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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Chavez : USA is like Count Dracula hunting for Blood & Petrol, compares Israel to Hitler

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez said:
1. United States of America is like Count Dracula always is search of blood and Petrol.
2. Israel is doing what Hitler did to Jews.
3. My heart beats with millions of Arab hearts
4. I could have been an Arab. I have crossed deserts, I have ridden camels, and I have sung along with the Bedouin. I have learned in those years to love and respect the Arab people
5. I consider Al-Jazeera as a great liberator

All this must have come as music to Arab ears. Chavez, whose stature has grown fast over the years as a flagbearer of American imperialism, and is clearly the heir apparent to Latin America after the ageing Fidel Castro, irked Israel with his interview telecast on Al-Jazeera. Venezuela has already pulled up its envoy from Israel and the latter has also temporarily called its ambassador.

Now contrast it with what the Arab monarchs and 'leaders' of Middle-East like Hosni Mubarak. No wonder in 'chaai-Khaanas' you hear such harsh taunts on Arab leaders and even Arab populace.

Saudi nahiiN Yahudi kahiye, that is the statement I have heard so often lately. Comparing Saudis (read monarchs) to Zionists reflect the anger and frustration at these undemocratic states and their consistent failure to diffuse any crisis in middle east. The similar knee-jerk reactions, calls for Arab league summit, emergency meetings, urging UN for action and the same dithering response everytime.

A neighbour quoted an Urdu couplet that is not quotable at all ;) Of course, Muslim world must realise that it is not when Palestinians and Lebanese are suffering that they should temporarily feel angry at the Arab leaders. Otherwise also there are tremendous contradictions in the conduct of Arab states and their leaders.

At least such conflicts can open the eyes of peple. The lesson drawns is that dozens of 'Muslim' states together can't stop this injustice to their fellow Muslims. And it's a Chavez who bats for them. The parameters should be justice and injustice. Arabs need real reforms and their leaders should stop their absurd theatrics.


As If said...

The Arab states are ruled by corrupt, incompetent, impotent, rascal's(read monarchs) who don't care a damn about the others in the region, their only concern is to continue to rule their own states, anything that endangers that is better not be interfered.

Iraq was one state that could had been a model for modernisation of the Arab world, but due to some stupid mistakes by Saddam Hussien and the American greed turned it into a failed state.

There is little hope of the revival and modernisation of the Arab states and the Muslim world as a whole in the next couple of decades or so. The problems they are facing is too complicated and has been there for over a couple of centuries of mistakes. Sadly, there's not been even a start in that direction.

If America and the West including Israel think the Arabs and the Muslims in general are "uncivilised" as per their terms and can be "civilised" by bombing them, one state after another well history would tell that their's was the wrong way in the "us and them" that they have created.

The spate of terrorism that the world is noticing would reach its peak in say a decade and probably die down slowly, only then would the real modernisation start.

As for Chavez and co. not interested in w8 they say, coz it anyway doesn't matter.

As If said...
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urdudaaN said...


Could you enumerate his stupid mistakes for me please?

Diganta said...

I work for a US company. I cherish I could land in US ... so I am unlikely to comment on this :). Problem is a monopolar world is the pole sees the rest of the world as inferior and the rest of the world see the pole as a threat. The resultant - unstable geopolitics.
Had India been the superpower, it would have settle it's score in the same way (may be worse than this).