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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Indore riot: How State governments can stop and 'allow' a communal riot

Scene of a riot in Indore
For two days Indore burnt and the government officials said that they were not prepared for this.

Didn't they know Indore has become one of the most communally volatile cities in India in recent years.

Every few months* there is a communal clash, because of the free hand given to hooligans by the administration.

Barely a fortnight back the event to celebrate the coronation of Shivaji had seen the preparedness of VHP and Bajrang Dal.

Even kids had fired with guns amid chants of Har Har Mahadev. Though open display of arms and firing is banned. Ye kis baat ki taiyyari thi? But no action was taken. No cases were registered against organisers of the events or the elders in whose presence this happened.

During the nationwide bandh, the activists knew that nobody would stop them. They knew even after violence, no cases would be registered against them and no action taken. As a result, six lives were lost in a riot. Now entire Indore is living under curfew.

Again the dead were mostly poor--Hindu and Muslim. With a compensation of Rs 1 lakh, can the loss of a breadwinner for a family be compensated?

Riots don't occur in India. They are allowed to happen. Else, can anybody explain why there are no riots when Prime Ministers, Presidents and other VVIPs are on a visit to a place.

Or when there is an occasion governments don't want any trouble. The troublemakers are always known to police.

When there are orders from the top, they are arrested as precautionary measure and when it is felt needed, else they are used like in this riot. Officials act at the behest of politicians because they don't want to be transferred or lose plum postings. 

And when the directive comes from the top, 'Ab kaafi zyaada ho gaya, rok do', then suddenly more police companies are brought and situation gets 'peaceful'. The Assembly elections are nearer in MP. When leaders feel they may lose the election, a communal riot is the best remedy.

 There will be polarization and again all issues will go backburner. Those who seemed losing, will win again, courtesy a few funeral pyres and qabrs.

Indore riot has once again proved that. Any Hindu-Muslim riot can be stopped and the violence checked, if police-administration-government have the necessarily will to do it.

[*For a period, Indore had become a haven for communal forces. Fortunately, the situation changed in later years.]

[A few years later when there was judgment on Ayodhya's Ram temple-Babri Masjid complex dispute, there was no violence across the length and breadth of the country despite apprehensions. The reason was that no government wanted the blame, particularly, BJP-ruled states, and hence not even a single stone pelting incident occurred.]

[Image courtesy Times Now. Read report in Time of India and watch the video here]


Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...
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Sach said...

I agree.

but polarization works both ways as seen in the case of MIM.

Sach said...

And gun display is part of culture in most of north india, i think the link is a bit far fetched.

I'm fiercely anti guns BTW.

indscribe said...

Regarding Majlis (MIM), they also use polarisation to their advantage.

An Indore Citizen said...

Guys ! I'm from Indore, sitting marely 1 and half km from the heart of the riots. I agree in terms that the city administration and govt. should and could control what happened. Its their job to make ppl safe. Unless anyone feels safe they are bound to react violantly and tht wht happened.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the thenGovernor of J&K state and chairmanof SASB and his Secretary, "forest lands" had beenhurriedly transfererred to SAS Board to build hutmnets for Amarnath Yatries.This order is ab initio void as it ran counter to the dicta of Supreme court.
Naturally the people of Kashmir(Sikhs and Muslims) objected to that on purely ecological considerations.
The Huriyath fishing in tyrouble waters, raised the bogey that kashmiris are marginalised etc. etc.
The Govt. bowing to th just demands to the public, revoked the oreder and ensued that the lands were transferred to the Tourism Dept. And Govt. took up responsibilities for yatrs.
There the matter ende.
The Sangh parivarpurposely twisted the issue, communalised it and made it a poll plank!
With aview to cover the lapses in BJP ruled states, they organised "nation wide bandh", in contravention of Supreme court's rulings .
In Indore in Madhya Pradesh, they had a'Holi of blood andgunpowder'!
This a repeat performance of Gujarat!
The central Govt. is hereby reminded of its constitutional obligations and urged to conduct a thorough investgation and issue a white paper on communal clashes.
If it fails to do so, they will loose the support of the oppresed.

ishqia said...

agree.. police take action only at the end..

usually , police stands at the corner at just view the riots and encourage it by not taking an action..

Khan said...

This issue is not limited to Indore but there is recurring occurences of such incidents in parts of India. Modi played the same game and now BJP wants to play same game in MP. It is very unfortunate that we have unethical, dishonest and liers in BJP leadership like Advani and his saffron gang and people do endorse them. No doubt BJP does not like Muslims and that makes the basis for their series of issues. Muslims must understand such tactics practiced by both BJP and Congress. Both parties does want to give the basic fundamental rights of freedom and justice to the Muslims in India. We are in the state of denial in the name of freedom. Muslims needs to improve their thinking too in the light of our nobel teachings of religion and fight for our dignity in India. Jehaad is a struggle to defend our human rights and defeat the evil and it does not require arms unless we need to protect ourselves from armed evils. What is evil ? Gujrat. Evil forces were taking unborn babies from the womb of Muslims sisters. The nature of evil can not be described in words. But many people endorses this evil. Evil Modi do not say "sorry" because he feels good from inside for his actions like Advani. We are citizens of India and we do have same rights and duties as other fellow citizens. It is a misfortune that a karachi born bad man is leading a party.

Anonymous said...

And what Kashmir govt did..in pressure of hooligans they had taken the land why not a repulsive act should be done.Also why not lands should be taken back from other religious trust may be a sikh ,muslim or cristian.The problem is Hindus are minority in kashmir and they don't have representation there rest of the country had to support them ...Kashimiri hooligans love Pakistan and in rest of country people say bharat mata ki jay.....

subhash said...
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