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Monday, December 15, 2008

Builders' boycott: Pushing Indian Muslims into ghettoes

When 300 real estate brokers held a meeting in Surat and decided to stop buying, selling or renting any property to Muslim, it was not an ordinary event.

Further, those renting their shops to Muslims have been asked to get them vacated. They took out a rally and an oath was also taken. The fact that they were 'passionate' enough to hold a conclave and take the pledge that they would henceforth not deal with Muslims, illustrates the growing problem of communal segregation in India.

It's more serious than lot of other frivolous issues, which the national media keeps discussing. It is something that ought to be taken up in Parliament. It's again a hate crime and more than that it is anti-national and divisive activity.

It was more extraordinary that they had the audacity to publicly spell out their prejudice. So what's their problem with the Muslims? Because the name of Muslims of India are similar to those involved in terror activities from the other side of the border.

Is it rational. Who they are taking their revenge upon? It's on India. Across North, Central and Western India, builders and real estate agents are busy making colonies that are 'free of Muslims'.

This is fast creating a social imbalance in urban India. When Muslims are pushed into ghettoes, it helps neither the Muslims nor the non-Muslims. Even RSS wouldn't want it.

They are at least smart enough to know that when you push Muslims in a particular area in every City then it means concentrating their population. They are suspicious of Muslims and don't like them but this form of hate is a relatively new phenomenon witnesses since 1992-93.

Once again, I feel, education doesn't necessarily bring you any knowledge or wisdom. People keep reiterating that education is the key to solving lot of problems. Unfortunately, it doesn't enlighten.

Sections of 'educated' urban Indian populace now want their buildings, societies and campuses without any Muslim. This is an issue that requires an urgent attention. Our leaders, courts, media, activists and all of us should focus on it.

Indian Express writes an editorial on the builders' boycott of Muslims.

We are all united against terror. We should be united against this bigotry as well. Are we heading for a Nazi Germany era when Jews lived in their ghettos. Muslim are too numerous in India and such isolation will be extremely devastating for the nation and will have far-reaching implications in inter-community relations. We need to be alarmed but we aren't.

I reallly don't know how we can stop such criminal acts of social discrimination unless government, police and administration (also the society) become sensitive to it and enforce the existing laws to deal with such elements sternly. Or we will just keep writing about it, discussing and forgetting. Will Supreme Court entertain a PIL in this regard!

Demand for action against builders

The Sarva Dharma Utsava Samiti (SDUS) has condemned the decision of real-estate agents and demanded the government to take action against them. The organisation chief Dhansukh Rajput has urged the police commissioner to file case such agents and brokers under section 153 (A) and (B) for anti-national activities.

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Anser Azim said...

We are the emerging untouchables of 21st century India. Librals like Shabana Aazmi, Javed Akhter are also inclded in that list. Education is the only answer but this will become more expensive and beyond the means of common man and for muslims in India. this trend will bring miseries to a developing India with 160 million uneducated crime prone, pverty stricken muslims of India.

contrarianbroodings said...

"It's again a hate crime and more than that it is anti-national and divisive activity."

it may be divisive, but its neither antinational or a hate crime. real estate brokers have the full right to deal or not deal with anyone they like.

"It was more extraordinary that they had the audacity to publicly spell out their prejudice."

even more audacious are the local mullahs trying to brainwash muslim youth.

"Are we heading for a Nazi Germany era when Jews lived in their ghettos."

don't compare with jews. jews didn't kill, explode bombs,take hostage ...

"I reallly don't know how we can stop such criminal acts of social discrimination..."

one good step would be to stop mollycoddling terrorists.

on a whole, this is not some communal activity, but an expression of the utter contempt that the people have for this apathetic government.

i just feel sorry for modi, who would have a huge task on his shoulders when he becomes pm to clean up the mess UPA has created.

Anonymous said...


Muslims are much better than you guys. They let millions of Hindus work in Gulf unlike you who treat your own fellow countrymen badly just because they don't share your religion.

Your mind needs cleansing. The country can't be cleaned as it's not Mullahs but the RSS that has brainwashed you.


contrarianbroodings said...

@Anon #3

where does the RSS come in? if you see a problem with what i have said then speak it out, no need for such straw-man arguments.

there is nothing so compassionate about the gulf letting hindus work. in a globalized economy, anyone can work anywhere.

even "evil" Israel allows thousands of arab muslims to work. they work and they paid. nothing kind on anyone's part.

