Saturday, July 30, 2005

Most powerful country's most powerful woman gets snubbed: Condoleeza Rice's delegation roughed up in Sudan!

She is is the most powerful woman in the world. That's what the US and Western media loves to say. After all, who else qualifies better. We are talking about Condoleezza Rice.

She is black [politically correct] and born-again Christian [not fundamentalist in case of Christians]. But in Sudan her entourage was allegedly roughed up. Now the papers in America are quite bitter about the episode.

We have come to learn that during her visit, the journalists accompanying her kept on pestering Sudan's President with questions and Prez' guards forced the journos and the officials out!

The 'mis-treatment' was meted out to some other members of Rice's entourage alsoIt is a different matter though that Sudan foreign office later expressed regret. But at least, Condi must have learnt a lot after this episode. 

Particularly, the fact that the whole world won't fall on her feet and there exists a world outside the shores of United States of America (USA). The moral of the story is that power is not universal and one must not get delusional with it.