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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nothing 'Shahi' about the Imam or his conduct

'Shahi Imam' Ahmad Bukhari has embarrassed many of us with his conduct. Even if a journalist had made a comment, such verbal abuse coming out of Bukhari is unacceptable.

It was more upsetting as the unsavoury incident occurred near PM's office in front of the national media.

Just when it seemed that Bukhari was turning into a responsible person and the image of the Shahi Imam, as created by his father who did tremendous damage to Muslims through his 'fatwas' at the time of elections, was poised for a positive change, the ugly side came up.

I have seen journalists ask much tougher [and harsher] questions and people replying without getting angry. Journalists [representing society] speak for the people and thus often make the public figures [including politicans] uncomfortable.

But Bukhari and his supporters rather than keeping silent or just ignoring the question, instead went after the journalist in an uncivilised manner. Time to stop calling him Shahi Imam. There is no such post and nothing regal or royal about him. Imams in all mosques are equal and respectable because they lead prayers and that's all.

And now Bukhari says that he will float a political party.What a joke! Does he have any idea of his influence. Parties may think that he has an influence. Even in the Jama Masjid area let alone Delhi, he does not have a strong following. I am sure except his household no body is going to vote for his candidates. 

If he stays mum, he will do lot good for Muslims in India.


Anonymous said...

so the "shahi" imam has shown his shahiness once again.
i witnessed the incident yesterday with my own eyes. the question posed by yusuf ansari(the journalist) was a fairly relevant one about the quotas.
the imam walked away as if he never heard the question or the questioner.
this sort of annoyed ansari and a lot of other fellow journalists. in the midst of it, ansari called out to the imam and told him that he needed an answer.
what followed was that a supporter of the imam and yahya bukhari(imams brother) came rushing back shouting at very high pitches and pushed around the journalists. imam bukhari also was openly and clearly bad mouthing all the journalists(ansari in particular)
the rest of the happenings were shown on TV i presume.

now the main problem i have with this unsocial individual(the shahi imam) is that before all of this happened he was openly bragging about how the imam from lucknow arrested by the STF(UP) on charges of harbouring the varanasi terrorists and the other man killed in the encounter are actually innocent and being framed by the police.
my question: how the **** does the imam know if those arrested are innocent?? the only way of him knowing is if he was involved in the attacks himself. if he wasnt't, then who on earth is he to question the work done by the police, the STF and the IB???
i'm sick of this "imam" and hope not to hear his schizophrenic ramblings in the future.

mirzza_syed said...

if this nonsense happen front of white house, shahi(..ahem!) imam would have been escorted to the nearest police station.
shame on india on allowing such nonsense in high security zone of PM's office.,
unfortunately, the chickens in congress will do nothing, fearing to lose thier muslim votebank.

indscribe said...

True. He is exposed. He doesn't represent Indian Muslims' voice and if he misbehaves with anyone and the person lodges an FIR, he should face the law. That's all.

urdudaaN said...

What I understand is, that I can read the four stars **** from anonymous, which make him worse than anyone else.
Also, why drag the holy, peaceful place like white(red) house in this matter.
The number of times this news was repeated by the media in a single row seemed like they have been waiting for a breaking news for long.

One must respect the journalists at least as much as the mercenaries(embedded journalists!!) & the politicians.

Diganta said...

I don't think Shahi Imam is the representative of Muslim community in India, like VHP is not the representative of Hinuds. So, the behaviour of Shahi Imam should not embarass anyone. He's simply another person, you don't have any control over it. The only fallout of this incident might be the gain for BJP before next years' UP Assembly election.

Anonymous said...

mr urdudaan,
i had the decency of censoring myself(unlike bukhari) despite being an anonymous individual.
what mr "shahi" imam did was million times worse and if i need to even explain that much, then my impression of your sense of right and wrong is indeed poor.
your comparing of my 4 stars with the imams open and freewheeling abuse of the nations journalistic community is akin to being able to see a tree when what is being shown around is a jungle.

Anonymous said...

btw, urdudaan bhai,
the reason why the media kept showing the imams behaviour was because a member of our journalistic fraternity, of which i'm a proud member, was obstructed from carrying out his duty. and living in a democratic society, infringement of a journalists privileges isnt something we are willing to turn a blind eye to.

Mridula said...

Well said.

history_lover said...

This e-mail in the yahoogroup AligarhNetwork claims to shed some light on the issue :
Disclaimer : I cannot vouch for it's contents


These were the crude tapori language used by Yusuf Ansari of Zee TV, when not only Shahi Imam, but all his entourage burst on the culprit, who was out to carry out his anti-Muslims Zee Channel's ongoing and unchecked policy to denigrate and demonize Muslims. The TV coverage of the pandemonium drowned out Imam's angered response to the instigator: SAWAL KE BACHCHE, TAMEEZ SE BAAT KARNA SEEKH ('son of question, learn to speak civil language'). TV audience could only see Shahi Imam's enraged visage. That was hardly the true picture of the event.

