Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Indian habit of aping the West

The recent poll that showed Indians as the only country where support for US is highest. As many as 71% Indians hold positive opinion about Americans, the highest in the world.

While most of these Indians feel that Americans are innovative, honest and hardworking, the Americans are viewed as greedy, arrogant and immoral by many European nations.

It is nothing but the habit of servility, that of licking the feet of the powerful. Also, there is a tendency to align oneself with the power that seen as most anti-Muslim. After all, India is the only country where the poll was conducted just in urban areas.

And the urban areas of India have the millions of wannabe yuppies for whom America is the ultimate paradise. So what if these few metros together do not constitute more than 7% of India's population. Let the 93% go to dogs.