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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Temple razed in Lahore: Condemn the Demolition, Speak for Affirmative Action for Religious Minorities in Pakistan

Over 90% of Pakistani Hinds live in Sindh region
The demolition of a temple in Lahore has come as a saddening news. Though I could not follow the reports earlier and the circumstances surrouding the issue, but the demolition is absolutely wrong.

Lahore, I know, has a substantial Hindu population. What a great cosmopolitan town Lahore was until partition, when it had a fair mixture of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

Unfortunately the exodus of Hindus and Sikhs after partition transformed the demography quite similar to Delhi.

The national newspapers didn't carry the report extensively and most of them relied on agency news that itself quoted a Pakistan newspaper. Why a newspaper like The Hindu that has a correspondent in Pakistan didn't carry the news.

The report mentioned that the PPP and a section of Muslim League members protested the demolition. But the construction of commercial complex on the place is a painful and sad news. Even if, there are no Hindus in the region, or in the name of development, it can't be justified.

[Post Script: Later reports about protests by Muslim youths have been encouraging. In any society, it is important to raise voice against such action. Feels good to see that Pakistani bloggers have taken up the issue and are agitating against authorities]

Distorting, Sensational Reporting in India, Pakistan: I accept that often news and reports that go from county to another are distorted. Just like an abduction in Pakistan, is often reported as 'Hindu abducted' here, to make it more sensational in India.

Similarly, the practice of Pakistani papers excessively highlighting crime against Muslims in India, as atrocities against minorities, is not correct. We, are a healthy democracy, a secular nation, and can surely deal with out internal issues. So can they, and they should.

Stop Generalizing: We don't get to know clear picture of the other country

Hundreds of people, Hindus, Muslims and of all faiths, get killed and murdered due to petty reasons or local feuds. They should not be given such a colour. We must be mature enough. Still, what is important is that a religious minority should feel safe and secure.

Affirmative Action for Hindus needed in Pakistan, Bangladesh

In Pakistan, if Muslims stand for the rights of Hindu brethren, it will be good for their country, as well as sending a message outside also. Similarly, it should be in Bangladesh. If India can have Sachar panel and debate to have more minority representation in jobs, it should happen in Pakistan and Bangladesh also to ensure that Hindus don't get discrimated.


ASIE said...

Well..afterall the media has to maintain its (pseudo)secular image... they cant afford to put out an over aggressive news item and risk being painted saffron... Its better to downplay this news...

Anonymous said...

No dear, atleast this blogger has covered who is rightfully a pround and real muslim, one must say. Majority of Muslims are like him but alas the so called liberal media of India did not bothered to carry any thing. In India it is a fashion to carry news and forget about this with the convition that after reporting Gujarat everything is hunkydory

Anonymous said...

The temple is there and the Criminal Jaggernaught went overboard claiming the kill of razing of the temple. See, do try to keep your house in order. There are more numerous muslims and masajid in India & we claim to be secular. I feel a religious Pakistan is the best option because the religion they aspire to follow means 'peace'.

asie said...

Dear Anonymous,
The jaggernaught was the official machinery trying to deny the razing - which had actually happened. The denials were proved false - and this has even been accepted by Pakistan media that the temple has actually been razed.
I dont know how the meaning of a word/name of religion matters - when it doesnt translate into action.

As the proverb goes...
Aankh se andha, naam Nayan-sukh.

Diganta said...

The anonymity of the anonymous tells it all. Islam is a religion of peace - and does Hinduism means killing others? How much of peace/tolerance is displayed in razing of the temple?