Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fascism in India, right-wing replicates Nazis: Innocent Muslims being killed all over the country, attacked over false rumours on beef

Two Muslims including a minor who were herding buffaloes were killed in Latehar in Jharkhand. The bodies were found hanging by the tree.

The policemen suspect that right-wing radicals killed them. The legislator and local population also say that they were apparently killed just because they were Muslim.

"Mohammad Mazloom and Azad were beaten up, the bodies strung up with their hands tied behind their backs and mouths stuffed with cloth", say reports. Such brutality no longer shakes the nation.

The reason is that it is the new 'normal'. Mass media, including many TV channels, are part of thsi propaganda to demonise Muslims. Either it is defaming Muslims, terming them as anti-nationals, forcing new definition of nationalism or putting minorities under patritotism test, TV channels are pandering to the Hindutva Nazis.

Across India, Muslims are being attacked, killed, beaten up and threatened, for no reason. Nothing is needed, not even a false rumour now, to attack Muslims, as this incident shows. READ


1. Elderly Muslim couple beaten up on train in Harda, on suspicion that they had beef in the food. Later, the self-styed Gau Raksha force leader threatened the superintendent of police (SP).

2. A youth, Noman, who hailed from Saharanpur (UP) was killed in Himachal Pradesh's Sirmaur by cow vigilantes. The victim was a cattle trader and hence he became a 'cow smuggler' in the country where life of a cow is sacred and kiling a human being amounts to nothing.

3. Zahir Ahmad, who hailed from Kashmir, was killed in similar incident in Udhampur over rumours of 'cow slaughter'.

4. Kashmiri youths arrested after false rumour that they had cooked and eaten beef in their hostel room in Rajasthan.

5. Mohammad Akhlaq, father of a severing armyman, killed in his house over 'suspicion that there was beef in his house'. Loudspeaker from a temple announced this and Akhlaq was lynched in Dadri, UP. Later, meat was sent for forensic examination and it was found that it was not beef.


The Hindutva lumpens have the audacity to attack and butcher anyone. The police are mostly swift in arresting minorities, even if it is a case pertaining to sharing a Facebook post, but killers in such cases are given a long-rope.

There is a huge army of people involved in propaganda, spreading hatred towards Muslims. Many call centres have been set up to further the right-wing agenda and under the garb of political propaganda, they propagate falsehoods and Muslims are demonised round the clock.


While right-wing was infiltrating every institution including courts, @INCIndia cared little. RSS leaders involved in terror, weren't booked. Forget slapping UAPA on them, they were not even quizzed.

Like SIMI, organisations like Bajrang Dal should've been banned years ago. But this didn't happen. Every right-wing organisation linked to Sangh, got immune from the law.

After right-wing terror accused were arrested, there was no major crackdown on RSS, a strange NGO, that had been banned several times in the past. Congress-led UPA was in power for ten years, but it remained soft.

Result is mob rule, institutions have been weakened, courts letting off genocide accused like Maya Kodnani on bail @INCIndia. Most certainly, blame goes to @INCIndia for not reining in lumpens for decades.

[All the incidents mentioned above have been reported well in the past. You can search online. Dadri, Harda, Himachal Pradesh, Udhampur, Rajasthan]

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