity asking Muslims to form a spearate country so muslims and hindus can live alone peacefully.Firstly this is just IMPOSSIBLE.Secondly if you really want to do that why dont you leave yourself to some island because India belong equally to all Hindus & Muslims. Just like when you have a home and if you are not happy with family members, you would leave yourself rather than throwing all members of the family. Similarly dear just leave to some other Island to have peace. Dont expect a fairytale here. This is the world, you have every type of people (murderers,rapists etc etc) and irrespective of religion or country they will always exist.
What you can do is reduce the number, like, you every human being has cancer cells in the body some have more and some less which mostly depends on your lifestyle and how you treat your body. SIMPLE

sanjay said...

I have been reading this blog for last two months now. some of the observations are interesting.but iwould like to add few important things .i never believed in the concept of two nation theory based on two religions.the reason is that every part of indian subcontinent had composite culture,language,religions.partition was the greatest disservice done to india.but we have to move on now.with the partition potential middle class muslims migrated to pakistan from north india. north india was severely affected by riots.so the population of muslims was decimated in indian panjab,haryana, himachal pradesh,and uttarakhand.the same is true for pakistani panjab where hindus were decimated. even now majority of army personnels do come from these four states.so this explains their low number in army.

jjugalkishor said...


Anonymous said...

There is a huge difference between Indian Muslims and other Muslims. Indian Muslims are much more tolerant than Arab and Iranians.

I write comments on a majority Muslim website, I have been abused black and blue for being a Hindu. People glorify and even support killing of unbelievers.

True peace will come to India when Hindu's stop thinking that Indian Muslims are foreigners and Muslims ditch foreign languages i.e Arabic/Persian languages(script)

Danesh said...

Dear anonymous(last one),
Thanks for being considerate and pointing out the difference. I am an Indian Muslim and agree that there is a difference in thinking of Indian Muslims and other Muslims. But I do not agree that we have to discard Arabic (Persian I do not care). Arabic is to Muslims what Sanskrit is to Hindus. It has nothing to do with spreading hatred. No foreign languages spread hatred. Otherwise, you and I would not be having this conversation in English!

Anonymous said...

I am final, I am sorry, but it at all does not approach me. Who else, can help?

Ananth Majumdar said...

Hi I am a Hindu..just by birth..and I also had some misgivings about Muslims as discussed in this post. And I couldn't find any blogs by Muslims where they are having good and healthy discussion. This is the first blog. I read posts of M.J Akbar and identify with his views. Continue writing.. Will be following your blog.

Sadhogopal Ram said...

I can completely understand your sentiments, brother. A Hindu by birth, I but have deep regards for Human being.. Hindu-Muslim alike.. in fact.. most of my friends are Muslim.. and I simply adore them..

To you I'll only say this.. that.. we are not all who hate.. as there's always on both side.. where the hate fanatics exists.. so don't worry.. good ones are with you..!

Anonymous said...

Hey brothers. I'm a sayyad muslim n i'm proud to be. Bt my hero is lord krishna. Y? Bcoz i've no communal feeling. I've no muslim frndz, all r hindus. Yar, kick those superstition. I think the best religion is serving humanity, n look all religion say the same. If u're not getting any opportunity to go ahead for this narrow communal feeling,try to be his boss. Sale ko tab pata chalega chahe wo hindu ho ya muslim. So good people should take part in politics. So come on brothers.

Nishan said...

Indian politics for us brothers. Only we( very sweet hindu n muslim boys) can wipe out that >60 'TAKLUS'. So come on.

namit said...

hey dude./dudette...well ur post is really good..but dont u think iit inflicts much of hatred, beget much of diferences...n y to count dem who dont worth get counted..y to estimate dat 1% thing...
i know its easy to say but still y to dig upon past...dont u think it wont yield much..
and about hating muslims or islam...i think thats very subjective issue, its been years we r used to it and we are happy...happy being indian...and trust me if nt all but most most of non islamists, dat includes hindus, love and cherish u being indian as dey to any other indian...u know wat dey just treat u as brothers n u dont need to be formal to ur brothers, so even at tyms dey say somthing which dey shudnt just take it as ur lil brother said somthing odd...and give it a smile..coz we r sorry...sorry coz sm1 hurt one of our brother... :)

ilahi dinle said...

