Thursday, April 13, 2006

RSS chief doesn't know, Indian Muslims respect Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and all major figures of Hinduism for ages

So RSS Chief Sudarshan has asked Muslims to give respect to Krishna and treat him as one of the paighambars/ prophets.

Mr Sudarshan, which world you live in?

I am sure you know nothing about the culture of this country, at least above the Vindhyas which is often termed as Cow Belt.

My dear, we always treat Rama and Krishna respectfully. And this is true. As a child my father always used to chide me if I said Krishna or Rama.

He always asked me to say Krishna Ji and Ramchandra Ji. Unlike just Rama or Krishna as my non-Muslim friends used to say.

This concept of 'waza-daari' and the mutual respect of culture was part of Oudh, Bihar, MP and all over Northern India including Bengal.

Sudarshan may not be aware of that. It is not just cultural reason and that because we are living in India among Hindus, but also as per our religious beliefs, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna or other religious figures are to be respected.

The Holy Quran says that Allah sent messengers to all lands, to all people and amongst all religions. How is it possible that  he didn't send them to India? Do RSS guys have any idea about the culture existent for centuries where Muslim poets used to write poetry praising Krishnaji and Hindus wrote 'na'at' in praise of Prophet Muhammad. 

This was not for sake of any social responsibility but for one's inner self, beliefs and the true feeling of respect towards the great and reverential figures. The RSS fellows would never appreciate this because they can't read Mohsin Kakorvi's 'Simt kashi chala jaanib-e-mathura baadal...' which is in Urdu.

All over India ordinary Hindus continue to observe Muharram despite the rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric. So what if you consider going to Dargah as a 'Muslim practice, Hindus continue to go to Sufi saints' graves, though even sections of Muslims now avoid going to mazaars.

The lesson: Hate never succeeds. The RSS has a huge cadre. They should try to reach out to Muslims. Why don't they go to Muslims, meet Muslims, increase the level of interaction with the minorities? This could be the real step towards integration.

They talk about ghettoisation but do they raise voice about the fact that section of Jains and Gujarati Hindus [housing societies] never let Muslims buy a land or flat in their area?