Saturday, December 10, 2005

Riots in France: Spain, Muslims and Sanghis of India

While images of rioting in France were flashed on TV channels, the Islamophobes seemed more excited. The self-proclaimed intellectuals [right-wing] in Europe and India are also churning out columns after columns in papers.

The approach is that "...didn't we tell you that these Muslims are troublemakers and you were not listening then...". Loony fringe and the xenophobes have got a great opportunity to brand the Muslims as fundamentalists once again.

In fact, their Indian counterparts--Prafulla Goradia and Sandhya Jain--seem more excited. The intellectually poor columnists are portraying the incidents as Islam Vs France. The reality is different. It is poverty and joblessness that are at the root of the riots.

The French intelligence report has now confirmed that riots had nothing to do with religion. The politicians hadn't thought much about it about higher unemployment rates in ghettoesl. The French will now change, adjust, and will definitely take remedial measures.

Muslim population is estimated at nearly 7-10 million in France and these Muslims are there to stay. The RSS' favourite kids--Sandhya Jain and her ilk, need not go hysteric. It is quite early. The Muslims can't be thrown out of any country, en masse, in this age and era.

The RSS has always expressed its desire to learn from Spain [Inquisition] and aimed to replicate the experiment when countless Muslims [Jews] were killed and expelled from Spain in 15th century. But the Spain from where Sanghis get all inspiration has also changed a lot.

The mosques now dot the landscapes of Cordoba, Granada and all other cities in Spain. Do they know Barcelona had more than 1 lakh Muslims when they last counted. Most Muslims just like the vast majority of Hindus and Christians are peace loving.

And they live amicably in Western countries. Our homegrown fascists needn't worry about the affairs of France and the riots in Paris. It is a social issue and they will take care of it. We have much more serious problems. The columnists who are drawing sadistic pleasure should come out of their make-believe world