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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Mumbai blasts & our role

Resilience, spirit of Mumbai-wallas and the never-say-die attitude: phrases one hears so much after such catastrophes. Of course, residents of this bustling metropolis have an attitude that distinguishes them from rest of the cities.

All of us salute Mumbai for its resilience. But what next? The blasts keep happening and we will keep lauding the spirit! Is that all? Picking the pieces after a tragedy and seeing the silverlining shouldn't become the norm for us.

After all, Mumbai is clearly on target. We forget too easily. The blasts in Delhi were not too long ago. Clearly, terror has infilterated Mumbai deeply. The extent of disaster and the planning has been shocking and no less in magnitude than Madrid bombing or other major terrorist attacks across the world.

Rather, 11/7 suggests that terrorists are getting bolder and we need to take them headon. One thing is clear we have to be prepared and watchful. The police and citizens will have to coordinate and the ordinary people will have to help law-enforcers in all possible ways.

This is through providing intelligence inputs to the security agencies and not just put the onus on police. It is a city of 15 million and if most of them keep their eyes and ears open, such synchronised terror attacks in so many trains across the city, can be warded off.


How do we know said...

take them head on sure.. but how?? that is the part that worries me..

Madhuri Shinde said...

Spirit of Resilence is well appreciated, but is it really the spirit of resilence or are we immune to such disasters?

U r right we must take stern and well planned actions to combat with such problems. This is a combined effort and we have to find our own solution. We can't get away by asking 'how' to each other.

Anonymous said...

We? "Our" role? What, no soul-searching?

And this is a "Muslim India" blog?

Why don't Muslims ever ask why it is always Islam? Why don't they wonder why violence and hate come so easily? Why don't they consider the hate and anger in the Quran? Why don't they contemplate the violent acts in the life of the man they so admire?

Why don't Muslims ask "why"?


Anonymous said...

Here come a christian with the wicked smile on his face, as always ... Aren't you guys making the most out of the negative image created by you!
I know, when u created a cartoon of my prophet, I thought that you were not 'genuinely' shameless to support it, but you ... instead of hanging your head in shame ... you started talking about the violence that only your selfish ego could see. Shame on you ... and just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

You seem to be working for FBI/CIA. What a loyalty! Now, tell me which church did you get all those bombs?

Sharique said...

"Why don't Muslims ever ask why it is always Islam?"
why do u put the blame on them without evidences? Is Islam your punching bag?

"Why don't they consider the hate and anger in the Quran?"
Just because you have read few distorted interpretations of the Quran that doesn't entitle u to make such a comment...And plus Quran is a word of God..its not like bible which has updated versions coming now and then.

"Why don't they contemplate the violent acts in the life of the man they so admire?"

Again get your facts right dude. He, Prophet (peace be upon him) is a role model for muslims and you would be amazed to know about his compassion. Well only if u read quality stuff and not doctored materials that are a propaganda against Islam

Sandeep said...

I see all the comments posted. I think all the muslims who think that Islam is a peace loving faith do some introspection. It is said by the editor of Al-arabiya newspaper in Saudi Arabia "All muslims are not terrorists however all terrorists are muslim". If you see the report of 2004-2005 regarding the deaths and destruction caused due to terrorism
57 percent people died due to islamic terrorism and several billions dollars of property lost due to it. Even many of the muslim
fellows will not agree to it, they should not behave like ostrich because hiding yourself in your makebelieve world will not change the truth. Muslims are killing each other for example in Iraq and pakistan where sunnis and shiites are fighting with each other. I don't see that much of bloodbath in
any other major religions such hinduism, christanity or sikhism. Even after witnessing all these incidents how one can still claim that Islam is a religion of "Peace"

indscribe said...

Sandeep Bhai, who says all terrorists are Muslims? Are you so naive to fall in this propaganda.
Don't confuse it. US created Afghan militias to fight Russia and Bin Laden is US's Frankenstein. It's Oil Game in Middle-East. What's the problem in India? If Pakistan sponsors it then it is India-Pakistan war over Kashmir. Don't bring Muslims in it.
And more so it is a passing phase. For long time Tamils blasted Buddhist monasteries and killed Buddhists in Srilanka (A buddhist majority country) so was that Hindu terrorism? Or Basque or IRA were Christian terrorism?
Its all political and we need to be humane first. Islam ke saath problem hai--this has been programmed and fed in you. What about Gujarat riots--was that Hindu terrorism? Try to see reason dear.

urdudaaN said...

A colleague of mine had this to say, "Even though some people may consider it to be an internal acts by senas, activists or nationalists, it has been confirmed to be a terrorist attack instead".
I had to impress upon him that it is only a 'terrorist' attack to me, irrespective of the religious or national identity.

Now, I see what is fuelling terrorism! it is the media, media controlling bigots and their 'educated' readers.

Hence the quote:
"All muslims are not terrorists however all (labelled)terrorists are muslim"

The Illusionist said...

My heart breaks when I see debates such as these. Its time all of us introspected, not members of any one faith. We have played this blame game for too long. It's time we saw what grudges we are nursing within us against others. Pointing fingers is by far the easiest thing to do. Yeah It's alrite saying all terrorists are Muslims. It is also alrite being conveniently indifferent to other kinds of terrorism. but the question is whom are we fooling? how well based are our facts. for me this is battle of Good againt evil. of right against wrong. and i wish and hope it becomes the same for the rest of us. Only then will we fight terrorism. Incidentally I happen to be a Muslim and I hate (which i understand is a very strong word to use , but i mean it) any man who claims lives of others and so I hate all terrorists.