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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Crying about Halaal: Indian Muslims' indifference towards the issue

Some guys went to a particular food joint in an old city locality and came back crying--we didn't know they could serve us Jhatka chicken?

Now what you can say about that! The fools went and eat without asking and imagining that all across India every one would serve halaal.

In Delhi Muslims are over 12% but no shop or hotel has put up the halaal/jhatka on the menu or food items while the 1% Jains have managed to get Jain Pizza [without onions[ and all non-veg items clearly marked. Why?

I am not prepared to believe that despite their economic backwardness the lakhs of Muslim consumers can't affect the business.

They can surely do. But they neither ask the hotel owner about the issue jhatka/halaal or register their protest if he sells jhatka. The guys did not have the nerve to object it to the hotel owner in an area and tell him that he should display it.

We are just not articulate enough, least aware of consumers' rights and even careless about the jhatka/halaal issue because just when you see the chicken 'aapkem munh mein paani aa jata hai'...and you hope...chicken halal hi hoga.

But they did not dare do that. If you are such a fool why don't you quit eating chicken outside altogether because no one is sure about the small chicken whose neck can be twisted easily anywhere without the need of any butcher.

Interestingly, once in a big hotel I saw a youth wearing the skullcap and making kebabs. I asked the Muslim guy if it was halal. He said he was not aware of that. I asked him why the hell was he wearing the 'topi' that would have confused many and he just grinned sheepishly.

Frankly I damn care. If you are really a glutton and want to eat jhatka, go and do that but this 'beech mein latakne wali baat' I hate it. But what angers me is that guys pretend to be too particular about Islam but at the same time are not interested in asking if the Sardarji's hotel sells halal.


saratheobold73222309 said...
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Saeed said...

in calcutta, everyone says that all the slaughterers are muslims, so eating out isnt a problem. in chennai, ppl have a select few muslim owned restaurants where they know that the meat is halal.most of my time in india is spent in calcutta & although the thought does make me uneasy, i dont do much about it there.but now in sydney i always ask abt halal meat & eat at places where i know that the meat is halal.

urdudaaN said...

بھئی آپ نے تو میرے منہ کی بات چھین لی۔ حیرت ہے کہ آپ کے اور میرے خیالات میں بہت مطابقت ہے، جو ایک خوش کن اتّفاق ہے۔
آپ کی تحاریر پڑھنے کی غرض سے روزانہ آیا کرتا ہوں کہ ایسی معلومات اور کہاں!

indscribe said...

Wah wah, Shukria. Probably because we share common culture and the same passion for Urdu so the thoughts are bound to be on similar track.

Ashraf's Pen said...

Well I think religion must be given its due importance.
Since I am living away from home in hostel, and I eat out frequently, I make it a point of asking the waiter for the manager and verifying the source.
If the supplier is a muslim I assume its halaal. Many times the manager himself has a fair idea, but to ensure I am not fooled, the initial question is not halaal or jhatka but where is the chicken is procured.
Also in case of a commercial source like Venkatesh hatcheries I assume Jhatka and avoid the meat.

Plus people in case of a doubt or hesitant be veg. Veg food is quite nice.
Enjoy it.

history_lover said...

Pizza corner claims it uses only Halal meat in it's products.
Is this true ?

Ashraf's Pen said...

Well if pizza corner does so it would be true.
Most hoteliers know about muslims problem with jhatka and the decent ones have a halaal source.

Anonymous said...

Why is it important to eat halaal meat for muslims. Just curious, since the practice of letting the animal bleed to death is rather barbaric.

Anonymous said...

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