Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lessons for Asians to learn from Dr 'Death' Patel episode in Australia

If one Dr Patel is found accused of killing his patients then all practisig medical practitioners with the surname Patel and all the Asian doctors can't be branded as 'killer doctors' or 'bad surgeons' either.

That's absurd. But this is happening in Australia. Dr Patel has been termed as Dr Death in Aussie newspapers and the media is screaming. The patients have stopped going to Asian doctors and all those with a brown skin or 'wrong' surname.

This is really unfortunate in a civilised society. Just like all Musims branded as extremists, it is also painting everyone with the same brush. However, we don't see a strong and united campaign on such an issue.

The VHP-RSS have spread hatred in countries including Britain, US and other foreign countries. Muslim organisations haven't done something great either. Unfortunately the expatriate Indians (NRIs) are more communal.

The Asians are split on religious lines in these countries and as a result such battles against discrimination can't be fought together. If Asians Abroad want to learn a lesson they can learn from Dr Death episode.