Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sahitya Academy award goes to Jabir Husain

Just now the news has come that Jabir Husain has been conferred with the Sahitya Academy's prestigious award for Urdu.

Professor Jabir Husain is a multi-faced personality. As chairman of Bihar Legislative Council, he did a great job towards promotion of Urdu.

The voluminous magazine 'Dastavez' he brought out every month has no parallel. He has written over a dozen books. He is not just a poet and author but also a social activist and politician.

I don't think there is any more dynamic personality in India as far as Urdu is concerned. Especially, because he is active in politics, and yet he is doing work on the ground. His passion for popularizing Urdu and pushing for its use in administrative work is exemplary.

جابر حسین کو ساہتیہ اکادمی اوارڈ
-ہماری طرف سے مبارکباد