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Friday, August 04, 2006

Tajik Prez visit: Mirza Bedil's tomb in Delhi gets face-lift

All of a sudden the dilapidated tomb of Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil, the great Persian poet, who was born in Patna, is getting a face-lift. The officials are busy sprucing up the structure and plaques would be put up about the poet.

Incidentally, Bedil is very popular in Central Asia rather than India, where he was born and died. However, the upcoming visit of Emomali Rahmanov the Tajikistan President who is arriving in Delhi on August 6 has prompted officials into action.

Rahmanov had expressed his wish to visit Bagh-e-Bedil on Mathura Road. Ghalib drew heavily from Bedil. Ghalib's couplet 'tarz-e-bedil meN reKhta kahnaa/asadullah khaN qayaamat hai' is well-known. Many other Urdu and Persian poets have been inspired from the 17th century poet who has great following in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

"Bedil az kulfat-e-shikasht mun'aal Bazm-e-hasti dukaan-e-shishagar ast (Bedil weep not for your losses, this party that is life, is after all held in a glassmaker's shop)."
Moushumidas Gupta has reported in HT www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1758717,000600010001.htm


urdudaaN said...

Thanks for sharing this story, Adnan bhai. Looking forward to some more information on Mirza Bedil on your blog.

However, the language is called 'faarsi' and not persian. The Unicode standard that enables you to write multiple languages on your unique blog defines it as 'farsi' rather than 'persian'.

We should respect Iran's stand that the language be called so.

If we follow the western terms as we tend to, your blog would be 'A moslem Indian's ....' :)

Diganta said...

Good to see Indian poets are famous outside India.
urdudaan - Is the same language referred to as farsi and Persian or they are separate?

How do we know said...

Ha ha.. Tamashaye ehle karam dekhte hain... :-) Duniya jo na dikhaye kam hai!

urdudaaN said...


Persian & Farsi both refer to the same language.

Shamsi said...

Dear indscribe, nice that we remembered him now, upon Rahmonov's visit, but it reminded me of Bideel's own lines:

اين زمان (بيدل) سراغ دل چه ميجويی زمـــــا؟
قطره خونی بود-چندين بار طوفان کرد و رفــــت

Why Bedil do you come to call on our heart now,
It was a drop of blood at times, which made gales and now it’s gone.

ashuq said...

Sofo fafe sofo fe softa sofafash mashow bedil
hazaran morda dar zere do mujganat kafan posh ast.

it is very complicated to translated if anyone can do plzz
but i guess mainly it says:
(why you are acting as a very decent and inocent human being)
(thousands are buried under your one blik of an eye)
from ASHUQ