Ye manzilen !! said...

Who said that " their next generation will understand?"

That is long term solution....

In short term, If you offer 1 cr for a property worth 50 lakhs, would they still refuse to deal with you?

In other words what they are doing is motivating you to make money they cant refuse....

Not a bad deal..

Kagaz ki kashti said...

"I feel, education doesn't necessarily bring you any knowledge or wisdom."

From the whole post this line has drawn more attention to me... so true!!... personally I have seen educated people behaving irrational, breaking laws to benefit themselves etc.

When education cannot change someones mentality, I doubt if anything else can???

Nbz said...

@contrarianbroodings - "it may be divisive, but its neither antinational or a hate crime. real estate brokers have the full right to deal or not deal with anyone they like."
Would you say the same thing if christians in America and Europe did this to hindus because of what happened in Orissa? I don't think so. You would be crying hoarse at the racism and hypocrisy of the west.

"even more audacious are the local mullahs trying to brainwash muslim youth"
What about the brainwashing that happens in Saraswati shishu mandirs all over the country?

"don't compare with jews. jews didn't kill, explode bombs,take hostage ..."
Why shouldn't I compare muslims or infact all the the minorities with the jews.The majority kills sikhs in 1984, mulims in bhagalpur, kanpur,Bombay, Gujrat, christians in Orissa and karnataka. And on top of that the perpetrators go scotfree (some as in bombay and gujrat are provided legal and financial aid and even promoted as they are government employees) where is justice? Are the minorities second class citizens.Are we the "Jews" of India?

"one good step would be to stop mollycoddling terrorists."
A minuscule number of muslims doing such a thing doesn't mean all muslims do it. We Don't Mollycoddle terrorists.So don't generalize it.(BTW i follow your logic then hindus also mollycoddle terrorists because LTTE has hindus and the Malegaon blast accused are also hindus. Christians Mollycoddle terrorists beacause the IRA,KKK and Baader Meinhof Gang happen to have christians in their ranks. Buddhists Mollycoddle terrosists because Aum Shinrokyo had buddhists). I hope you see how flawed your logic is.

"on a whole, this is not some communal activity"
If racial and religious profiling isn't communal then what the hell in your esteemed opinion is communal activity?

Sartre said "Hell is other people".
It is very easy to pin all the ills of a society on a particular group or community as happened in Germany,in Italy,in Rwanda and elsewhere.Very easy to wash your hands off. You also (though to a small extent) are responsible for the mess that we find ourselves in.

How do we know said...

Look, unfair as it is.. am not sure if it can be helped. If you take legal action against them, they will just find other reasons, all perfectly valid, to not do these dealings. Legal action cannot change mental prejudices.

But i do differ with you on one point: Education can and does change things. in fact, its the only thing that can. Education on both sides. It is difficult to hate someone you share your bench with. The only thing that scares me is, if there are not enough Muslims in public schools... and indeed, there aren't. I used to have a lot of Muslim classmates. They came from a different neighborhood, had different values, but they gave one a perspective. And a love of Urdu.

All is not lost yet.

Amitabh said...

STOP spreading rumors. I have been living in Surat from past 30 yrs and have never come across such incidents.

Amitabh said...

Hindus also face the problem when dealing with muslims. They also not getting house on rent in muslim dominated area. Why so fuss about this only.

Aziz said...

Amitabh ji. yah rumour nahi hai. See news channels, papers and see photos of meet.

CNN-IBNLive.com link photo and news


Anonymous said...

This is really disgusting. I am ashamed to be an Indian. And the comments here make me even more ashamed. Are we so used to prejudice and discrimination that we see nothing wrong with this? are there no laws that state you can't discriminate on the basis of age, creed, gender? For shame.

shadkam77 said...

I m reminded of another post of urs ... these are people who "cant tolerate the sight of muslims on this land".

But still we are living in our homes (many of us in properties rented from hindus), expressing our anger at this one act freely - which is much to be thankful (to secular hindus) for. It is these secular hindus I (an indian muslim) owe my life and lifestyle to, and fortunately (still) they are much more than the fascists in number - at least outside Gujarat.

But I differ when u say education does not change things - it does, but in a negative direction :(. Think of top 10 most corrupt people in India, top 10 fascists, top 10 villains in any field (even terrorism) - u'll find all of em educated, and highly ones at that.
In NRIs (all of them highly educated) u 'll find perhaps one the highest per capita fascism among Indians.

