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Thursday, April 13, 2006

RSS chief doesn't know, Indian Muslims respect Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and all major figures of Hinduism for ages

So RSS Chief Sudarshan has asked Muslims to give respect to Krishna and treat him as one of the paighambars/ prophets.

Mr Sudarshan, which world you live in?

I am sure you know nothing about the culture of this country, at least above the Vindhyas which is often termed as Cow Belt.

My dear, we always treat Rama and Krishna respectfully. And this is true. As a child my father always used to chide me if I said Krishna or Rama.

He always asked me to say Krishna Ji and Ramchandra Ji. Unlike just Rama or Krishna as my non-Muslim friends used to say.

This concept of 'waza-daari' and the mutual respect of culture was part of Oudh, Bihar, MP and all over Northern India including Bengal.

Sudarshan may not be aware of that. It is not just cultural reason and that because we are living in India among Hindus, but also as per our religious beliefs, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna or other religious figures are to be respected.

The Holy Quran says that Allah sent messengers to all lands, to all people and amongst all religions. How is it possible that  he didn't send them to India? Do RSS guys have any idea about the culture existent for centuries where Muslim poets used to write poetry praising Krishnaji and Hindus wrote 'na'at' in praise of Prophet Muhammad. 

This was not for sake of any social responsibility but for one's inner self, beliefs and the true feeling of respect towards the great and reverential figures. The RSS fellows would never appreciate this because they can't read Mohsin Kakorvi's 'Simt kashi chala jaanib-e-mathura baadal...' which is in Urdu.

All over India ordinary Hindus continue to observe Muharram despite the rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric. So what if you consider going to Dargah as a 'Muslim practice, Hindus continue to go to Sufi saints' graves, though even sections of Muslims now avoid going to mazaars.

The lesson: Hate never succeeds. The RSS has a huge cadre. They should try to reach out to Muslims. Why don't they go to Muslims, meet Muslims, increase the level of interaction with the minorities? This could be the real step towards integration.

They talk about ghettoisation but do they raise voice about the fact that section of Jains and Gujarati Hindus [housing societies] never let Muslims buy a land or flat in their area?


Rohit said...

Some simple advice for Mr. Sudarshan:

Give respect, get respect.
Give love, get love.

indscribe said...

True. Rohit.

Mridula said...

Well said Adnan, I so much agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Who subscribes to these RSS feed anyways? :)
People are more sensible than screwed man like Sudershan thinks.

Someone should give real tight slap just below his ear.

Anonymous said...

Why are u so condescending towards other religions,even in trying to appear moderate,u say the "holy" koran recognizes some other messengers of god or something like that. Fact is Krishna or Rama are Gods for Hindus. The problem with u all is u never observe ur religon objectively or independently. What u see may scare u??????

Ashish Gupta said...

Of course RSS is joke (except their relif works) but your quote from Quran is unfortunately your misunderstanding of it. Yes, Quran says so, but it also says, Muhammad supercedes any other paigamber ever, so they are not likely to respect Krishna, etc. Which is fine as we (Hindus) have no right to expect them to respect, as long as they don't defame Him publicly. This is not to say, of course, that Muslims do necessarily disrespect.

Kumar said...

Most importantly, religion is something personal and private. I do not care about what you pray; you shouldn't bother about what I pray. As far as we are concerned, we are Indians; and before that, human beings. Enough reason to secure friendship beyond religion. Correct?

confused said...

I agree to what you say. Respect is not demanded but earned. Sudarshan is anyways a relic from the past.

I recently did a piece on Islam, would love some feedback from you-I hope this does not count as blog-pimping:)

Abhishek said...

No point wasting time lambasting sudarshan as we all know how stupid he is really...but the point is, he succeeds in his goals...many a times i had heated debates with my hindu friends over RSS,VHP which they think r doing a gr8 job!!

on the other hand, just a clarification...Jains are not hindus...Jainism is alltogether a different religion so to club it with RSS will be wrong...

Anu said...

Yes, I have heard my father say that in many villages in Karnataka, when a Hindu temple procession goes past, the muslim families also bring out coconuts to offer to the diety. Also when the VHP(I think) conducted Bhagavadgita reciting competitions in Shimoga, a muslim girl got the first price. I remember my mother reading the news item to us with glee and adding, "serves the Hindu fanatics right!"

nikita said...

excellent to see thought-through critiques of the fanatics and pea-brains of the Hindu Right in the blog world.
power to you my friend.

Rohit said...

I am glad to see so many liberal - minded Hindus. Keep it up guys!

And you too, Adnan! :)

Muslim Unity said...

Very True. Most Muslims have respect for all religions just like most Hindus. I am very happy to see that people are respecting Islam, unlike people in the West.

Diganta said...

I found this article interesting.
It's on the same topic.

history_lover said...

The mainstream Muslim opinion on Lord Krishna,Lord Rama,Lord Buddha and others is agnostic :
They may or may not have been messengers from Allah.They are not mentioned in the Quran unlike others in the Jewish/Biblical tradition.
Only Allah knows the truth.
But muslims are instructed not to make ridicule other peoples' religious figures.
And speaking of urdu poetry even Allama Iqbal wrote a poem on Lord Rama - Imam a Hind.

Anonymous said...

These RSS/BJP monkeys are a joke. The demolisher of masjids and murderers of Muslims want respect after what they have done? Its not happened you fascist pricks.

Anonymous said...

i am hindu by religion and strongly believe one thing, respect religion..!
at our place in Jalgaon, my parents always told me that i should respect all religions.
I hate hatred and all extermist whether they r hindus or muslims n our heart bleeds same when we learn abt riots whether in mumbai or gujrat riots
True enemy of humankind is haterd !