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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ek Ladki Jamuni Libaas Mein: A Girl Dressed in Purple

Yesterday I met a girl. A dusky, tall, around 21-22 year old, dressed in violet and moving around swiftly and with grace.

The young woman was not fair but her face looked so radiant that I was entranced. The colour of the dress suited her so well.

To set the record straight, I have no fancy for extremely fair girls, rather, prefer the earthiness and 'namak' on face.

I couldn't recall what was particularly special in her looks but then the whole wujood brought such warmth.

Ajeeb si mas'hoorkun khushboo thee chahaar-jaanib uske. Mercurial, Seemab-sifat, as we say in Urdu, she was everywhere, almost floating in air, lyrically.

Woh udtee rahi. So enthusiastic she was about the smallest things that I was left in a daze. As the veteran poets say.....Dil chahta hai kya kya kuchh! Bataiye usko abhi shaadki karne ki kya zaroorat thee! Uska woh mardood bhi that wahan. Hopefully they don't blog.

Sometime you feel that where are all those beautiful girls who attracted you in your teenage or when you are teetering on verge of adulthood...woh ladkiyan jo fauran wujood par chhaa jatee theen....aur bohat der tak...halki baarish ka ehsaas hota tha....

Now it seems all girls are alike. Ab to jaise sab ladkiyan ek jaisee hone lagee hain....ek jaise naqsh, ek hi jaise kapde.... jeans-top aur wohi husn....na woh sabaahat, na malaahat, na namak, na hashr-samaaniyan....all alike..

Magar aaii woh shola-e-jawala aur hamein wapas woh ehsaas hua...While she was setting me ablaze with her looks, simultaneoulsy shabnam was falling on me in the form of her voice and her khiraamaN-khiraamaN chaal ie the wal. Maan gaye. Duniya se husn unqa nahin hua..

Falling in love is different yet the joy of discovering the sort of beauty which overwhelms you and takes all your senses under control, is truly amazing. And what about this serendipity of finding a girl at a place you never expected!

Beshak hamari biinai mein hii kuchh kamii hai
Warna laRkee to ek se ek is duniaa meN paRii hai :)

Dil to chaahta hai jazbat ko bayan kiya jaye marhoom Fazal Tabish ke alfaaz mein lekin kamzor dilwale sharif log bhi blog paRhte hain, kahin achhut qaraar na de diya jaaon, is se Darta hun.

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Ashraf's Pen said...

Well well a very out of character post.
But as they say you cant guard against love.
But that itself is the question??
Whether this was love or lust or a crush or just a single moments unique reaction.
Some time back people wrote poetry about their love.
Now most post it on a blog.
Anyway nice post.
the topic has larger potential though.
Anyway khudahafiz

Ashraf's Pen said...

okay in retrospective....
Too many "Anyways"

indscribe said...

True...good observation

Amit Srivastava said...

"Sometime you feel that where are all those beautiful girls who attracted you in your teenage ..."

very true. but my dear friend don't let this one go again.

indscribe said...

Thanks Amit bhai ;)

Ashraf's Pen said...

I think the sher ought to have been

Aag ka kyaa hai, pal do pal mein lagti hain,
Bujhte bujhte ek zamaana lagta hai.

Its my favourite one.

Monica said...

Nice one ashraf :) ....n poor fair girls indscribe ;) nice post :)

Ashraf's Pen said...

Thanks Monica

Qais said...

Bahut khoob, This seems to come out naturally and completely off-guard.

An off-beat post to this Blog but it finds resonation in so many readers. Am one of those , too.

Cheers !

Tamanna said...

"Sometime you feel that where are all those beautiful girls who attracted you in your teenage "

He he u know we girls say the same thing :-D Koi interesting banda dikhta hai to either he is married or engaged :-D All taken :-D

Raza Rumi said...

bhaee kiya kehnay - saheb tau be-hadd ashiq mizaj waqiya huan hain..
great post - lyrical and soothing....