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Friday, February 10, 2006

'We believe in Jesus, why can't you respect Prophet Muhammad': Indian Muslims ask Christians in Europe, West over anti-Muslim, blasphemous caricatures

In Ludhiana jail, prisoners wrote applications with their blood to the Prime Minister, against caricatures published in Denmark.

They also wrote to the Denmark government against publication of the offensive caricatures in Danish and other European newspapers.

In Lucknow, Bhopal and Ahmedabad protest rallies were held. In Bhopal the rally was so mammoth that the walled city came to a grinding halt.

The photo of rally in Bhopal where estimate of participants were made at over 2,00,000. Click on photo to see the full picture.

The participants were holding placards like 'We believe in Jesus and Mary, why can't you just respect Prophet Muhammad'.

The banners were in Urdu, Arabic, English. Also, in Hubli (Karnataka) the protest was held. In Kanpur, the largest city in UP, there was a big demonstration.

In Nagpur the demonstrations turned violent when they were not allowed to reach Commissioner's office. In Delhi, the flag of denmark was placed on the stairs of Jama Masjid and protestors walked on the flag to express their outrage.


Diganta said...

The answer is simple : because they don't respect Jesus either.

Rizwan said...

we respect Jesus much more then you do.
Its you people who don't respect him
just calling him god and expecting that he'll save you doesn't call faith.

How much you respect jesus that is clearly visible by the work you people doing.
who wrote " DA Vinci Code"
when Jesus said drink alcohol.
where its written to have sex before marriage.
Do you follow anything what Jesus said and you saying you love Jesus huh........ watch ya self then expect anything from anyone