Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why angry Sulabh sent email to President?

Sulabh Goyal was arrested for sending a threatening email to the President recently. It was a mischief but the boy felt there was a genuine reason for it.

Most of the newspapers failed to understand his grievance. His friends use to make fun of him because Sulabh is also the name of a chain of public toilets all over India. In most of the cities Sulabh Shauchalayas can be seen.

Comparison with loo or classmates saying like 'why go elsewhere to relieve, Sulabh is here', he must have felt miserable for no fault of his known. He had earlier wrote to higher officials at various levels to change the name of the chain of public loos but he never got any response.

Perhaps he failed to realise the consequences of the email and intelligence agencies took him away. Scores of cops conducted the operation and it took a long time to arrest the boy who hailed from Ashok Nagar district.

On a visit to Indore, he had sent the email from an internet cafe. Naturally tracking him was tough. However, it was a mischief so he may get off soon. But it also speaks volumes about how much children and teenagers suffer in their peer group over such minor things.

They are teased, made fun of endlessly and this drives them crazy as they find no way to deal with it. [PS: A later report said that the boy committed suicide later on in his house]