Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nuclear Iran: Eyesore for USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia as well

The Nuclear programme of Iran is becoming an eyesore for the West.

Both the European Union [EU] and US are trying to mount all possible pressure on Iran to stop it from pursuing the programme.

This is despite the latter's repeated assertion that it is for peaceful purpose.

The double standards of these countries on Israel are, of course, never questioned.

The Jewish state is a known nuclear power and can go ahead with innumerable nuclear tests but invites no sanctions from the United Nations (UN).

It is believed in the Muslim world that any Islamic country that has even a remote chance of acquiring nuclear technology is targeted and hounded.

It is now a established norm to try and destabilise at least one nation in the middle-east at any given point of time. After destroying Iraq, the target is again Iran.

Saudi Arab wary of Iran's influence in the region

And it is really a shame that despite such double standards, the Western intellectuals express surprise at the anger among Muslim masses towards the West. However, there is another aspect. Not just America or Israel, Muslim countries are more concerned at the prospect of a 'Nuclear Iran'.

For them, it will a change in the balance of power in the volatile Middle East. The fact that Iran is a Shia majority nation, hangs high on the minds of the leaders of Saudi Arabia and other small countries. Isn't that quite intriguing?

Clearly, regional interests are more important. The monarchs in the Middle East fear that in case Iran acquires Nuclear power, its influence will grow manifold, and this will also embolden the Shia minorities that are concentrated in certain regions within the Sunni majority countries.