Monday, February 27, 2006

Australian Muslims at the receiving end, facing prejudices

What is happening in Australia? The Prime Minister and ministers have made prejudiced remarks against the Muslims.

Danna Vale, MP, of ruling party on the issue of induction of an abortion drug said that if Australians aborted out themselves, the country will become a Muslim nation in 50 years.

It was a debate on the drug and it took her to the Muslims and such a far-fetched imagination.
Initially she was criticised and government appeared to have distanced itself from her statement.

But then came Prime Minister John Howard's statement.that commitment to jihad and attitude towards women was a problem peculiar to Muslims and that section of Muslim community was extremist, don't assimilate etc etc

As Prime Minister, his views are even more dangerous when racial intolerance is growing in Australia and the race riots occurred in Sydney just two months ago. Muslims are just 1.5% of Australia's population.