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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Controversy over Amir Khan's statement on NBA: Only the Gujaratis have pride!

The rhetoric over Gujarati pride has now acquired a noisy level. It seems as if no one is concerned about their pride as the Gujaratis are. Is a remark by Aamir Khan enough to hurt an entire group of people and a state?

I am sure Tamils, Malayalis, Punjabis and if you go deeper then Bundelkhandis, Vidarbhites, Bhojpuris all have pride. In fact, all human beings have some self-respect.

But the most fragile is the Gujarati pride, it seems.

Even if it is all politicised, I see that this pride is acting as a great vitamin for the race that probably thought that they were just viewed as money-making Banias. But now after riots they turned a masculine race and with every round of Gujarat Pride slogans, the state is getting a sort of high.

I am sure many would agree with me. How serious one needs to take Aamir Khan need no mentioned. The state that has produced Gandhi and Patel amongst innumerable giant personalities can't be so less on confidence that any Tom, Dick and Harry could affect them.

What he said? What one gathers from most of the quarters is that he had asked for rehabilitation to be carried out in a just manner so that poor don't suffer. If we believe that he went to the extent of saying something about not height of dam, which is the lifeline of Gujarat...

...[it is the failure of state goverment in constructing the canals that has led to water scarcity otherwise the current height is enough for irrigation in vast areas], even then the entire state need not have reacted in such a manner.

Is it Aamir Khan's film alone?. Hundreds of people are involved in a film and success of film is linked to their bread and butter. He is just one actor. But not only multiplex owners but video-library owners are demonstrating, kicking CDs of his films and declaring that they wouldn't carry his films' CDs. Ok don't carry. I am not concerned.

But stop these tantrums. No one is impressed. Gujaratis are capable of much better things, I know. And if you just need any one to make a statement to give you an enemy to beat so that you can show your solidarity and get a high, no one can help you. Gang up, go to Mumbai, lay siege to Aamir's house and do whatever you have to do to him but spare us of your cacophony. TV channels may keep airing your misplaced jingoism. I better go to sleep.


Laxmi N. Gupta said...

I say right on to your commentary on the sad state of affairs in Gujarat. Banning of Aamir's film is downright idiotic.

Anonymous said...

And how sane is it to ban "Da Vinci Code"...that too when its been cleared by Censor Board and the Christian org's in Delhi..when Christian nations in Europe dont have a problem.

Its all about view points which you think suit you...

Anonymous said...

I guess the very reason behind all the fuss over gauging of religious distribution in the armed forces by Modi & Co. was to protect Gujratis from getting exposed for their absence for the call of duty to their country. It would have put them to shame by seeing overwhelming Muslim presence.

Rohit said...

I think every society has people who lack real self-esteem and who need to be reassured of their "pride". And politicians know how to exploit this weakness. In Maharashtra, Bal Thackeray too talks about pride, though less frequently. Hitler rose to power in Germany by talking of restoring German pride.

I feel Gujarat seems different to us just because the issue of Gujarati pride is raked up so frequently, and so vociferously. And I feel the reason for this is that Modi and the Hindutva brigade are under constant attack by their detractors. And the more they are criticized, the more they talk about Gujarati pride so that Gujarati people rally behind them instead of applying critical thought to what the detractors are saying.

Basically, every criticism of the Modi administration / Hindutva brigade is painted as an attack on Gujarati pride, so that no one inside the state dares to question these two entities. It's not that Gujaratis are any different from the rest of India; just that the extremists have a lot of power there, and they intimidate the moderates into silence.

Anonymous said...

We hear a lot about "Gujarati Pride". It seems that is the only thing they have to talk about. But the question that this raises is, what is it that they are proud of ?
Can someone enlighten me please ?

Anonymous said...

V Gujaratis r far MODERATE THAN Marathi Manus and people of many other states of my country. V dont hate or attack Non gujarati who r Indians. Unfortunately people like u dont know anything about Gujarat and just comment based on heared and non sense media stories. Come and see how safe non gujaraties are in Gujarat. gUJARAT WAS WITH CONGRESS and country up to 1985. In 1985 under congress rule riots took place against hindus when senario was worst compared to Post Godhra riots. In post Godhra riots police remained in active but in 1985 police escorted mobs attacking Hindus. But u dont hav knowledge of those riots . How can Hindus vote a government which made police to escourt mobs attacking Hindus? About Amri, Megha, and all those non gujaraties we just expect them to first know the facts and then pass a coment. V would not mind if he has even worst remarks against gujarati movies or anything he knows about gUJARAT. Recently Arundhati has made anti India remarks in respect of Kashmiries. This all because of non sense so called forward people supporting non sense people.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of the fact that Aamir Khan was shown his actual place .

Anonymous said...

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