Sunday, February 12, 2006

Against Love: Hindu, Muslim right-wing groups have same stand on Valentine's Day

1. Huge billboards with messages like 'Are you sure that your daughter who goes out on Valentine's Day will return a VIRGIN', are put up across Northern India by Bajrang Dal, a rightwing Hindu organisation.

There are many such offending messages on these hoardings, posters and banners. The faces of couples will be blackened and all measures taken up to uphold Indian culture, thunders Devendra Rawat of Bajrang Dal.

2. Shiv Sena in Uttar Pradesh and many North Indian states is ready to take on lovers.

3. Dukhtaran-e-Millat, an organisation of Muslim women in Kashmir, burns Valentine's Day cards and calls it as un-Islamic.

So everybody is against love. The loonies on both sides have common cause, feeding each other. Great that both are exposed. Let the youth have the right to make their choice. The photographs of burqa-clad DeM activists barging in shops was in a bad taste. These women said Valentine's Day is immoral and against our values.

Agreed, market economy brings us the V-Day. But 'ishq' is our birthright. We have been great aashiques for centuries. Muslims are great lovers and they should continue to do so. The state government did well to register case against DeM activists. Similar action should be taken against Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena as well.

Meanwhile, I again read that foolish notion--Muslims don't condemn enough when religous sentiments of others are hurt. We all do. We do when embassies are attacked and when MF Husain paints nude goddesses again and again.

Just that you don't read, listen, show and bother to check. As an Indian Muslim I strongly criticise MF Husain, condemn his drawings. Just today in my little, humble way, I have done that at