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Monday, July 24, 2006

On 100th Birth Anniversary Chandrashekhar Azad or Chandrashekhar Tiwari (Jhijhotiya), just a hero of Brahmin sub-caste?

چندر شیکھر آزاد ؛ صد سالہ تقریب پیدا‘یش عظیم مجاہد آزادی

It was 100th birth anniversary of legendary freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad. Few programmes were held, the TV channels hardly had time to remember a freedom fighter though.

Of course, they do remember the birthdays of Shahrukh, Aishwarya and Hrithik every year.

Just one event was held on a large scale that included seminar, discussion, competition for kids, speeches and other events spread over two days and that was organised by the Jhijhotiya Brahmin Samaj in my city.

The invitation card read Chandrashekhar Azad ie Chandrashekhar Tiwari. He was mentioned as Pride of Jijhotiya Brahmins. So we have fragmented ourselves so much in the last five decades that even a sub-caste wants its own icon.

I never knew Azad was Tiwari or even Jhijhotia Brahmin (not kanyakubja or saryupari or bharadwaj) Did you know? He was the pride of India, he has inspired all of us. I remember in my childhood Azad and Bhagat Singh's photographs in offices, shops and houses though its rare to find them now.

Azad had died just at the age of 25. And at that young age he had stirred the nation along with the likes of revolutionaries like Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaq and Bhagat Singh.

I am not angry with the organisation that owned him as hero of this sub-caste. I am sad that rest of us don't seem to remember him as much as we ought to do. At least, Rang De Basanti had seen full houses just a few months back, where is that crowd if our films really affect the youth.

And what about Azad. Most of the websites on the net give faulty information about him. The sites including wikipedia, I checked today, mention him as born in Unnao (UP) though he was born in a hut in a small village Bhabhra (Jhabua) in Madhya Pradesh (So at least MP can claim him!). The hut remains a hut, though it is protected.

For lesser mortals centenary celebrations are organised and Azad doesn't need to have a celebration to establish him, he is a martyr, a legend but the irony is that we have just forgotten everything.

Just the other day I heard someone that Subhash Chandra Bose was a Kayastha hero. Where wll this end? Isn't it all obscene. Rarely nations have got many heroes like the galaxy of heroes India has inherited.

So many heroes who can inspire generations and produce men and women of such character and mettle that can show way to world. Alas, we are just not interested.

It is more important to learn from our history because Azad, Bismil and Ashfaq were born in the era when communal forces were gaining ground and the British policy was succeding in dividing Hindus and Muslims.

But these freedom fighters (Bismil was an Arya Samaji and his affection for Ashfaq is well-knwon) were patriotic to the core, humane and didn't see Indians divided in Hindus and Muslims.

Unfortunately today when we should have learned a lot, we have forgotten everything and are hell-bent on killing our common composite culture.


How do we know said...

you know... the funny thing is that the literature today, is soo like the feelings of the pre-partition 20s -30s.. the casteism being used by politicians, and lapped up by the common man..to his own detriment.. and that macro pattern worries me..

Anonymous said...

Doing away surnames would have been the best idea as in Bihar during JP movement.

Anonymous said...

dost...i respect and accept ur view...we are just making things more complicated for ourself day by day.....

The Illusionist said...

Im proud of you Adnan. You reinstate my voice that the secular Muslim is no myth. He is the rule ather than its exception :)


urdudaaN said...

Thanks Adnan bhai for including my blog in "My Links..." section.

I guess, I noticed it quite late. :(

Anonymous said...

Hello, Great to read ur views on Azad. Just wanted to know do u know where can i access more information on him. Im very keen to do research on his personality, but cant seem to find the way to start.
if u have any info can u email me at ranjit_1999@yahoo.com

gunesvara said...

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Brijinder"Sagar" said...


Har haath main mazhub kay parcham
Har aaNkh main wehshat ka junooN
Lub pay haiN nafratoN kay sholay
KhyaaloN pay ik aawaaraa fusooN

Ik zehar ka baadal fazaa pay chaayaa hai
Khumaar-e-ghaphlat phir zehanoN pay aayaa hai

Har nighaah main bus ik swaal ki bu
Hindu ki aulaad hai ya muslim hai tu
Tarak subnay kiyay viraasat kay khazaanay
Woh Nanak ki wehdat Kabir kay taraanay
KahiN talwaaraiN to kahiN trishool aayaay
SadioN ki pehchaanaiN sub bhool aayaay
Bhai ko bhai kay qatl ki pyaas
NamooN har samt yahi ghurbat-e-ahsaas
Lahu phir apnay hi lahu say laraa hai
Waqt phir sehmaa saa ik aur ja kharaa hai

Abhi to bhray bhi na thay Zakhm tam_ddun kay
Abhi to bhoolay bhi na thay woh aleel ayaam
DariNda insaaN main uthaa tha yeh abhi kal ki baat hai
Aadam khud bika tha yeh abhi kal ki baat hai

Aur aaj phir utraa hai afreet-e-wehshat
Aur phir say lagaayay hai chehraa mazhub ka
Phir say hai hujoomoN pay ik shauq-e-bekaar
Phir say banaa mazhub bahaanaa nafrat ka

Kab talak paighaMbar yooN neelaam karogay?
Kab talak latkaingay masihay saleeb-e-yaas par?
Kab talak pinhaaN insaaN qattl hogaa?
Kab talak pashymaaN karogay apnaa wazood?
Kab talak?
Brijinder "Sagar"
Auckland,New Zealand

child said...

good site

Raza Rumi said...

Adnan Mian:

This is a brilliant post - brings out the ludicrous and yet pays homage to Indian heroes..

And, through the comments, I am most delighted to find Sagar's poem which is extremely powerful - I will be cross posting it on my site - www.razarumi.com.

hindblogger said...

History of India will be teaching us about the question you have raised. We were never ONE and still we are no ONE.
This timeless attacks from outsider raiders and then from our 'own' created a creed which was living in harmony upto 1857. It was then British realizes that Hindu and Muslims can be divided and this starts a very well knitted plan to create a gap between the two and they managed very well.
It is not only Azad we are loosing...we have lost our own soul. A country where regional language speakers are looked upon as DESI and English speaking is known as FORWARD people...this has to happen. Just wait for more to come...we will be looking for the word culture very soon.

No one to blame- this behavior is in our DNA in our blood.

Sarthak Ganguly said...

This is sickening. But we Indians have a knack for dividing ourselves. Oh boy we love dividing - we divided a single country into three - without any invasion. Beat that ! :D :D :D