Thursday, July 20, 2006

Zoroastrian Urdu poet's couplets condemning Mumbai blasts, terrorism

You may not have heard about many Urdu poets from the mico-minuscule Zoroastrians [Parsis] community in the country.

But we surely know that a Parsi doctor is now getting acclaim for his Urdu poetry. The poet's name is Dr Navroze Kotwal.

A Parsi Orthodontist, he not only learned Urdu out of passion but has also turned into a poet
of repute.

Dr Kotwal has recently penned a ghazal on Mumbai blasts. Read some of the couplets here:

nikle the kal jo sub'h ko karte hue salaam
lauTe na ghar ko aa hii gayii zindagii ki shaam

po.nhchaa ke zik kisi ko bhi kiyaa jo zer-e-daam
mansab huaa buland, yeh kaisa khayaal-e-Khaam

The couplets do reflect his command over language as well as his humanism. Parsis are a small minority in India but have made contribution in all fields. Now, we have a poet making his mark in Urdu literature. Perhaps, there may be Urdu poets from the community in Pakistan, but we don't know many Parsi poets in India.

The Afternoon Dispatch and Courier has printed the story and his photograph. Dr Kotwal reads Hamaari Zubaan paper that is published by the Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu Hind. Unfortunately the name of the correspondent who wrote this report is not mentioned as he too deserves to be congratulated.

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