Monday, May 15, 2006

Indian Christians protest against Da Vinci Code movie: Fatwa issued on movie-maker's head

It is not Muslims alone but all Indians who love to protest, says Vir Sanghvi in his Sunday column in HT. He writes that the general impression is that Muslims are the most intolerant community but it is not so.

In fact, it was late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan who argued that all Indians love to protest. Mr Nicholas Almeida has done a Haji Yaqoub-like act. He has announced Rs 11 lakh on the head of Dan Brown.

Some other Christian leaders and clergymen are also protesting. Sanghvi further says that it is a film made by a Christian on the story written by a Christian that has sold in Christian countries and the film made and shown in countries with large Christian populations.

But Indian Christians are protesting. So that proves the common factor amongst all groups in India. We are all Indians and like to make noise. We believe we won't be heard until we do hungama.

In fact, we are such a huge population group that even if 1% of any minority comes on the streets the figure of protesters can well be in thousands. Meanwhile, Muslim groups have come out in support of Christians in Mumbai to stop the screening of movie.