Sunday, July 30, 2006

No stand, no shame: Our politicians are liars of highest order, latest in Kalyan Singh's turnaround

Watching Kalyan Singh on television [India TV], I wondered how easily people in public life take somersaults. The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister said that he was proud of the events that occurred on December 6.

I wondered how people like Singh and his ilk keep cheating us. If he was genuinely proud of Babri masjid demolition, why did he regretted that after leaving the BJP and joining the Samajwadi Party. At that time he was blaming LK Advani for hatching the plot.

Sakshi Maharaj who took credit for demolition earlier had also changed the statement and overnight TURNED SECULAR when they aligned with SP. Sakshi Maharaj was recently expelled from the Parliament during the MPLADS scam [sting operation].

If you are proud of demolition of the mosque then be proud, why compromise your ideology just for the sake of political survival. But no, they are such liars that they take us all for a ride and even the anchors of news channels don't have the guts to ask them why they lie so much.

It is because they are aware how easy it is to cheat the Indian citizen. [In July 2003 Kalyan Singh who had floated Rashtriya Kranti Party had publicly accused Advani, Vajpayee and MM Joshi for conspring to bring down the Babri Masjid.]

Strange: LK Advani keeps on claiming that December 6 was the saddest day of his life and the born-again Hindutva-vaadi Kalyan Singh says he is once-again proud of the incident on December 6. Terrible and shameless multiple-speak.

Unfortunately we all forget how they stoke communal passions just for personal gains and elect these liars to our parliaments and assemblies. There should be space for rightist and leftists in the politics of our nation but there should not be any space for LIARS. Kitna jhoot, kitni makkari?

[In pix: Kalyan Singh with his protege Kusum Rai. Her prominence in the government was reason for heartburns within the party that had led to the ouster of Kalyan Singh from the BJP]