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Monday, September 18, 2006

Desi-Islamophobes hurt the most: Anti-Muslim comments on blogs, social networking websites

'Is Islam a peaceful religion?', this headline on websites like Desipundit and Desicritics with a QUESTION MARK that has clear mischievous undertones has saddened me.

Will any sane person write such a thing about any other religion or let it go as it is? Am I overreacting!

It doesn't hurt when Pope or a European politician says something about Islam. When some of my fellow countrymen show such ignorance, bias and insensitivity, it really hurts me.

And when well-known websites show such disregard to all civilised behaviour of society then I feel bad.

But then it is a nation where everybody has a bias against other. The moment a person turns away, the rest would readily make a comment on his caste/faith or sect. I tried to write a comment at desipundit and did write but I again felt that it is useless.

Provacations come from everywhere and you keep getting angry, reply back or rather explain your point and the cycle goes on. In real life those who have biases against you may not spell them out but web is a strange medium. It gives enormous powers to everybody.

You can spread harmony and you can surely do lot of hate-propaganda in order to pander to your personal grudges. The problem is that when you read people who write irresponsibly with a myopic vision either due to their own understanding or taken in by propaganda, you feel that a dialogue that at all levels should continue [as it is helpful for us, society and the nation].

Some persons will read and some of them might try to see your point also. But what's the way out when everywhere you find such provocations. How many people would you try to tell your side and make them understand that,...'See,...we are really good...actually this and actually that..believe us'....Won't it make you sick then?

Ya rab voh na samjhe haiN na samjheNge merii baat. So no more dialogues, no more responses to communal comments or posts anywhere and after learning these lessons, No More un-moderated comments on this blog.


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How do we know said...

If you know that everyone here has biases, why bother to explain yourself?
Having said that, one must admit that my perspective has changed alot courtesy your blog, and must also mention that i do find a defnite undercurrent of bias in your writing as well.

Danesh said...

Yes, it has become a pain to explain to every other person. It is tough to understand how a 1400 year old religion suddenly became violent.

Anonymous said...

I totally Understand how you feel. This is why I wrote a post on this.

But I would request you not to give up. Even if you have to explain a million times keep on doing it. You will find lot of readers who will agree with you and then there would be those who are rational and can understand. So keep saying it.

The terrorist have a bigger voice right now (the entire media carries his voice) but don't let the desi islamophobes stifle you.

Abdul's blog said...

Very true, indscribe - Now, I'm amazed at the attitude of our media - Did they bother with such questions after the horrific riots that seem to be an anunual feature in our country, with everyone knowing which religious organisation was behind it ?

I mean, it's almost as if the riots are normal, and they don't necesarily mean that other communities are violent, even after the rioters are elected to power by millions, justifiying the atrocities! At least I've hardly come across any Muslim justifying 7/11.

As regards the pope, I'm actually amazed at Muslims demanding an apology. I mean, he's said what he wanted to, and meant it. Isn't it time someone reminded him of the Church's bloody past? Or instances like when Saladdin refused to kill innocent christians after taking back Jerusalem even though the crusaders had killed most noncombatant Muslims , including men, women and children when they entered the city for the first time.

It is a know fact that the armies of the pope routinely killed prisoners of war, unlike their oppnents. I mean, you can find thousands of instances during the crusades when Muslims armies simply refused to react to immense provocation and fought probably one of the most just wars ever fought.

Now instead of indulging in debate, Muslims ask for an apology, which to the outside world looks like he's right but has only said something uncomfortable.

The fact is, most Muslims don't know their own history, and this adds to the problem. Muslims respond by saying that we're a peaceful religion but don't know enough about what made people call this religion peaceful in the first place

Vishnu Vyas said...

One Question - Why does of all personal beliefs that a person can hold, does religion bring up the strongest emotional responses when criticised.

Is it just the media focussing too much or is it something more real.

And when some one says he is anti-Islam, why does it neccessarily mean anti-Muslim?

Because I have lots of muslim friends and admire a few muslims too (Abdul Kalam, A.R.Rahman).

But in general I consider any religion (and hence Islam) not in the greater interests of society. The same way I'm anti-communism/socialism but don't have any personal hatered towards Sitaram yechuri or the communists.

So does that make me an Islamophobe?