That's a really good topic, thanks.

Anonymous said...

My introduction will be----
I am Sandeep and am an Indian.
An indian muslim will say "I am a muslim and living in India."

Whats the difference between these two introduction???

If you look or inspect closely,you can find that Hindus don't take religion as his recognition and feel proud of the Indian civilization.So they are Indian first.

On contrary Muslims in India only recognizes Islam as religion first and living in India for a long time.
What does this mean??
Most of the Muslims in India don't proud of Indian civilization as a whole but are proud of relating themselves with the central Asian and afghan attackers.
Why????(Even they are outsiders)

Because the attackers and the muslims in India are having the same religion although they were converted by them by force.

So Indian muslims are not so emotional about the nationalistic issues but very much emotional in religious matters.

I was a simple minded person .But when I saw in most of the lingualy different state I feel that Islamic system in India general are more communal .How????

I am from Orissa and generally we don't have communal minded people.
But when I saw an Odia Muslim friend of mine while talking with me is speaking in Odia but while speaking with their Muslim friends or relatives he is using Hindi.

I asked him are you an Odia or northern side of India.He replied," since we are Muslims we are speaking in Urdu.I have heard Urdu but not that type he was speaking .He was speaking in Odia influenced Hindi like we do while talking in Hindi.

From this I come to a conclusion that most of the south Asian Muslims including India, Pakistan mostly, that they do not relate themselves with our common civilization and always trying to be something different from this civilization.

This actually creates a division between the societies.

Because according to muslim mentality we are living in one country but our traditions or civilizations are different.

But according to a common hindu mentality we both hindus and muslims belong to same culture and civilisation.

But why Muslims are not proud of their 7000 years civilization ??

Because they feel ashamed of being part of Hindu civilization when no Islam was there.Always feel proud of the outsider attackers ,although they are outsiders.

You can find this mentality in each south Asian Muslims mind and this creates divisions among societies and further the division of India.

Hope my Muslim brothers will understand my explanation of my understanding about general Muslim mentality in India.

indscribe said...


I don't know who gave you this false information. Secondly, when your patriotism is doubted, you get angry and in exasperation say that 'ok buddy i am what you want me to be or believe it', not leave me alone.

I didn't want to start this blog. I would have loved to write a blog just as an indian, but then there were voices in 2002-2004 period that Muslims don't come out, don't condemn terrorism, don't speak up, don't do this ....don't do that....so one has to do start a blog. Many others like me did it. And then we were told that why 'Indian Muslim', why this 'Muslim'. Yaar I keep getting dozens of hatemails and I am fed up of explaining.

I am not talking about you but Godses' children questioning the patriotism of the kids of Ashfaqullah or Havaldar Abdul Hamid or Hanifuddin, is simply shameful.

For those who question Muslims' patriotism, I ask you that you should also introspect whether you are Indian more or Hindu more.


Danesh said...

Let us get this Muslims = invaders thing over with. According to Wikipedia's entry on Indian Muslims -

"Contrary to popular belief, Islam came to South Asia prior to Muslim invasions of India. Islamic influence first came to be felt in the early 7th century with the advent of Arab traders... Arab traders used to visit the Malabar region, which was a link between them and ports of South East Asia"

Source: Islam in India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

mankabhai said...

India is a land of many religions. India has given shelter and asylum to many religio/cultural refugees - the Parsis and the Tibetans, for instance. India has welcomed traders and religious travellers from ancient times; e g Arabs, Jews, Portuguese, Fahien, Huien Tsange, etc.

Of these, the Parsis and the Tibetans have, never sought to convert anyone. Rather they mixed with the common people (meaning the native Hindus).

The Hindus have never sought to impose their religion on anyone. They have never sought to convert anyone in the name of religion. Hinduism has coexisted with all types of religion peacefully since ages.

It is only when particular proselytizing religions came to India does the problem starts. They seek to introduce the religion which originated and was followed in the Middle East/Jerusalem. THIS CONVERSION IS THE PROBLEM.

When Hindus have welcomed them and given them a place to live; why do they convert others? Isn't it a case of taking the hand when a thumb is offered?

Remove conversion from your agenda. Remove the superiority attitude from your mind about your religion. Hinduism has no problem to equate your religion with Hinduism. Both are equally good and towards God's path. It is only when superiority is claimed that problems start.

