Saturday, June 03, 2006

Angry cobbler wears apron, stethoscope even as doctors hold brooms, shine shoes during anti-reservation agitation

Angry over the contempt to his work by agitating doctors who resorted to shining shoes, the cobbler Jagdish Kaushal has been working wearing an apron and a stethoscope for the last few days in Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

"Doctoron. ne hamaari jaati ka ghor apmaan kiya hai, hamaare kaam ko ghrinit samajhne wale mafi mangein.", he said. Translation: The doctors have insulted our caste, those who consider our work as demeaning should apologise.

Kaushal feels that protest against reservation or pro-reservation do not interest him much but he does not like the docs showing contempt to manual labour.

"Just ask them all to stop wearing shoes and then you have liberty to insult this profession", he said. He also said that he is moving court if the docs didn't apologise. The Ahirwar Community has however distanced themselves with Kaushal's move. The stethoscope wearing cobbler has hit headlines in Hindi newspapers in Central India. (The photo was scanned from a paper so the quality is not that good).