Anonymous said...

This is apartheid, in fact more than that. Apartheid made Gandhi Ji lose just a train berth, while this mentality made him lose his life.

a fan said...

This is totally wrong.
If an individual is not interested in renting his/her house to any specific individual, then it's one's personal choice. But this formal isolation of a whole community by a builder organization isn't right.

I think the first step would be to post a legal query in this discussion forum or discuss with a specific lawyer.

btw,i don't see any mention of conclave in the editorial. probably, a real proof might be needed.(i know this sounds like "surrounded by water, but no drop to drink")

Anser Azim said...

Shadkam77: "Think of top 10 most corrupt people in India, top 10 fascists, top 10 villains in any field (even terrorism) - u'll find all of em educated. You are 100%right and have a point. But thats the negative side. Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, Patel and many other freedom fighters were all educated and brought a change with the help of those unlettered people.The back bone of movements
lies with the educated class. But you are right all medicines have side effects and can be deadly if not taken and understood properly. same is true for educated class who can be detrimental to society. The support for Hindutava brand nationalism garners support from the the best educated class sitiing in US universities and all of them are bright minded. At the same time Ravana was the most educated one but Satya prevailed in the name of Ramchandraji. I feel the same way. "satya meva jayate" these forces will ultimately defeated and rejected by the common man.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Defending their move not to do business with Muslims in Surat, New Adajan Rander Road real estate agent AMIT TAILOR said: “We do business for a fixed rate. I have contacts with 150 estate brokers and we are all inter-linked. We cannot rule out the possibility of local support for terror attacks. Several local people were involved in the blasts in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, even the planting of bombs in Surat. We are not saying that all Muslims are terrorists. There are some shops in our area which have been rented out by Muslims. We want to control the percentage.”

Indian Express

Anser Azim said...

some of these ANON@s "mere khayal mein paan ki giloriyan kha ker galian bakte hain jinko woh fakhriya andaaz mein likhte bhi hain afsos hota hai is nai paudh per.


indscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

really Anser you seem disgusted with the kind of language that has been used in this forum. So what do you want . Should we decorate these Mass murderers with garlands?? You know what I am fed up with People trying o act nice. That is the problem with our society. We harbor hate yet express love. Why do i specifically hate Gujjus in spite of being a Hindu?? Because these people have flown so downstream in river of character that they neithe feel nor see any rationale. Assholes talk about Mumbai but never mention about the Hijacking of the Trawler from the port of Porbandar, Want to eradicate evil by breeding anguish and contempt, want to cleanse their garden by throwing the leaves into their neighbor's back yard, If they feel so very patriotic then why don't they vehemently come forward and organize youth forces to fight injustice and social causes rather than spreading them. They are so rich yet how many of them thought of opening a trust or came forward with those who lost their lives in the 26/11 incident. Do you know Anser that 75 to 80% of Gujrati Hindus hate Muslims and yes I say hate not dislike but hate. I am a Hindu but i believe in Rationale first> I hate Togadia and Singhal as much as I like Zakir Naik for constantly trying to establish the supremacy of Islam. Hell we are living in the 21st century we talk about Moon and Mars yet we believe in spirits and Demons, when shall we learn, learn to live and let live. Our destinies are entangled in the web of Time, We will perish together and not as individuals. And what angers me even more is that there is no feeling of sorrow and wrong committed amongst the Majority in Gujrat. They still defend their actions. So please do not tell me what kind of language or words should I pick and Polish before presenting it to these Gujjus. I can be the worst behaved as well as the best.

indscribe said...

All sort of communalism and discrimination needs to be fought with equal force.

This is an issue that really hurts. It's not that as Muslim I keep cribbing but this is one of those problems that is really going to affect everybody.

Hating somebody because of their religion is irrational. I know that sooner or later the society will realise how serious this problem is but it shouldn't be too late by then.

Ye Manzilein @ Surely in many cases it will work but I tell you even doubling the price doesn't mean you are in. I have personal experience where just 1-2 rigid persons in a society of 100, insisted (and later prevailed upon others) that no matter what happens, Muslim would not be allowed to get in.

Contrarianbroodings: I wish you could try to sympathetically understand the gravity of the situation.

Kagaz ki Kashti: For several years I have been observing that at least in our nation, it is the educated guy who gets more hardliner.

We still don't have cable TVs in most of our villages else the virus of communalism might have divided the rural areas as well.