For you, your parents count. You have respect for them. For you religion counts and you have respect for it. You cannot disown it.

Similar is the case with others. For a Hindu his religion counts just like his parents. He cannot disown both.

Just as your rich parents may be great in your eyes, so also a Hindu's poor parents also may be great in his eyes.

Likewise, you practice your religion without wanting to convert others. Learn good things about others' religion, but stick to your religion and become more firmer in faith. At the same time be an inspiration to the Hindu to have faith in his own religion and to have faith in God.

DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD WANT OTHERS DO UNTO YOU. ........... This then should be the guiding principle for all humanity. ........................

Anonymous said...

Uff, thoughtful article and even more thought provoking comments, I am a muslim; when I was young I used to move closely with Hindu friends, I had a muslim friends group also but this muslim group and hindu group maintained a distance; though we all lived in the same street!
Why I was different: Because my parents groomed by saying that all are worth of friendship, my mother spoke and interacted by visiting these hindu friends, none of the muslim families did that!I even attended RSS events with them to do exercises etc and the shakha teacher was dumb founded when he learnt that I am a muslim
Why Hindu/Muslim friends avoided each other: Because their parents planted seeds of mistrust and hatred, I heard them talking negatively in front of their kids (and me) about the other hindus or muslims!
Hate and mistrust is planted by elders, positive change can come when people change perspectives.
One day about 30 yrs ago my Muslim friends were participating in a celebration as Pakistan won some important Cricket match against some other country-I was watching this tamasha sitting with my Hindu friens from a distance, one H friend remarked 'why do they do this?'
Even I felt they were really stupid.
Things have come a very long way from there, non of the Muslims in my street distribute sweets for Pakistani sporting events, but the distances still remain as now a days it is sangh Parivaar who is spewing the venom in my area, I hope one day this will also pass as we grow.
With regards to 'Hate' it will cease to sustain if majority opinion is consistantly against this, and thanks to all Indians, we have a majority opinion against it.Further God forbid that if 'Hate' wins due to some stupid leader leading this nation then that will bring in Chaos and downfall to all of us. So it is our duty to build trust and reach out to each other consistantly through blogs, other media by people like you from both Hindu Muslim communities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Indian Muslim:

I am a Hindu. I am Liberal. And like you, I am a Libran.

And nothing of that makes any difference to the way I approach a person or situation ...

I believe, just as irrational hatred is bad, dismissing it - EVERY SINGLE TIME - as that being only the problem of a degenerated mind, WITHOUT EVERY LOOKING WITHIN FOR POSSIBLE REASONS makes for a less than intelligent response.

There is a lot of hatred floating around across the globe. There are lunatics and then there are people who have reasons to believe that their reaction is correct.

As an Indian Hindu, whose all time favourite Hockey player is former India Captain Mohammad Shahid (who was given money by the Indian government for the treatment of his daughter, much, much after his retirement), I urge you to think deeper and wider. Your and your loved ones' mere dismissing of hatred for Muslims as a propaganda of RSS is not going to change much. Not much for better anyway.

Take care and keep up the good work. And now, it's time to wait for Tees Maar Khan. :-)

An Indian Hindu

Anonymous said...

A rolling stone gathers no moss

meerasrajan said...

