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Saturday, June 03, 2006

List of online Urdu Newspapers and Urdu poetry websites from India, Pakistan and around the World

India has a vibrant Urdu press though circulation of newspapers is much higher in Pakistan. However, in India, Urdu papers are published from far and wide across the country.

Apart from Delhi, which is a major centre, Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Patna, Ranchi and Sri Nagar have papers that are now online.

In Southern India, particularly, Deccan, the four main papers are Siasat, Munsif, Etemaad and Sahara. The papers of Bangalore viz. Pasban, Salar, Bhopal's Nadeem, popular Kolkata papers Azad Hind and Aabshaar are yet to have websites.

Best Urdu Newspapers' Websites

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, Delhi
Inquilab, Mumbai [also epaper]
Siasat, Hyderabad

Azizul Hind [mutli-edition newspaper]
Aag, Lucknow [Epaper]
Sahafat, Lucknow

Munsif, Hyderabad
Urdu Times, Mumbai
Akhbar-e-Mashriq, Calcutta

While Roznama Sahara is now published from ten centres, Inquilab has expanded in UP. Both websites also put up epapers.

Taemeer News: Online Urdu news in Unicode font
Asia Express: Newspaper from Aurangabad
Daily Shama-e-Rahbar from Aurangabad


Aalami Sahara weekly
Chauthi Duniya weekly
Dawat [published once in three days]
GAWAH, coloured Urdu weekly from Hyderabad, Deccan

Still, around 40 Indian Urdu newspapers have websites on the net. This is no mean feat. It shows that Urdu press is eager to adapt itself to new technology and is ahead of many other important regional languages that have barely a couple of papers on the net.

Hindustan Express, Delhi
Etemaad, Hyderabad
Jadeed Mail, Delhi

Milap, Delhi
Pratap, Delhi
Qaumi Salamati [Journalist SMA Kazmi has recently launched this newspaper]
Siyasi Ufuque is published from Delhi and Ranchi [Jharkhand]

While major papers now have editions from Jharkhand [Ranchi] and Uttarakhand [Dehradun-based Sahafat], several parts including Madhya Pradesh have few online papers. Gujarat and Rajasthan depended on Delhi or Mumbai based newspapers.

But In Dinon has launched Jaipur edition also. It is also published from Bangalore, Saharanpur, New Delhi, Lucknow, Panta and Mumbai.

Jadeed In Dinon
Urdu Action, Bhopal and Burhanpur editions [MP]

Andhra Pradesh has several papers. But Karnataka's famous weekly Nasheman and Zamzam are yet to have a web presence.

Aurangabad Times, Aurangabad [Maharashtra]
Hamara Samaj, Patna
Sahil Online, Bhatkal [Karnataka]
Azad Hind, Kolkata [Website launched, yet Epaper not readable]
Hind Samachar, Jalandhar [Punjab]

In Jammu & Kashmir, where Urdu is state language, there are many newspapers. But the daily Udaan and Kashmri Uzma have impressive web presence.

Kashmir Uzma, Sri Nagar [Epaper]
Roznama Udaan, Jammu & Sri Nagar editions
Mashriq, Kashmir
Aftab, Kashmir
Chattan weekly, Kashmir


The online newspapers also include Markaz, Lashkar, Andaleeb, Hamara Maqsad, Siasi Ufaq, Urdu Net, Qaumi Tanzeem, Farooqi Tanzeem, Nadia Times and Awadhnama.


Roznama Jehan Pakistan
Jang, Pakistan
Nawa-i-Waqt, Pakistan
Express, Lahore

Urdu Times USA, America

Websites on Urdu poetry and Literature [Shaayri-Adab]

1. Best Ghazals and Nazms [Urdu, Hindi, Roman scripts]
2. Urdu Point [Urdu script]
3. Urdu Life [Read and listen poetry. Urdu/Roman scripts]
4. Urdu Poetry [Roman script]
5. Urdu India [Literature News, Poetry]

[Most of the Urdu newspapers in India didn't have websites till a few years ago. When this list was first compiled, there were barely half-a-dozen papers. But computerization began fast in the last couple of years. Recently many papers have started online editions. There are many other websites on Urdu shayari that you can find elsewhere also. The list here is my personal selection and includes my blogs.]

Among the major Urdu newspapers of India are:

Roznama Sahara [Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata], Sahafat [Delhi, Lucknow, Dehradun and Mumbai], Hindustan Express [Delhi], Akhbar-e-Mashriq, Aabshaar, Azad Hind, Akkas [Kolkata], Aag [Lucknow], Qaumi Khabrein [Lucknow], Nadeem [Bhopal], Urdu Action [Bhopal], Inquilab, Urdu Times, Hindustan [Mumbai], Siasat, Munsif, Rahnuma-e-Deccan, Etemad [Hyderabad], Milap, Hind Samachar [Jalandhar, Punjab], Pasban, Salar [Bangalore] and Musalman [Chennai].

Weekly papers like Nasheman, Nai Dunia, Alami Sahara also have a fair circulation. Urdu papers are also doing well in Kashmir. As far as circulation is concerned, the situation is far better in Pakistan where Jang alone sells over a million copies a day. It also has editions from Europe, particularly, London.


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Websites of urdu newspapers published from Lucknow:
1. Sahara: Sahara Main Site and Sahara ePaper

2. Aag: Aag Main Site and Aag ePaper

3. Sahafat: Sahafat

4. Awadhnama:Avadhnama

5. Iqdaam: Iqdaam

(I do not claim that this is an exhaustive list)

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