HDWK: I appreciate your point of view. Yes, there is a bonding of same desk, same class or same school but at the pace the religious demarcation is taking place in India, more Muslims than ever are going to study in schools in Muslim areas and vice versa.

Amitabh: Blaming each other won't help. It possibly happens and is deplorale but it can't be to this extent, the brazen display of contempt. Yaar, we have to fight communalism, both Muslim communalism and Hindu communalism. Don't we?

Nbz @ Very true.

Anser Sb: That's the problem. If I stop moderating, I get all sorts of abusive comments.

A fan @ There are stories published in papers. I read that earlier story on Indian Express national edition's frontpage. I will find a link.

Shadkam @ Just the other day I read it somewhere that how the EDUCATED ELITE has let down the nation. They decided and the poor paid the price.

Either it is partition or the Ram Janmabhumi-Babri Masjid issue, they took their own decisions and later watch as the masses fight like cats and dogs and kill each other.

Education could neve become the real tool for change in out country.

To some Anons and Others whose comments were not published @ Kindly be sensitive and see how Muslims are coming out againt terror. They refuse to let the bodies buried in the graveyards.

We always keep hearing that Muslims don't speak enough, don't criticise terror, don't do this, don't do that...but see the outrage among Muslims.

But where is the outrage over such denial of civic rights to Muslims? It should also be visible else Muslims will feel too lonely, too hurt.

Salaam said...

Linked and excerpted at www.progressiveislam.info.

Diganta said...

Even RSS wouldn't want it.

- Well, this has to be a joke.

By the way, this will lead to a new set of untouchables. Another proof, that Indian society is very much fragmented - both vertically and horizontally.

Anonymous said...

I would say this is a wakening call to Indian muslim.
Muslims in general are more apathetic towards the worldly thing
As islam teaches it and we have been learning it from our child hood.
But muslim should take it as opportunities and should make their ghetto
So sociable so developed that these hindu will rethink about their decision.
If hindu Builder is not selling his house to muslim then generate fund to create a muslim
Builder for muslim only.

Pinku said...

just like the lawyers shouldnt say that no one will represent Kasab similarly the real estate guys shoudnt do this kind of segregation.

But such are the times that we have completly lost the ability to see the difference between right and wrong. and in our zest we disregard the laws of the land as well.

Anonymous said...

read something truly positive after a long tym: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/muslim-forum-backs-sena-say-hang-kasab-without-trial/80777-3.html

Anonymous said...

"Waise ginthi maytho hain kam hame logan!Jaise biryani may masala hame logan!"If the national culture is the mouth watering Briyani, Muslims add flavour to it by remaining limited in quantity!Thereis nothing
permanent in this world.The dark overhanging clouds of suspicion, hatred and enmity will pass over ere long.The Book suggests that there is an antidote to every poison.So repel evil with something
which is far better.You foil hatred with love!You repel ignorance with knowledge,folly and wickedness with
friendly message of Revelation!You ca do it! Transform your worst enemy into the best friend and heloer!

contrarianbroodings said...


it was very presumptuous of you to assume i ma gujarati, which i am not.

equally amusing was to see a person with such racial hatred preach form the bully pulpit about the virtues of secualrism.

get a life man. there's a whole new world beyond modi. i don't think modi's even aware of losers like you, so why waste time defaming him.

as always i am ready for a free and fair debate. not childish ad hominem attacks.

sachinkalia_iit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Look you don't even come close to my level of knowledge or wisdom. I would be pretty happy in engaging in any sort of religional or cultural debate
with any sane Individual which I am afraid, someone who still thinks Modi is innocent, can not be. As for me getting a life dude don't worry for me. I am at a height you will never be able to reach at. But yes i acn come down to give you a verbal and if need be a Physical beating anytime any Place. You started off the Fcuking debate with your Pathetic state of mind spreading on the screen via your fingers. People like you will learn only when you would be made to swallow the Bitter Pill only this time around the concentration will get doubled.

I do not presume you are a Gujrati. I needn't in fact i never mentioned at any time of point that you are a Gujrati but tell you what if you are not one then you must be worse. Oh how I wish the demon returns all those who he took away during the Mumbai Massacre and takes you away in exchange.

Want to know the real truth Forget what Babu Bajrangi said, Watch the Documentary named Final solution regarding the Gujrat riots, watch Parzania, watch the Documentary on Ayodhya and Babri Masjid. I have this problem with losing my Temper whenever someone with so little knowledge as you Try to Debate Logic and sense. Your only Virtue is that you are an Indian else I believe you are ideologically worse than the most Backward person in this world

Anonymous said...

