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Friday, April 28, 2006

From community to sects, sub-sects: Now a Shia TV Channel ?

QTV, now known as ARY
Just got to know that the Shia community in India is planning to start a television channel of its own. I am not very much impressed.

Already the cable-wallahs have little bandwidth to show fresh channels and given the fact that Shias are a minority within a minority it will be even difficult to get it viewd.

Except in Hyderabad, Lucknow and parts of Kashmir where else would peope able to force the cable-wallah to show it.

Meanwhile, I have yet to hear about any sub-sect launching its own channelI mean I find Hindu channel, local small-time Jain religious channels, Christian channels but not of sub-sects. In fact, some Hindu religious channels show the programmes of Jains and Sikhs also.

It would be better if Q TV [now ARY] allots sometime to the Shia brothers as well. But I don't think any of the side would like it. This [Shia channel] is the plan of the recently floated All India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB). 

The other day an elderly gentleman was telling me that how Q TV is 'corrupting' the Muslims in India with its Barelvi overdose [qawwalis and similar things that irritate this man who probably finds all this un-Islamic] though indulges in a hundred other 'bidah' himself.

But nobody wants reconciliation, everyone seems so rigid that only their personal interpretation and understanding of faith, sect or sub-sect is correct and the rest are all--astray. Long ago I had decided not to discuss and disssect religion and religious practices.

There is quote or saying that it is a great fallacy that talking out things help rather they aggravate. So let us have all sorts of religious TV channels representing all thoughts. I already watch none except Pogo [the kids' channel] and often the corrupting Fashion TV FTV.


Rohit said...

"I already watch none except Pogo (the kids' channel) and often the corrupting Fashion TV FTV ;)"

Ha ha ... and I am a Cartoon Network fan.

If everbody watched cartoons perhaps we would have less frowns and more smiles. ;)

drsundeep said...

Great blog there! I think we need more such non biased persons (muslims, Hindus or any other religion!) to come out and raise sane voices! For too long we've been divided as a nation into Hindus, Muslims etc. I salute you in ur efforts. Keep it up!!!

history_lover said...

Q-TV is not an Indian channel .It is owned by a Pakistani Dubai based group.
Apart from them what about Kitaab TV and one another channel (perhaps) launched by Dr Zakir Naik ?

indscribe said...

Yes history_lover, I know its Pakistani channel. We don't get any other channel in India. I have heard many names but they are not visible here until now.

history_lover said...

I have seen Kitaab TV on cable in Daryaganj Delhi ...

Mridula said...

Good for you that you watch fashion TV and Pogo, what a combination :)

Muslim Unity said...

I think all of us need a special channel which spreads only PEACE.
Thay way all of us can live together as one.

ajsuhail said...

I live in Madras and have still been unable to persuade my cable operator to relay ETV Urdu. All the more frustrating when he has Spanish, Chinese and French channels in his line up

Mohamad said...

Dear it seems you have some personal problems with shia channel that is why created so many excuses and reasons to stop them.
The fact is why we muslim can not launch our tv channel from india.
I am also not in favour of different muslims sects channel but at least we must have 3-4 muslim channels in india.
Dear have you not seen in india all have their own channels even they categorised by laguange,branches in hindu religion even of different hindu pandits challel.so dear speak with justice and do not encourage favoutism..

amber said...

AMBER said
Now a days there is cultere reprsentation everywhere.is we look to the news channels they all show more news about different religious faiths and miths rather than the "real news".i as being a shia know about our "mazhab"or religion ,but we should make delibrate efforts to tell people about our culture and rituals .so media can b taken as the best medium to this motive.i support a shia channel on telivision.

Anonymous said...

With the grace of Almighty (SWT), an initiative has been taken of launching a satellite television channel to spread the true teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Aale Muhammad (AS). The channel has been named after the 10th Imam and is called Hadi TV.

In addition, it serves as a unique form of edutainment and infotainment for our community around the world.

Hadi TV is broadcasting in four languages; English, Urdu, Thai and Malay to cater to the global audience.

The frequency information to tune in is as follows:

Satellite: Thaicom-5
Orbital Slot: 78.5 E - Global C-Band
Transponder No: 1G
Frequency: 3,431 MHz
Polarization: Horizontal
FEC: 3/4
Symbol Rate: 13.333 Msps