Thursday, November 16, 2006

Don't blame just the Muslims: What about ghettoes of Gujaratis, Christians, Castes ?

Farzana Versey makes an interesting point in the article, 'Ghettoes reserved for Muslims'.

She writes that on a househunt she found that every caste group and community was busy creating its own ghetto but it is Muslims who are only termed [or accused] as the ghettoised people.

In Mumbai, it is very tough for a Muslim to find a house in a multi-cultural society because no body is willing to give a house to Muslim on rent [or for purchase either].

The situation is similar in most cities of the country and unless a strong movement emerges against this ghettoisation (by any community) and governments take certain measures, it will damage the social fabric of the nation. She writes:
One has heard of instances about how the Malabar Hill-Napeansea road belt (the most prized and pricey areas of Mumbai) are being take over by the Jain-Marwari business families.
Old Parsi bungalows are being bought just to ensure that the particular part of the city is left pure for a group of people.
Christians too have begun to form their own buildings, so do Parsis and Gujaratis and Sikhs. But these are not called ghettoes. Why, then, must Muslim-populated areas be deemed ghettos?
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[Link to Farzana Versey's story]