I have already commented once in this blog earlier that the ONLY solution to the problems of India is another partition into Hindu and Muslim entities. The past 60 years along with the history of last 1000 years is crystal clear proof that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together in peace. We need to take off the blinkers of secularism and harmony and do a reality check.
If only the partition of 1947 had resulted in purely Hindu and Muslim countries we would not have been facing all these problems today. There would have no Kashmir conflict, no sense of persecution (Hindu or Muslim), no communal riots, no wars etc.

Without all these issues I am sure the subcontinent would have made progress like Japan, South Korea or even China. Instead we are caught in this unending cycle of violence which now threatens the very existence of both India and Pakistan. I see no hope - India and Pakistan both are sinking ships (especially the latter) and will probably descend into complete anarchy within the next 10-15 years if things continue as they are. 3000 years of civilization is going to hit rock bottom and I doubt whether it is going to rise again.

contrarianbroodings said...

@ anonymous

Instead of watching B grade Hindi movies, it would do you good if you read the Nanavati Committee’ report. That’s what really counts.

If the Supreme Court has given Modi a clean chit, just who do you think you are to blame him.

As for another partition, I see it as another one of your crazy delusions. Not even Muslims want that.

shadkam77 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
An Indian said...

1 thing I don't understand is why is there so much hue and cry over something that is part of the society n i don't mean the hindu/indian society. Hindu bongs also face prejudice in Gujrat coz they r non veggies so it's not just abt the muslims! As far as celebrities are concerned they r just publicity hungry. There are other minorities that co-exist within the society and work for their welfare in a much constructive manner. Muslims are divided within their own community (take iraq for instance). They have not done anything for their community. People like Javed Akhtar only appear on TV to preach do they actually go into the slums to do something positive for the poor muslims?

urdudaaN said...

I don't know why the Gujaratis are taking it so personally, unveiling their fascism & moneyism? They have lost all their moral authority when they allowed Muslims to be slain, raped & burnt.
Modi rushed to Taj Hotel & tried to bribe the family of the killed officer, only to be turned down.
A Gujarati colleague asked me should India attack Pakistan? And when the first word that came out of my mouth was not "Yes", he started avoiding me.
And now, the builders who have sucked the blood of Muslim workers over decades have again taken it personally. It is worst form of fascism, but the media termed it "scared citizens distance themselves from Muslims". What could be a bigger lie?
Money is the truth for most Gujaratis. With the true face of mindless Capitalism unveiling now, God-willing, they will soon be back to their senses. You already find them begging for Jobs in Canada. Hopefully fascism has its days numbered too.

Anonymous said...

It is very strange to see Muslims getting worked up when Hindus in one small locality decide to avoid Muslim tenants. Yet, NOT ONE MUSLIM stood up when AN ENTIRE REGION of KASHMIR was ethnically cleansed of Kashmiri Pandits.

Yet I view this whole issue dispassionately. I am a Hindu, but in my unbiased opinion, there is only one solution - a second partition into Hindu and Muslim states. We, Hindus and Muslims cannot live peacefully together at least on a macro scale, whatever be the personal rapport individual people of different communities share. The history of 1000 years bears proof to deep rooted animosity that only increases with time and can be ignited into riots and terrorism by even a small spark.
It is time we wake up from this fiction that secularism has been a success or is even viable and reconcile to the fact that we are caught in an unending cycle of violence. This can end only if Hindus and Muslims go their separate ways.

(I am NOT the anon poster who dislikes Gujaratis)

Anonymous said...

Nanavati comission
Well the Truth regarding it has been explained in the Documentary Final Solution which according to you happens to be a B grade movie.
You disgust me man. You seem to be a person who has lost all his Morality just like 75 to 80% of Gujrati Hindus.

Sucker if the reaction to Godhra was so spontaneous then how come a list of Muslim Houses and Businesses be collected before hand a hell lot home work done in identifying locations??

See I told you, you are a logic less individual. Modi has a dark past and that will remain so for ever but I do agree that if there is one person who can lead to some sort of Progress for India it is Modi. But he needs to detach himself from scum bags like Singhal and Togadia.

lucknowite said...

What double standards!!!People believe nanawati commission but reject Sri Krishna commission findings! Commssions don't really matter as long as biased people have the shameless guts to defend someone they like or to blame someone they don't!

contrarianbroodings said...

