Saturday, October 01, 2005

Now a Hindu 'fatwa' bans Muslims from dance with Hindu girls

Once again Muslims are the target of ire.

The Saffron groups, particularly, Bajrang Dal has issued a diktat that no Muslim would be allowed to participate in Garba-Dandia dances.

They are angry because they feel that Muslim youths lure Hindu girls during such celebrations. Now what is the response to this Hindu fatwa?

But this has been largely ignored. In a civilised multi-cultural society, such statements should have been criticised strongly.

The Bajrang Dal has come out strongly for the ban on entry of Muslims and its leaders have issued threats to Muslims, warning that they should stay away from such venues. Though it may be the right-wing group's ploy to get cheap publicity.

Muslims rarely participate in Garba, which is mostly held in religious atmosphere. However, these statements to create bad blood and vitiate the atmosphere. In a secular democracy, there is no space for organisations issuing such diktats.

Neither any Muslim group can stop a girl of their community from interacting from Hindus. Nor a Hindu group should restrain a girl of their religion from befriending Muslims. Everyone is free in this country and it should always be the case.

No Talibanism of any hue ought to be tolerated.