Shahi Imam was coming out of the Prime Minister's residence, after meeting him with his group, having presented the Prime Minister a memorandum detailing Muslim demands on the UPA Government. On coming out he did answer some questions posed by the crowd of media people and while chosing to have finished his comments, he moved on. At that moment, when he had given ample sign that he has finished with the press, Yusuf Ansari, who had some previous grudge with Shah Imam, when Yusuf had gathered a few Namazis in the courtyard of Jama Masjid at the time of twin bomb blast and tutored them to shout Allah o Akbar by raising hands in threatening manner, so that he can get some potent shots for his Zee TV news. This was resented by Shahi Imam, who had been trying to calm the whole crowd when injured were being ferried to ambulances and the gathering was more in shock, than visibly angered. Yusuf Ansari had deliberately tried to instigate the namazis, to get suitable TV footage. Subsequently, he was thrown out and police did not let him come into the Masjid. He called Shahi Imam, to intercede and let him come in to shoot further footage, but Imam asked him to approach the police directly. Yusuf Ansari had nursed the grudge and took it out by shouting at the Shahi Imam, in crudest form of retort, when Shahi Imam ignored his question at Prime Minister's House.

Most of the main English newspapers like Times of India, Indian Express, and Hindustan Times have failed to give full account of the incident. It suited them to paint Shahi Imam in worst of colors and raise collective media protest against him personally.
.... snip ...

mirzza_syed said...

history lover, thnx for bringing out background of yusuf ansari.
but "tu kaisa imam hai, sawal ka jawaab nahi deta" is not very bad tapori language, to be honest.
i mean ansari should not speak like that but even if he do, imam who happen to be high cleric of musalman community should have commonsense and good conduct to ignore it.
if imam start getting violent and abusive when somebody say "tu kaisa imam hai, sawal ka jawaab nahi deta" , then it reflect on whole musalman community as being intolerant and violent despite fact that imam is not representer of all musalman of india.

yaku23 said...

Imam is supposed to be a person who has studied and devoted his life to teachings of Islam. so when an Imam reacts to a question by saying "sawaal ke bachche, pehle tameez seekh" it reflects on the religion as well, like it or not.
if he was just some rogue character, then it could've been ignored. but he is the imam of one of the most powerful and historic masjid of India. hence, all muslims must openly criticize imam bukhari and not try to find rationales in his behaviour based on what yusuf ansari said.
yusuf ansari on the other hand is a pretty rogue character himself and i dont like him either, but in this matter, his statement of "tu kaisa......" wasnt blasphemous or insulting enough to warrant the imam and his brothers reaction.
may allah give them better sense.

Anonymous said...

A good post indescribe!
Problem is very few muslims like indescribe come forward and condemn this arrogant act of Imam.
Also, muslims should come forward and tell that they don't want any reservation. All these special privileges given to them by congress ( not under uniform civil code etc) are reasons hindus have bias against them. Hindus do not have any anger against muslims, their only complaint is if everyone is same under secular structure of this nation, why give special privileges to muslims only?

sam said...

Shahi Imam is nothing but a media creation. He must not be taken seriously as he does not command any following and we must not forget he was partly to blame for the eid moon Fiasco

Proud2beaMuslim said...

Journalists should learn to behave with respected people. Ansari should as a journalist just ask the question and shut up if Shahi Imam sahab soed not want to answer. The way he degraded Shahi Imam sahab, he deserved kickings. I wish i was there I would have kick his life out.
to the id >>Mirza_syed --- I dont belive u r a muslim, may be u r a shia so shut up and dont speak on behalf of all Muslims.u could be a hindu with name changed.

Anonymous said...

All Civilization can't be for Imam Saheb Who is most famous religious figure of India.Though many may contradict his Political dicisions but most Muslims will not tolerate this Type of Bakawas language against him in the full Public glare.Can the Same Uncivilized Money Hungry Ansari dare to Pose the Same question.''Tu kaisa Imam hai Sawal ka Jawab nahin deta'' to any Shankracharya or Other NON Muslim famous Personality? No..I am challenging that even his father can't dare to Pose the same question .He would have been kicked Out of Conference.
To all Imam Bukhari's critics.. Imam bukhari shows enough Tolerance because he did not beaten him Otherwise the act of that rubbish and bastard reporter is worth of throw him Out.
The Blogger who says **** about imam sb,must also be thrown out of this Blog .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous supporter of Imama Bukhari would do good to clarify how Imam is the 'most famous' religious figure. Secondly, the comparison with Sankaracharya and the deference he enjoys is misappropriated too.
May i remind every one of how the Kanchi Sankaracharya was dragged in to the court of law.
The difference here is that most hindus sided with the supremacy of constitution and law during the entire episode.