@ urdudaaN

we know very well which community begs for entitlements, and thats not gujaratis.

gujaratis are the most successful of the minorities in the west. in fact the average gujarati in UK is richer than the average white!

thats gujarati for you.

@ lucknowite

another hindu basher!

your islamic congress is in power in maharashtra, so how is it modi's or bjp's fault that the culprits are not being booked?

@ anonymous

nanavati committee report came out AFTER the final solution released, so check it out. maybe your queries are answered there.

election wala anon... said...

well...i have seen u complaining abt abusive language used against u in comments and delete/censor thm..and rightly so....bt whn the same language is used against a certain communities (gujjus)...u let it flaunt here....and u claim to be rational.....lajawaab adnan bhai...lajawaab

Anser Azim said...

I agree with the last anon@electionwala post. No one should be allowed to call some one Gujju, etc. India owes a lot from that part of land and i believe that civility will return oneday and Mr Modi and his like minded organozations will be voted out. Most of the Gujratis i know of are very hard working. Although it was scary to know that 70=80% of them hate muslims.

contrarianbroodings said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
indscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

--comment edited--

Contrarian broodings:

@ anonymous

"I do not presume you are a Gujrati. I needn't in fact i never mentioned at any time of point that you are a Gujrati but tell you what if you are not one then you must be worse."

are you a schizophrenic? what's this?

a racist and an idiot!
had i used remotely similar language against the minority, i would have been banned. but hindu bashing is alive and kicking!

long live secularism!

indscribe said...

@ anon

Partition is no solution. We are all paying for what happened long back in the past. Nobody will migrate and leave his land and why should somebody leave their homeland? People need to be more humane, undersrtanding and inclusive.

@ election wala Anon:

I'm sorry. Just that it is not possible for me to monitor the posts 24 hrs. I didn't expect that suddenly this sort of war of words would start here.

Blogger doesn't have a system to automatically detect the comments that are abusive. Moderation is another problem as every hour or two you have to check the site.

@ Contrarian broodings: Nothing will be tolerated that is against any community, sect or society.

contrarianbroodings said...

hi indscribe

in my post i was quoting the bigoted anonymous and his views of "communal gujjus".

how come u deleted that quote from my comment , while in the original it's still there?

and what does it mean nothing will be tolerated against any community?

will you tolerate similar language that this "anonymous" uses against the minority community?

election wala anon said...

that comment is still there...after you replying to my comment...shall i assume u monitor/censor seletive comments?

Anonymous said...

Have a look at what that traitor Abdul Rehman Antulay is vomiting. He is a union cabinet minster and is espousing a conspiracy theory without ANY SHRED OF EVIDENCE, which is resulting in strengthening the hands of pakistan at a time when India is building a case against it. This is our minority affairs minister. Is this what secularism means? A union minister undermining his own government at a time of national crisis.

The surprising thing is that many Muslims apparently agree with what Antulay has said, according to an article in a newspaper today. What a shame. WHAT A SHAME.

a fan said...

A post in indianmuslims.in regarding the legal responses against discrimination

Salman said...

I am not a Indian, but a Pakistani but My comments will be very hard to digest by my non Muslim friends, specially Hindus; please do keep in mind that all the Indian Muslims are not terrorist,just think of the day when they all may turn terrorist (160 million), just think about that day, don't push them to wall.

Indifferent said...

@Salman-Is that a threat or a premonition?

election wala anon said...

@salman..will u please keep out of this...we will sort out this issue...u better watch zardari chancing his arms with sm US bigwig politician beauty

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rana said...

A few reasons why: I grew up in colaba, mumbai. Almost all the residential buildings facing the gateway of India on the sea side have been made into hotels which serve as prostitution centres for arabs and the muslim underword. My uncle's family was forced top sell their sea facing flat to these muslim underworld guys. My family was threatened by my muslim neighbour to sell becaise he wanted to convert our whole building into a brothel. The entire Strand area, one of the old decent and lovely areas has been converted into mullah brothel. Do you want me to go on...

rana said...

i challenge the author to post my previous comment, it is the truth...

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Ela said...

;Look dont defend these acts of builders because it is wrong.For heavens sake these muslims r our own .No matter what u say but the fact is it will hurt India .Mulims dont need any certificte from hindu community to live respetfully in any part of india and i think education can change a lot for muslims and i m hindu from up.