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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Free speech 'advocates' jail Irving for denying holocaust but

So David Irving has been jailed for denying Holocaust. The fact remains that Jews and Holocaust are a Holy Cow. You can't discuss it. But when it comes to Muslims, everybody is gunning for their religion.

Call Muslims terrorists, extremists and mock at Islam--all in the name of free speech and right to freedom of expression.

Ham aah bhi bharte hain to ho jaate hain badnam
Woh qatl bhi karte hain aur charcha nahin hota

Bloody Hell! Mayhem in Iraq

These crazy folks in Iraq are again back to violence. These Shias and Sunnis. Can't they just be Muslims or say Humans. Why blame anyone when these sick creatures have nothing else except killing each other and suicide bombing at the shrines.

The dome of a Shia shrine was destroyed. Then Sunni mosques were attacked. Have Satan possessed these crazy guys?


Jonathan Versen said...

hello indescribe,
while I agree with you that Irving shouldn't be going to jail for his beliefs, I think that they're jailing him for entering Austria ilegally after he had previously been deported and told he couldn't come back.

(I wonder if he would have been more likely to get a suspended or lighter sentence and then just deported again if not for the current Danish cartoons controversy.)

Yasir Niaz said...

The usual sentence for this crime in Austria is 10 years of prison - as i read in news. He got 3 years may be because he later diverted from his "crime". btw, deporting itself is a punishment.

Secondly, there is a reason to believe that some elements are trying to start a civil war in Iraq between Sunnis and Shias. This has been repeatedly announced by Shia leaders. A weak society gives more power to the ruler.

monica said...

I will quite agree its so stupid of Iraqi citizens to fight among themselves when so much crises are going on in their country and they seriously need to do something for its reconstruction rather than fighting among themselves!

indscribe said...

Thanks for your valuable comments Yasir bhai and Monica Sahiba ;)

indscribe said...

Thanks for your valuable comments Yasir bhai and Monica Sahiba ;) And yes Mr Versen.