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Saturday, March 04, 2006

First ever communal riots in Lucknow and Goa: Hindu-Muslim tensions reach new shores

Lucknow had  sectarian clashes not riots
Two firsts and both of them are really unfortunate. Lucknow opened its account as far as Hindu-Muslim riots is concerned, as it never had a history of such clash and so did Goa.

In Lucknow the rivlarly was between Shias and Sunnis, so the news of Hindu-Muslim clash that was sparked off during the Bush's visit to India ws received with shock.

Lucknow was the City where Hindus and Muslims for centuries shared the same culture and were proud of this ganga-jumni tehzib. 

It is an unfortunate incident and could have been avoided. But politics, an ineffective government, failure of local administration and the delayed response of police.

The law-enforcers claim they were busy due to the visit of President APJ Abdul Kalam to Lucknow on the same day and hence situation got out of hands.

As far as Goa is concerned, the Hindu-Christian tension has existed but now the Hindu-Muslim riot came as a surprise. A mosque was demolished in Sanvoderm [South Goa district]. The administration felt it was an encroachment.

But some residents, rather than district administration, demolished the mosque which naturally led to tension. The tension spread to neighbouring Curchorem. Shops and vehicles were burnt in the subsequent violence. So the communal bug has bit Goa also.

[The photograph is representative. It shows police deployed in Old Lucknow, near the Imambadas, after a Shia-Sunni clash.]


SloganMurugan said...

It's about money, honey. And business and shops.

Ashraf's Pen said...

I think the lucknow and Goa events are both sad.
In Lucknow the people forgot who they were hurting by their acts.
And frankly as offensive as the cartoons on the Prophet(Peace be upon him) may be, the muslim worlds reaction seem to bound on the verge of insane.
What was the need in lucknow to try and enforce a bandh.
Did it help??
In goa you urself have told the story.

Anonymous said...

I felt bad that these riots occured when President of differnt country came to our land.it the same way,if we take an example that 2 children fight with each other(being real brothers) and someone visit or come to their house. The intelligence says that they should stop fighting and should pretend that everything is cool and normal but what we all did? which was quite opposite what a normal person do? When the President bush arrived the riots started . What was the impression Bush took with him. I hope this will not happen next time when omeone of different country will come.