Hi. I have been following your blog and I think it is one of the really good ones! This post of yours is probably rather old but I read it because I can completely understand and empathise about how you feel. I am increasingly becoming very ashamed of the way we are becoming as a nation- starting from the time when religion was not really something that one took outside one's home today we wear it on our sleeves. I am a Hindu and married to a Christian. Both of us continue to retian our distinct identities - I think what is lacking today is a spirit of tolerence and respect for another person. My husband tells me about a childhood when he used to be ostracised as a Christian in a predominantly Hindu neighborhood. He says that as a person from a "minority" community he prefers to keep a low profile in the neighborhood. I find this so shameful that a citizen of our country should feel like this simply because he belongs to a religion that is small in terms of numbers. I have a lot of muslim friends and I sometimes really feel bad about the discrimination that they go through.. Why? Arent they also Indian? Why take history out of context and blame the innocents? To date I must tell you that the most "shareef" of all men that I have met have been Muslim men and the most caring among all my women friends have been muslim. As a religion and a culture Islam preaches a lot of things that I think the western media likes to distort and what we get are these lurid pictures of Jehad!! YOu should read "Brick Lane" by Monica Ali. Great book! It tells you about how discrimination can frustrate youth into voilence. I really like your post. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Dont you want to understand the REASON for this hatred? I am a non-believing non-practising hindu. Like any normal person, I had sympathy for the "underdog". In India muslims are the underdog, poor and uneducated. I had sympathy for them, like for any poor person. Not that I am rich, but still. Did I really hate any kashmiri muslims before 1989? Nope. Today? I want to k&*@&& them ALL (katl-e-aam) &O#@*& their women and put them in the brothels of mumbai or kolkata, and yes, convert their children to hinduism. Can you please explain to me the reasons? Incidentally I did visit kashmir and seen what they did to my temples. ONE babri masjid was destroyed in 1992, it was as if the heavens had fallen. End of the world. What happened in history; what ghauri and ghazni did is not my problem, but if the modern day muslims display the same attitude, mentality, believe me I do have a problem. Listen to this "We ruled you for 1000 years" "Kya tum log, patthar ki puja karte ho, jo apni hifazat khud nahi kar sakta." (This I heard 1000 times) Well.... Tumharaa allah aaya tha, babri masjid bachane ke liye? or the 270 graves (kabar) desecrated in gujarat. MNuslims have superiority complex, regarding religion, they consider themselves some kind of martial race, and want to bully us (cowardly) hindus. Obviously it makes my blood boil. And makes me a fanatic, and is the reason for my hate. If muslims had the attitude of other non-hindus who consider themselves Indians, practise their (even non Indian) religion, and are peaceful, why should I hate them?

usman said...

The history which is taught and available in the market is the works of the soft-wares which were developed by westerners with the help of the thousands of paid scholars and specialists of different fields collected from different parts of the country,with the firm intention to control indian minds and there should be always a visceral disgust present in the minds of the educated and uneducated hindu masses against muslim and islam.It is not so easy as some wants to describe the facts.It is a story of a very big conspiracy hatched by the collonists which took hundred of years to materialize.Which included creation of new languages, literatures,religious books etc. ,everything possible to make one understood that there was a very great civilization and culture thriving in India before the Islamic influence came in India.They even engaged a lot of people to create written and material historical support so their conspiracy kept hidden.They spent crores of rupees roughly 200 years ago of that market to create the materials which will act as soft-wires in the Hindu minds of the future keeping increasing the hatred in Hindu minds even he be a highly educated one.Most of the teachers of history aren't aware of the facts because real histories are kept far away from their hands and minds.

ShankarBoregowda said...


Ibu Sanjeeb Garg said...

What a blog!
What a classic.A slap on the face of communals .

I saw a Hindu fanatic demanding partition .Such sad moronic myopic visions we carry .Hinduism in essence is about all encompassing.I read somewhere that Islam too says one cant sleep if 40 of his neighbours are hungry(no religon mentioned).

When we have such examples I dont know what has prompted our society to arrive at this place today.

Brilliant effort .People lke u singlehandedly give HOPE to this country

Sarthak Ganguly said...

Abusing you in person is lame and stupid. Ignore them. Better create a filter :)

But trust me, hatred will rise. What's worse this is happening even though the Hindu parties are getting weaker.

Reason? It's not hatred. It's fear. Fear of losing a homeland again.

Abhishek said...

I am a Hindu, more of an Atheist. I have only a little knowledge of Muslim religious texts. I just wanted to ask you (the blogger), is anything written in Islam about religious wars (jehaad)? I am pretty sure there is. But ask yourself, killing people for the sake of goddamn religions? Can it be right? No one is trying to destroy your religion or culture. Its not under any threat. even if its is, is killing the right thing to do? Buddhism teaches us not to hold a weapon, even to save your faith, your religion. Killing other people is wrong. How can anyone destroy life, if he cannot create one?
Religion was created to teach us the path of love, prosperity and brotherhood, not blood and death. Humans created them, are not created for them. If u know and can follow the right path, you don't need any shity religion of the world.
Also remember, those people who wrote religious texts, had little knowledge whatsoever compared to us. we are intellectual beings. We do not need to follow them.

pritish desai said...