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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Khumar Barabankvi's ghazal: Naaz kar naaz ki usne tujhe barbaad kiyaa....

The very presence of Khumar Barabankvi brought grace to the mushairas. He died a few years back. His son Suroor Barabankvi died at a very younge age. Suroor ko bhi sharaab kha gayii.

Isn'tit  ironical that Khumar lived a long life despite his addiction to liquor but his son could barely survive his father. I just heard the recording of a mushaira on a website.

Khumar sahab reciting his ghazal:

Na haara hai ishq na dunia thaki hai

In fact, that was the last ghazal I heard from Khumar Barabankvi in a mushaira.

Tujh ko barbaad to hona tha, bahar-haal khumaar
Naaz kar naaz ki usne tujhe barbaad kiya

Found two couplets of Ali Abbas Ummeed written on a piece of paper.

Uske bin dar-o-diivaar sab kuchh mujhe suune lage
Aur chhat ha meer sii, baarish na ho chuune lage

Jitne qaddaavar the unke sar to ghutnoN me.n gaye
Ab tamaasha yeh hai baune aasmaaN chhuune lage

Read Khumar's ghazals in Urdu, Hindi and English scripts at BESTGHAZALS


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that his son was a poet and he passed away.

asif saeed said...

Not only did our learned poet in question (Mr. Khumar Barabankvi) copied another pretty famous poet of Pakistan ( Mr. Suroor Barabankvi) he did not stop at naming his son after him, I certainly did not know this, if you want to look up what the ORIGINAL Suroor Barabankvi was about, just type the name on any search engine and see...... would love to recieve your thoughts on this. Asif

Anonymous said...

Khumar Barabankvi (Mohammad Haider Khan) was born in 1919 while Suroor Barabankvi (Syed Saeed ur Rehman) was born in 1930. There was no relationship whatsoever between these two well known poets.
Suroor was encouraged by Jigar Muradabadi in his early days (1950s)

indscribe said...

The poet Suroor you are talking about is different. Khumar's son was indeed Suroor though not too famous.

When Suroor died in Barabanki, I was in Luknow on that day. So I have first-hand knowledge. You must be aware that many poets have similar takhallus and thus there is confusion.

indscribe said...

Mr Asif Saeed

You are a foolish man. It's not a question of India Pakistan. In that case Ghalib, Meer, Mushafi, Shefta, Hali, Aatish are all our poets and you are left with Iqbal.

Secondly, you express your ignorance further. Suroor is a takhallus which several people use.

Khumar didn't give his son the takhallus. Its up to a person to adopt any pen name.