IRSHAD said...

Mr. ______ Ansari(Patrakar) ne jo Imam Bukhari se sawal kia tha woh sawal hi isi liye tha ke kuch ayesa ho jisse Ansari sb highlighted ho jaen...
"Tu kaisa Imam hai,"........kia Ansari sb apne walid mohtaram se ayese hi baat karte hain????
Ansari sb zarur ya to Communist hain ya kisi RSS Type group se talluq rakhte hain...Jahan tak baar rahi IMAM sb ke political base ka to mere khial se IMAM BUKHARI ka political Base SHABANA AZMI & JAWED AKHTA se zeyadah hai aour jab Jawed Akhtar sb ISLAM & MUSALMANON ke bare me kuch bhi likhte & Kahte hain ti IMAM BUKHARI ke kahne ya karne se kia ayetaraz??????

Pulkit Jain said...

Thank God...The journo who said all this is a muslim...else there would have been one more communal riot..mera bharat mahaan..it happens only in india.

Wakeup before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Hope you realize from these comments. Bukhari has quite a few followers even outside jama masjid area. Please don't keep repeating he doesn't matter.He is media creation etc.

Anonymous said...

LOL..... if anyone ask something against muslims then he always belongs to RSS/BJP..... lol.... agar koi bhi kuch aisa bole jo ki thoda saa alag hai, to woh RSS kaa hai aur aapki awaaz main bole to secular hai. In secular coutry everyone has right to speak anything. Taliban to musalmaan ko bhi azaadi se nahi jeene dete par woh theek hain.... lol..... kya soch hai

Sumit said...

sorry comenting on this blog, but it is about nepali vs bangladeshi immigrant problem

any indian cant outrightly ignore what gorkha soldires have did for india, and still they are doing for india
but you have even not mentioned any thing about that, only the recent small crimes by nepalis have been mentioned.

bangladeshi have already reversed the demography in asom and in WB
and y they are coming into this country to increase the population, what they deserved from this country, they got it all 57 years ago, agar unhe vapas hi aana tha to partition kyu karvaya?

global impex said...

i respect and congrats shahi imam bukhari for his braveness.
this type of cheap reporters should deal like this only.
they think no one can teach them (media).
so politicians learn lesson and self respect from him.

Anonymous said...

Atleast in India nobody should be bigger than LAW. Hold anybody who trespasses the LOC.
Abbas, Mumbai

Anonymous said...

this is reply for sumit.
Banladesh is creation of india. had india didnt finger in Pakistans affairs that country would not have born. As east pakistan they could live with a better living standard. in their present poverty if they migrate to india, india has the moral obligation to accommodate them. or india should help that country to prosper so that these poor people can find employment in their country itself. dont forget so many indians migrated to arab countries looking for jobs.

DIBYA said...

I have come to this site for the 1st time. It was refreshing. Just wanted to share some experience from my life. One of my uncle's a Saadhu with sizeable fan-following. My pointed questions on Pravin Togadia got him as highlighted as Imaam Sahab in this case. My parents had to remind me of hypertensive nature of my Saadhu uncle to refrain me from getting deeper :)
A public figure like Imaam should know how to control emotion (read: Abdul Kalaam facing pointed questions with a smile in his face). But rest should also not forget how to respect.
I always thought that all Indian muslims follow Shahi Imaam blindfolded. One of my long-standing misconception is finally broken!

Anonymous said...

Dekhiye ye baat khuli kitaab jaisi hai ki yusuf ansari sahab ne Imam sahab ko instigate karne kee koshish ki aur usame wo Qamyab bhi hue. Lekin ye baat bhi sahi hai ki Imam sahab ka reaction kuchh bahut kabil-e-tareef nahi tha. Wo koi chhote mote politician nahi hain na hee chor uchhake hain. Wo Islam ko practice karne waalon mein se hain aur sabr aur apna aapa na khona Islam ka pahla teaching hai. Agar Shahi Imam ka ravaiya aisa raha to unke taqreeron ko ab kaun sunega? Humari next generation ke saamne yahi misal rakhenge? waise bhee Imam sahab ki izzat ek aam musalman karta hai lekin wo shaksiyat unhe represent nahi karti hai.

Abhishek said...

I am saddened to read the comments of most of the so-called educated Muslims here. I hang around a lot on Pakistani forums, and these sound a lot like the ramblings of those paranoid souls.

I can only hope that these worthies are pakistanis pretending to be Indians.

If not, I am truly depressed.

Anonymous said...

Shahi Imam strikes again :

I think video is also available