Monday, July 31, 2006

Crisis in Lebanon: Arab countries 'condemn' Israel's aggression, content with their 'vocal support' once again

"Arabs condemn Israel's aggression", that's what a newspaper reported after the killings of scores of youth and children. One doesn't know how to react to such statements.

Tonnes of ink has been wasted in the Indian sub-continent alone on what we call in Urdu, the 'be-hisi' (apathy) and khamoshi (silence) of Arab rulers.

So what is surprising now? Even my non-Muslim friends ask me why these states don't speak, why people don't come out on the street like in Indian sub-continent.

And questions like why the oil not used as weapon? There are so many arguments, counter-arguments and reasons for the silence in Arab street as well. But I don't think over it simply because Palestinians have suffered for decades.

Not only Israel but entire Middle-East and the Arab world has been humiliated by United States of America through support to Zionist state's terrorism. I don't know whether the Arab states fear that support to Hezbollah would in turn help Shias and led to growing influence of Iran in the region.

Or that they are too dependent on America as their monarchies exist due to its support.
But if the states of Middle-east and their people are still not angry and 'humiliated enough' at the constant suffering of their brethren then why should I cry. It should have been their war, their cause.

It is no shock that monarchies of Arab world don't take a strong stand, we are used to all this for decades. They have their own paradises on this earth. If they are not affected by the disturbing reports and images then there is nothing left to say.

The real Arab is invisible. Expecting those to act who dared to change the Muslim world's Arabia (the Prophet's Arab) to Saudi Arabia, the Arab belonging to a family, The Sauds. I don't expect them to act.

And I don't wish to wail further for the plight of Palestinians, Lebanese and others. Surely those who are fighting the aggression will continue to do so. Qana is no first such incident but one must stop looking at Saudis or anybody else.

I am sure those spirited Lebanese and Palestinians will continue their fight. Neither Israel can fight for eternity. And I can just pray to God in private, nothing else. The aggressor will surely lose some day.